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  1. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good nite /hugs
  2. Hey Randy, I respect you as a DM and Player, thus why I’ve tried to hang in as long as I have, but I’m going to bow out of both of your games I’m in. I keep telling myself that hopefully the game(s) will pickup, but then another delay pops up. I’m losing interest and thus not enjoying myself. You’ve said it yourself that you just may have to much going on (job, family, painting, web games etc..) to run so many game effectively. I also see you’ve shown interest in Spikes new game as well, thus spreading yourself out even further. Of course I will continue to pop in and read along as I do enjoy your gaming style.
  3. i thought it was my turn since Kayrn had already went and i was at the top of the INT count, oh wait, Val hasn't gone yet right?
  4. This game has come to an end, thank you all for participating remember, always swing first and swing hard (just don't miss, hehe ), good adventuring to all
  5. I feel your pain when it comes to the die roller, I’ve monitored the die results and they were across the board, but as you mentioned, players have to make additional rolls, so some good rolls were used in areas where they were’nt as benefical to players. It’s a bit of a low blow to fault me for the previous game considering it was a pickup game on the fly and the starting location wasn’t of my own design, I worked with what was left behind. Also, another players actions contributed to the increasing battles. Why open another door when the player clearly heard noise above while another character was already in a battle and could have used the help instead? I don’t control player choices, but do you think the Spider’s Lair encounter may have gone better for the group had Kelana joined in to help instead of staying safe? While I found it to be great RPing on your part because she owed the others nothing and barely knew them, it was surprising to see a 180 degree turnaround and not leave Gilaim behind. The actual story has yet to even take off since no one has even reached Barrow’s Edge, and the current group headed there only recently encounter an NPC from the town. Before choosing this adventure I did a little resreach on it and chose it because it was an entry module for DMs, but most reviews I read on it did state that the module lacked in various areas. I did throw in the initial NPC’s the group encounter to provide a sense of structure and continuity as well as to tie events together that lead into the following adventures. Oddly enough, there wasn't much RPing with those NPCs I really do appreciate the feedback 1st level is one of the toughes levels for characters, that much is true. But keep in mind that the group split up, and just before the initial encounter the spellcaster that died didn’t even bother to prep her mage armor spell even though the group knew they were heading into a battle, I checked the math and the roll that dropped her would have missed had she had her mage armor spell up. The encounter could just have easily been cake had all the enemies failed their save against the sleep spells Also, the blessing bonus from the old women was open to all to receive, but only one person was generous enough to give more than what was initially asked, this even with everyone being able to start with max gold per class. This was a carrot for all to enjoy, but yet again player actions dictated the result One of my goals was to make the game flow quicker, so I’m glad to hear that much was accomplished. Perhaps in time I will go the manual/honor roll method, but I did make a point of using the online roller for enemies as well even though it was more work on my part. I do/did find it interesting that the general feeling of providing creature stats (AC, HP etc) through the acromyn board feature was viewed as to much metagaming (tempatation) info made available to player, keep in mind such info is easily looked up in a Monster Manual, but if that’s true how tempting is it for a player who rolls their dice poorly at home to just change the value at a whim? If I’ve misled everyone as to the nature of how the game and or encounters would play out I apologize, but I don’t reward poor or stupid choices. Your correct that I could have pulled back but I’ve already pointed out a few ways in which the players could have survived, also not every character will survive an encounter. If a DM is to adjust every encounter or event simply because the characters make poor choices then where is the real challenge if players start thinking that the DM will pull back simply because they’ve gotten over their heads. Above you acknowledge splitting up was a bad idea and concur that the group deservers what they got, but then state that I should have pulled back and let the PC’s off the hook basically, had I done that would they have really gotten what they desevered for splitting up? I ask simply because, when/where should a DM draw the line and let the PC’s face the consequences of their actions. I do know the objective is mainly to have fun and letting characters live thru a challenging experience makes it exciting and perhaps that is the overall best way to go but I wanted a game where character actions and smart creative playing fit into the game and win the day for the characters I also found playing through the game a way of brushing up on the rules. Sticking to the rules as best as I could also helped me because I wanted players to have that feeling of what to expect and I would know what to expect in turn. This is the type of honesty I respect, thank you. I would rather players enjoy a game, rather than endure through it. It would seem the general consensus is that I should be more lenient and adjust encounters/events based on and regardless of whatever actions the characters or group has taken that being the case I do believe I’ve given the wrong impression of the type of game I’d like to run. So we’ll just stick a fork in this one and call it done Thank you all for participating and I can only hope to do better for all in any future games I might DM
  6. Thxs for the input Stink, let me break some of this down so maybe it’ll help understand some facets of the game events. I didn’t get tired, I was loving the game actually, but I don’t adjust everything just because “X” and “X” happens. Bad choices lead to bad events Initially the first problem occurred for the party was when you split up, second was actually going into the wilderness (I know I baited the group) even though the background info stated how dangerous it was. This was a BIG risk for a party of 1st characters. Had the 4 members fought in the Spider’s Lair I believe you would have cleared it and thus would have been able to hold up in there till morning. There were only 4 more small spiders to deal with after defeating the two mediums. The 4 small spiders guarded the actual nest and that encounter would only trigger if someone entered the nest room. Also I did mention at one point that the wolves or creatures tended to stay clear of the general area around the spider’s lair, thus you could have camped outside, though the two mediums spiders would have come after you at night as that’s when I set it for them to go hunting Also, had either Pecos or Kelana opted to draw the wolves away by running off in a different direction, this would have allowed the other two to reach the wayside, be it by drawing more danger to themselves but a much better chance than moving at the slow rate Keep in mind that while not the best option, leaving Gilaim to fend for himself would have saved Pecos and Kelana The background covered the dangers in the area, also the skeleton was a minor reminder of the dangerous nature of the wilderness, so yes, for 1st level characters going into the wilderness on a side adventure was “getting yourselves in to deep”. So I only setup the wolf encounter for the return trip. i had hoped the group would check it out later, perhaps on the return trip Had Gilaim not been “Disabled”, after killing the two wolves your group (all 3) would have made it back to the wayside. I know leaving him behind (or using the draw off method) was a tough call, but it would have been the call that kept you alive
