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  1. yes, you will be able to pour a potion down an unconscious person throat if given a potion of healing, he'll be good to go
  2. Wilderness Group Kelana, the wolf yelps then growls when your sword stabs into it Pecos, your up...
  3. first aid does not make anyone conscious, you did stablize one of the guards
  4. “Arrgh” Jal cries out with the arrows impact Sensing and knowing full well that he could meet his maker right in this dark tunnel if he doesn’t reach and disable his attacker quickly, he grits his teeth he prepares to charge forward Jal's Initiative = 21
  5. Game updated for Wilderness Group wow, i've rolled quite a few fumbles , you guys just might make it out of this!
  6. Wilderness Group Round 2 begins! for Wilderness Group Wolves Once more the wolf (W1) attacks Kelana, but with the death of its companion still fresh in its mind, it falters in its attack, nearly making itself an easy target. Another howl is heard in the distance… Kelana, your up… _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Wilderness Group Map Updated for the Wilderness Group (see map for current positions) Wolf 1 (W1) Attack Misses Kelana & Fumbles, Non-Confirmed (meaning no penalty)
  7. the two guards are unconcious, as is Ellaric who stabliziled on his own, no bandages on him The wagon is currently turned on its side, i wanted to give you guys a chance to RP anything before Sten asks to help right the wagon up
  8. only one person at a time, per round, may attempt to bind someone wounds, thus Ophelia would be dead by the time Elegante administered first aid. I would rather you not waste a healing draught on an npc, especially one that’s dead! Feel free to roleplay as if she still lives if you like, or until someone checks on her status and learns that she has passed on. Oh, since I use a specific color scheme on my computer because of my visual impairment, I am unable to see the black box that is placed over spoilers, I simply see the spoiler text/info itself. Though please continue to use them if you like, since it prevents the other players from seeing the spoiler info outright I’ve also had my eyes dilated earlier today, so don’t be surprised if I don’t post anything else tonight
  9. Barrow’s Edge Group Elegante, you feel pretty confident that you’ve succeed in binding Ophelia wound. You watch for a moment as the patch job seems to be holding. Unfortunately and unknown to Elegante, Ophelia is already dead! Sten Goodseller Alsera's words don’t seem to sway the Halfling much seeing as the crossbow continues to weave awkwardly about still aimed in your general direction. Though Elegante mannerisms and words are enough to coax her to lower the weapon. “no, no I don’t.” Sten replies a bit jittery. “But if I’m not mistaken, I see you’ve found a healing potion. Well I think that’s what it is, it resembles the one I keep for emergencies” she says as she withdraws a small vial from inside her cloak “oh dear me” Sten cries aloud as she surveys the end result of the battle. Sten seem to take comfort in seeing you already begin to help with trying to bind her guards wounds without being asked “My guards had also thought that if we hurried along we’d make it to Barrow’s Edge before it would get dark. Perhaps they hurried too much since they failed to notice the ambush until it was to late and the goblins were upon us” With the goblins dead and the battle ended, after a bit, the horses settle down on their own. _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Barrow’s Edge Group Ophelia 10% chance to Stabilize Failed and dead Ellaric Stabilized
  10. WOOT!!! They’re here! They’re here! For those whom have been looking for the early issues of Casket Works, they’re HERE! Checkout the Casket Works section Thank you Kit and everyone else at Reaper for seeing this project become a reality!
  11. I'm guessing that since you've posted your moving the other way that you've changed your mind... but I'll answer anyways yes, i believe you can still take a 5Ft step while disabled, thus you would have been able to make an attack against the wolf at M,27), unless Gilaim thinks Kelana is wolf (aka, Hot!) haha , she's currently at (M,26) with an attack Gilaim will drop to -1hp since you've decided to leave everything as is, from your posts, you dropped your bow and drew out your shortsword, so you could only now make melee attacks next round after the wolf has attacked again
  12. did some reading up and yes, you would get the skirmish bonus for moving 10ft, the end result is the same as Delaying. Of course if you move first you have to hope Gilaim doesn't move into your line of fire, thus providing cover, that's why its best to just Delay, in the event he moves in a direction you don't care for don't forget you get +1 damage also for Point Blank Shot within 30ft
  13. done questions?, Did i overlook anything?
