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  1. LOL! Ok, I think I'm cool with that. I was sort of thinking, myself, that the wagon was "salvage" at this point. from previous post i made... Sten's a merchant, and her wagon isn't empty, note she also had guards, and guards are used to guard/protect stuff, not that there's anything specficially mentioned in her cargo, other supplies, so i'm figuring raw materials, supplies etc..., though nothing purchasable. asided that everyone should at this time believe her to still be alive, at least until someone roleplays otherwise, its why i mentioned geraldo's post of "3" instead should have said "4"
  2. thxs, that's exactly the word that fits so after re-reading the post, Elegante would have done better to leave the extortion stuff out (that's the way i read it, and a poor roll only made matters worst), simply offering to help would have sufficed and been best to get more from Sten (remember i mentioned she had a healing potion) There currently is no combat or rolls needed to be made so its not really an issue at the moment, but in general i like to wait a minimum of 24hrs (I do not mean the next day, I mean at least a full 24hrs, maybe 48hrs) before switching to manual rolls
  3. He's going to try to sell it back to her. Basically she gets her wagon and our expert protection and we get a ride for our injured companions and 100 gp. Edit: Well I think I made a convincing speech, but the rolls were in the toilet. maybe its me (haven't had any coffe yet, its brewing), but the post sounds like a polite way to say that your robbing/taking her wagon in some form or another IC is currently down, do you remember the roll result? maybe a Bluff check might be needed? oh, there are 4 of you, not 3 I'll reread everything after having some java
  4. another small update for Barrow's Edge group
  5. Barrow’s Edge Group Alsera, you tear portions of your shirt and Ellaric’s clothing and make a better binding than that of just a blood clotted shirt can provide. As you tie off a knot Ellaric begins to stir and he slowly opens his eyes. [ooc]I had to re-read the section on Recovering with Help, since this is a PbP game, I figure we skip the regaining conscious rolls every hour. So Ellaric, your currently at -4hps and Disabled (PHB145), but can now interact and post with the others [/ooc] _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Barrow’s Edge Group Ellaric is Conscious
  6. yes there is no "real map" of the wilderness area, sometimes there will be slopes, rugged terrain, open areas, wooded etc... some areas may, some may not. A real marker will be when your group comes up upon the skeletal remains again, which off the top of my head i'd say its some 15-30mins away its wilderness area in general, so even if one thought an area looked famailiar it may not be the same area. You do know your going in the right direction thou. Also your no longer tracking per se as that will decrease your movement rate
  7. fell asleep last night in my computer chair, all i did was tilt my head back for a few updated game for Barrow's Edge group questions?
  8. Barrow’s Edge Group Sten reaches inside the the wagon and pulls out a healing kit. She as started moving over to her guards even as you ask her about their status, she moves from one, then to the next. “I’m no healer and only know to wrap a wound with a bandage when I see it bleeding. I hope its enough to keep them alive” With the guard that you failed to stabilize you see Sten momentarily reach for her healing potion then hesitate, then she continues to bind the guards wound, opting not to use the potion “will you two help me then?” she ask in response to righting the overturned wagon “just Sten will do, it’s what everyone calls me. Only those interested in gaining something ever use my full name” she replies somewhat off-minded Sten is specialize in commerce and negotiation (says so right here in the module) and your mention of a proposition draws her attention “I hope your offer includes helping me reach Barrow’s Edge” she adds When Sten talks, she tends to repeat herself. It happens more frequently when she's nervous or ill-at-ease, like now (so just imagine her speaking so). DC20 Sense Motive _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Barrow’s Edge Group None
  9. updated game for the Wilderness group, Barrow's Edge group to follow sometime later today questions?