  7. Done any questions? Hey Orcsoul, just noticed, Happy Birthday!!!
  8. Jal's wound continues to bleed as he lays on the cold ground Jal's Stablization check failed
  9. Barrow’s Edge Group “What type of guards do pray tell are you all suppose to be?” Sten says as everyone either gets onto the wagon or clings to it. Stens point of view is that guards should be about on foot protecting her and the wagon as did her previous guards. She has no real knowledge of combat in any form. Elegante, you note that Sten gets a little jittery with the mention of another ambush, though it was on her mind anyways, hearing someone else state it openly only seems to have confirmed her fears. Elegante, as you proceed to give Sten a flurry of directions you can see in her eyes that your just making her uncomfortable, she is obviously a simple merchant, much of what your saying is going over her head. Sten glances several times back and forth between the road and you as you talk of her being involved in another battle. You can see that continuing to speak to her of combat will only freak her out even more. You also recall the awkward manner in which she held the crossbow earlier and realize that a weapon of any sort in her hands is a danger to anyone around her, including herself! The day begins to wane as the overcast sky brings the early shadows of darkness along with it. Clearly it will be twilight/dark before you reach Barrow’s Edge Here a MAP of the dirt road [ooc]The orientation of the map isn’t necessarily the direction your traveling, its just to show the general view of the terrain and road width, so it could easily be viewed horizontally instead of vertically [/ooc] _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Barrow’s Edge Group Road Map
  10. Barrow's Edge update should be up today
  11. Crap, that bites Well, the final update for the Wilderness group is up, i waited a bit incase Orcsoul wanted to throw in a post. I hope it was enjoyable while it lasted, thou i must say i am quite pleased at the flow of the game I'm open to hearing any constructive criticism via here in OOC or PM, your input matters and will hopefully improve on my DM skills Thanks for playing
  12. Wilderness Group Finale Pecos You hit the ground with one of the wolves still tearing at your trousers. You glance to your companions and see Kelana fall like a tree, and Gilaim with his injuries is rooted in place. Knowing or sensing that the end is near you accept your fate, and for the final time you call out one of your famous titles “They call me Pecos Jack, Terror of ….”, then the wolves tear into your flesh Kelana With the injuries you’ve sustained your unable to maintain your footing, you fall to the ground flat on your back. The air rushes out of your lungs and the will to even move escapes you. You look over and see Gilaim standing with a Kukri still in hand, drawing a breath you call out to him “GIVE 'EM HELL GILLY!" then the wolves end your suffering quickly Gilaim You watch as your companions take the full brunt of the wolves attack. You wonder what could possess an odd pair such as a gnome and half-orc to stand by your side till the very end. You find yourself asking, would you have done the same for them? The question trails to the back of your mind as instinctively your grip tightens on your weapon as you know that you’ll never outrun these wolves in your current state. With words filled with fierce determination you offer up a challenge to the wolves “Come on you mangy dogs, I’ll not meet my end like a running hare” Slowly the wolves surround and begin to circle you. As the wolves prepare to attack you withdraw your other Kukri and assume a dwarven stance. The wolves launch at you, and with blades twirling you make a final battle cry in honor of the two whom did not abandon you. “FOR KELANA! FOR PECOS JACK!”