  14. Barrow’s Edge Group Alsera & Ophelia Alsera, your hands are covered with Ophelia blood from trying to stop the bleeding. To the touch, Ophelia is deathly cold and her eyes are rolled back into her head. While you could take the time to check for a pulse, with your lack of any real experience in this area you wonder if you’d even detect one, and with Ophelia loss of blood your unsure whether she yet lives or has passed on. Alsera, there is no real reason to believe that Ophelia lives on, except with a DC15 Spot check, which you’ll notice Ophelia’s hawk familiar circling high above in the air. In either case you may still attempt to bind her wounds Ellaric (since your unconscious, your free to make as many or little dreaming/nightmare roleplaying post as you like) Alsera & Elegante You check on Ellaric and find his pulse is still strong. Where he is wounded, his shirt has clotted with blood and is acting as a temporary bandage [ooc]Feel free to exchange a few roleplaying post if you want or if needed, then proceed to implement the following into gameplay[/ooc] As you check the bodies of the hobgoblin and goblins and the fallen guards, you notice a frightened halfling peering at you from behind a barrel in the overturned wagon "Is it.., is it safe to come out?" she asks "I'm Sten, Sten Goodseller, a merchant from Barrow's Edge. Are you the fine folk who saved me?" she says slowly making herself visible. Sten is pointing a loaded light crossbow in your direction, it is obviously not meant for one of her stature, likely it belonged to one of her guards. She can barely manage to keep it steady and is clearly quite rattled from the ordeal of the goblin ambush. While you doubt her ability to actually aim the weapon effectively in her current state, the danger is real enough and she may unintentionally trigger the weapon to fire. A bolt in the chest, even one fired accidentally, could potentially kill one of you! Sten looks like your everyday Halfling, her appearance is of your typical townsfolk. She is garbed in simple clothing and wears a brown hooded cloak (pulled back at the moment) that serves to keep the weather at bay. DC 15 Knowledge (Local) The Hobgoblin nor the goblins have anything of value that you feel would even earn you a copper piece. Though you do find one small vial filled with a brown fluid on the Hobgoblin. Whether your able to determine its purpose, surely the hobgoblin wouldn't be carrying something potentially harmful to itself, would it? The four guards each wear studded leather armor, a light wooden shield, longsword, and longbow (1 quiver of arrows each). They each carry a pouch containing 1d6 sp (12sp total). Two are dead, and two are unconscious and badly wounded and in need of first aid, a successful DC15 Heal check to bind their wounds DC25 Spellcraft check to identify a potion [ooc]please note you may resume normal roleplaying post[/ooc] _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Barrow’s Edge Group Ophelia 10% chance to Stabilize Failed Ellaric has Stabilized
  15. Spike, if you wish to go with the 5ft Step and bow route go ahead, if leaving your actions as is, then just post so here Update for Barrow's Edge Group to follow
  16. Wilderness Group Kelana You figure staying on the ground will surely be the death of you. So throwing caution to the wind, you muster up your orcish determination and while hoping to avoid being mauled in the process, spring back to your feet. Each wolf takes a snapping bite at you but you manage to avoid any serious injury from each attack, but the combined wounds have left you bloody and in serious need of healing.., if only Zouk were still with your group! [ooc]Kelana, per my post in OOC, you may 5ft Step & shoot with your bow, though you must target Wolf 1 (W1), same as your previous roll/post indicated[/ooc] Pecos, your up… (best to wait on Kelana’s Reiterative Action) _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Wilderness Group Wolf 1 (W1) AOO Hits Kelana for 2hps Wolf 2 (W2) AOO Hits Kelana for 3hps
  17. Yes, the PHB even specifically says you can take a 5 ft. step after standing up. Thxs for the clarification Stink, I thought I’d previously read it as so I don’t know (have to read up on Readying) if you could move first, then Ready the remaining part of your action to complete later in the round If so, I would say that the skirmish bonus for the moving 10ft is independent of everything else, so long as the shot was fired before the current round ended. “deals an extra 1d6 points of damage on all attacks she makes during any round in which she moves at least 10 feet” It doesn’t mention anything about the order it takes place, but I don’t know without reading the “Readying an Action” first if it’ll work From a RPing perspective it works better if the scout moves, then fires at the end of its movement, thus in a fluid motion the scout moves and when it has finished moving into position, it has lined up a shot to quickly take advantage from its new position. Unlike after moving, then waiting or calling on to an ally to move aside to get the shot in. If the rules for Readying an Action don’t conflict then its all good, but I’m thinking "Delay" your action might be what were looking for here? Your near the end of the initiative count so not much of a difference there. Though you still could move into position to eliminate the cover bonus Gilaim is providing
  18. from the bolded text above i take it your aware of the AOO's I'll resolve/update that in-game shortly Drawing a weapon is a free action if its part of a movement/moving, in a situation like this is where the Quick Draw feat comes in, thus standing up will cost a Move Action and Drawing her weapon is another Move Action. though if i'm not mistaken, you could Stand Up (provoke AOO's), take a 5ft, then fire your bow as a Standard Action, that sound about right folks? If you opt for the above option and firing your bow, please include 2 AOO (1d20+3; 1d6+1) along with your roll. note the semi-colon between the (1d20+3; 1d6+1) attack and damage, using a comma doesn't work to resolve rolls also its best to inquire here in OOC first before posting an action in-game. As a DM, it makes adjudicating such things difficult once an action has been posted in-game oh, I'm visually impaired and use a specific color scheme on my PC, so if your using colored text for my benefit i don't see it. I only see colored text as black and white
  19. I'm going to wait before giving any suggestions, as this is more a player helping player type question
  20. couple more questions... are store credits usable in Cafepress? does free shipping kick in at a certain amount? thxs in advance
  21. With his weapon leading the way before him Jal moves through the darkness Jal's Surprise/Perception check (1d20-1=1)
  22. Hey Stink, since you know Geraldo best, care to take over his toon until he can resume play himself?
  23. I hadn't checked HP's left, but i believe your correct. Wolves get to make a free Trip attempt on a successful attack, with no AOO. I believe if you attack while disabled, you will sustain 1hp
  24. Game Updated for Wilderness group, I'll have to look it over for errors afterwards as i need to step out for a bit. Barrow's Edge I'll update tonight or tomorrow if Geraldo isn't back by then
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