  10. Wilderness Group Kelana, while you do manage to provide Gilaim some support, several minutes of travel through the rough wilderness reveals that your assistance to Gilaim proves futile in increasing the groups overall speed. While Gilaim is capable of movement on his own, his problem lies in that any extended or strenuous effort could prove fatal as his wounds are barely holding themselves together. You may have made some progress but nothing really noteworthy as you tried to encourage Gilaim and squeeze whatever extra distance you could out of him Another howl in the distance, this one closer than the last, lets the group know that the wolves are drawing nearer. As the sky continues to darken, you look further up ahead in the distance, you eye an unusual sight in the sky. You estimate that the unusual phenomena is somewhere near/over in the Stallanford area [ooc]to give you all an estimate, I guessing you may have traveled some 45 minutes (a generous estimate in the parties favor) since leaving the Spiders Lair. The picture of the with the unusual phenomena also gives an idea of how dark it is[/ooc] DM Rolls _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Wilderness Group Unusual Phenomena
  11. Hmmm, interesting. Well, if Jal bites the big one, this will at least give me some added time to invest into a 2nd PbP game I’ve been contemplating on running
  12. reread the post and notice that no weapon was mentioned, was that an unarmed attack? CBM? Trip Attempt? No AOO?
  13. However, since the Ogre did try to attack someone else, and I was not in the target, it does suffer damage from my Divine Challenge. Its attack should have suffered a -2 to hit since I marked it. And it takes 7 points of radiant damage. I believe "this turn" refers to your turn, not the Ogres or everyone elses actions that happen in a "turn"
  14. haha, wow i never even noticed that before, maybe he's half-dwarf
  15. "Unngh" Jal grunts as he crashes to the ground unconcious and barely makes out the mans words as he hears his name being said Jal's Fort Save = 12
  16. dam, must be one of the classes that grants uncanny dodge not to lose dex from being flatfooted well, looks like this is going to be painful
  17. Wilderness Group Whenever your ready and whatever you guys decide on doing, go ahead and roleplay it out in-game Glad to have you back Geraldo. Now as you’ve might not have had time to catch up on the reading… Barrow's Edge Group Currently at this time, from Stinks fill-in actions, Elegante will believe that he has saved Ophelia, until such a time that someone checks on her later or its learned somehow otherwise. But as I mentioned earlier, I rather someone not try and revive her by wasting a healing potion on her
  18. dam i hope my attack hits, that was nearly MAX damage seeing as i'm first in the initiative count, I'm figuring my opponent should be denied any Dex bonus to AC, hopefully that'll be enough to offset the penalty for dim lighting edit: i added the Hexblade's Curse to my post, don't ask me why, but i had forgotten that i could do that
  19. Jal charges forward, intending to run his enemy through with his ranseur, he evokes his dark power and places a curse upon his foe as he imagines seeing them impaled upon his weapon. “ARRGGGH” he roars like a lion as he charges “DIE YOU BASTARD!” Hexblade's Curse: DC15 Will Jal's Attack Hits: AC17, Damage: 11 edit: i added the Hexblade's Curse to my post
  20. unfortunately no, her strength is only 12, a max load 130lbs, gilaim weighs 172lbs
  21. other than the Heal skill, that's it yes, its just a Heal check. but that only makes one stable and stops further bleeding nope, he's not, he's right a Zero Hp's, thus Disabled and only allowed a single action and no strenuous activity, like running
  22. yep, that about sums it up i don't know what "VC" is, Visual confirmation maybe? nope, pack is back near where your group entered the map (east side), the wayside is W-SW
  23. Wilderness Group Yet another howl, this one a bit closer, is heard in the distance as the group once more prepares to start rushing toward the wayside, but now that you know the wolves are drawing nearer you’ll be moving at a quicker pace. But wait.., even as your group begins moving off Gilaim immediately begins to fall behind... One member of your group is seriously injured and its not likely that he'll be able to keep up or maintain the pace needed to reach the wayside safely, what will your group do! resuming normal roleplaying posting _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Wilderness Group none
  24. Since he became stable, I was planning to have Ellaric become conscious even if still in negative hp, this way he could still RP with the rest of you. But he may be up anyways after drinking the potion
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