  13. haha, at his move rate anyways, i'll update later for the Wilderness group, basically I'll sum it up with the group meeting their end as for new character, i'd say hold until we see if the other group makes it, Haldir's character got that 9hp heal which really helped, else it would have been pretty bleak, their next encounter is tough but could easily go any way if they don't make it, i'll put off running anything else till after the new year
  14. Wilderness Group Spike, I know you already rolled your actions, so we just need the opposed Trip check roll
  15. Wilderness Group Wolves The wolves charge forward, each looking to take down their prey viciously The wolves (W1-W2) attack Kelana, the first just misses, but the attack was enough of a distraction that the second wolf manages to get a solid bite that tears into your flesh. The loss of blood leaves you hurting badly as you try and stay on your feet (your currently Disabled) Kelana, roll an opposed DC4 Trip check or fall prone Pecos, since you moved into the other two wolves path they both come after you. The wolves (W3-W4) attack, again as with Kelana, the first wolf misses and the second scores a solid bite Pecos, roll an opposed DC16 Trip check or fall prone Kelana, your up… whether you fall prone or not, your Disabled, and firing your bow will drop you to -1hps. If you do fall prone, firing the bow will draw an AOO _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Wilderness Group Battle Map updated for the Wilderness Group Wolf (W1) Attack Misses Kelana Wolf (W2) Attack Hits Kelana for -5hps, Kelana is at 0hps & Disabled Wolf (W3) Attack Misses Pecos Wolf (W4) Attack Hits Pecos for -4hps
  16. different location, recycled map, but ignore the hillock
  17. Game updated Barrow's Edge Group I rolled the healing potion, and wow, a max heal! Wilderness Group its quite possible that you'll survive, but if you guys don't wish to go through the motions of this combat just let me know here. also i didn't see a post in-game from Orcsoul or Stink after my previous update
  18. Barrow’s Edge Group “Well then, if we're to know what trouble brews in Barrow’s Edge we best get to it then” Sten replies to the news about the hamlet All the below takes places within 30-45mins... Working together you manage to upright the overturned wagon. Once righted, Sten directs you to help her rearrange the wagon's contents to transport the wounded and dead. “If we hurry, we should be able to arrive at Barrow’s Edge before dark” Sten comments [ooc]this is not the case, it’s just what Sten believes/hopes. It will be dark before your group reaches the hamlet. I’m only clarifying/notifying to avoid confusion later[/ooc] "There, I'll introduce you to the hamlet's leaders and we can all find out about this trouble that’s come up while I was away," Sten says "I'm particularly eager to learn why the goblins have turned so violent. This road used to be safe, let me tell you" she adds After the wagon is righted, the remaining horse secured and hitched up (the other lays dead), everyone is ready to resume the journey to Barrow's Edge. Several hours of travel still lie between where you are now and the hamlet of Barrow's Edge. As you roleplay, please indicate the position you’ll be taking about wagon.., ie, the sides, the front and back (how far ahead or trailing behind) etc.. Wilderness Group While not willing to leave another member of your party behind, you continue your slow pace through the wilderness. Surely this selfless act of comradery will be the binding tie that you all will share in future adventures. You travel only another several minutes when the survival of your group will surely be put to the test, as Pecos trailing behind spots the wolves moving passed some brushes. There are four of them and they are coming fast. The wolves will start off 70ft away. Round 1 begins! for Wilderness Group Pecos, your up… we’ll be using the same combat map, except that there is no hillock _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Barrow’s Edge Group Ellaric heals 9hps (now at 5hps) Wilderness Group Battle Map for the Wilderness Group Initiative Count Initiative Roll Pecos (P1) 18 (Higher Dex) Wolves (W1-W4) 18 Kelana (K1) 6 Gilaim (G1) 6 (Disabled) Tree Trunks, meaning spaces you cannot enter, but you can enter the spaces around them. (K,5), (V,7), (A1,37), (V,41), (P,43), (K,45)
  19. I was wondering when someone was going to get around to that
  20. i believe its the same initiative as last ound, just reorganized with Valken at the end
  21. Jal smiles as he begins to have a dream Jal's Stablization Check = 90%+ Failed
  22. this is some good stuff, you guys should be throwing it into your post
  23. Barrow’s Edge Group “What dum horrible luck I’m having today. First I’m ambushed by goblins, and my would-be saviors turn out to be nothing more than ruffians turned wannabe adventures” Sten say with a sneer She moves back over to the first wounded guard and administers her healing potion into him, hoping that he isn’t seriously wounded so she may dismiss the perposed offer. But unfortunately, even though most of the guards wounds heal, he does not regain consciousness “it would seem I have little choice but to accept your terms, but it doesn’t mean that I have to like it. As is, I can only offer your payment in the form of a credit within my shop. I hope that this will suffice since I am a simple merchant and I’m just returning from trading to restock my store.” Looking around again at the dead goblins she adds “it would seem things have changed much when I left a couple months back, it's rare that goblins would attack travelers. I would think even less so one that's guarded.” “What is your interest in Barrow’s Edge anyways?” she adds, now a bit more curious to your groups intent _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Barrow’s Edge Group None
  24. does this mean she continues in trying to help Gilaim? I guess we gotta see what the others post currently working on Barrow's Edge post
  25. yes she failed her attempts but after her last failed attempt Stink roleplayed Elegante that he had pretty much just saved her by binding her wounds, and thats where it was left off, then Alsera moved to help Ellaric where he just awoke aside from the latest post there wasn't anything to figure out because no one has had a need to rechech on her, she hasn't been moved etc.., All i'm saying is that the scene switched to everyone viewing her has dead without anyone/anything being roleplayed between characters, its not a big deal or anything i'm just noting it. at this point we'll just leave it as is and say she's known to be dead
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