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  1. Wilderness Group Group Pecos, your arrow grazes the wolf, but does little to seriously injury the beast (-2 from Str). Though in that moment of hesitation Kelana was able to line it up in her sight and drive an arrow deep into its hide, it lets out several more yelps. It continues to advance but a bit more hesitantly Round 1 begins! for Wilderness Group Wolves With a vicious snarl each wolf springs forth in a sudden charge. The first wolf (W1) attacks Kelana, it gets a bite and hold on her leg and tries to trip her Wolf (W1) Trip attempt = 15 (rolled 14, +1), Kelana, need an opposed roll to avoid being tripped. The second Wolf (W2) goes after Gilaim seeing as its counterpart has attacked Kelana. Gilaim tries to avoid the wolfs attack but the animal is to quick and gets a cruel bite on him Wolf (W2) Trip attempt = 11 (rolled 10, +1), Gilaim, need an opposed roll to avoid being tripped. Kelana, your up… [ooc]if IC isn't up, go ahead and make rolls manually[/ooc] _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Wilderness Group Initiative Count Wolves (W1 & W2) 15 (rolled 13, +2 Dex) Kelana (K1) 13 (rolled 11, +2 Dex) Pecos (P1) 10 (rolled 7, +3 dex) (Higher Dex) Gilaim (G1) 10 (rolled 8, +2 dex) Map Updated for the Wilderness Group (see map for current positions) Wolf 1 (W1) Hit Kelana for 4hps (AC18: 1d20+5, 1d6+1), -2AC for 1rd Wolf 2 (W2) Hit Gilaim for 7hps (AC19: 1d20+5, 1d6+1), -2AC for 1rd
  2. I do include the stats, but not openly, only because I’d like to maintain a little mystery/anticipation. But one of the purposes behind it, is so that a player may enhance their post and/or include the result of their action in their post and not have to wait for my update game post. It's a testing thing to see if it improves upon PbP slow game rate. That’s fine, using the acronym method is optional. But in the end it does fall to each player to determine for themselves if their roll warrants viewing the acronym. You did fine, I just prefer not seeing creature stats along with a roll because I sorta have them hidden behind the acronym Initially I did have some problems since it was new to me, though the problems were mostly with links (not the acronym display) because I tried the IC direct copy, which the Reaper forum would then double up on the “HTTP//:” which would cause bad links, same thing happened when I typed it all out in my doc file then copied it over. I’ve previously gone back and fixed several bad links after finding out that this problem had been occurring, or if I’ve just made a post, it could take up to 1hr later for me to get back to the post to recheck for errors (which I do review every post I make) Of course it is helpful to be informed when a bad link is encounter so that I may fix it asap. On the off chance a link doesn’t work, there’s always the campaign link in my Sig to view rolls If the above is not what you meant, could you explain further so I may understand
  3. I’ve already started writing the update for the Wilderness group but Invisible Castle is currently down so i can’t go further, going to give it till tomorrow before rolling manually. Spike, great roll/damage. Ideally the acronym view of the creature info was meant to be viewed after you rolled, then maybe only view it if you felt you rolled well Though whichever method you use, before or after, it doesn’t matter to me but please don’t include creature statistical data with your rolls. for the Barrow's Edge group. I've already started preping info for my next post as well
  4. Barrow's Edge Group Inarah, just wanted to give you a heads up that i'm going to wait on geraldo to post for Elegante, i rather he do the RPing stuff. Wilderness Group Spike and Orcsoul, just waiting for you to post your single action
  5. Spike, your one Crraaaazy gal. I seee Gilaim yelling "my eye! my eyes!, they burn!" haha the wolves would have stop chasing and began howling
  6. can we use swag points for ITEMS in the cafe press shop? do we need to call in to find out the number of points to redeem? I'm interested in the hooded sweatshirt, maybe a logo cap too
  7. wow, pretty bold move.., i like it just so we're clear here, that's "everything" except her money pouch, that leaves her with just her armor and weapons. Spending anymore more time grabbing other items would have had her caught in-between the wolves
  8. game updated questions? Spike, i currently have Kelana at a medium load (still carrying silk rope, caltrops, anything else that was RP'ed), this won't effect attacks, just movement
  9. Wilderness Group Everyone “OWwwwwwww” another howl is heard as you rush to the hillock, glancing back you see the wolf has taken chase after your group As you stride atop the hillock another wolf springs through some bushes from the north. It would seem the first wolf was simply baiting your group in hopes of allowing the second wolf enough time to come about from behind. Luckily you decided to make for the hillock when you did. The wolves tactics having failed to pinch you between them, has giving you the time to reach the hillock safely and prepare yourself as they come rushing at you. [ooc]everyone is allowed one Action before the initiative Count/Round begins. Note that higher ground does Not provide an attack bonus for ranged attacks[/ooc] _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Wilderness Group Map Updated for the Wilderness Group (see map for current positions) Wolf 1 (W1) no Action initial entry Wolf 2 (W2) no Action initial entry
  10. Barrow’s Edge Group Elegante “Tis be my honor to oblige one so fair as thee m’lady with such a simple request” Elegante say, hoping that his next blow will slay the goblin so that he may impress the Elven Sorceress Elegante rapier strikes out, the point drives deep into the goblins abdomen, the goblin slumps over and slides off the gnomes blade. “There you go my dear, just as you requested” he says brimming with a wide smile as he swipes his blade a few time in the air before him, then in a dashing form slides the rapier back in its place at his hip. Ophelia Ophelia condition continues to worsen, she is deathly pale. You wonder if she still lives. Round 8 begins! for Barrow’s Edge Group Ellaric Roll your Stabilization check for this round Alsera, your up… [ooc]please note that were still in rounds as I need to track a few things, so post roleplaying/actions accordingly.[/ooc] _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Barrow’s Edge Group Map Updated Elegante Attack Goblin (G3) Asleep, no action this round Ophelia 10% chance to Stabilize Failed Round 7
  11. Hey Stink, error on my part. The above check should have said anyone can make the check. I was just trying to make it clearer for players to notice which checks to make. You have ranks in Knowledge (Nature) so you can roll as well. For future checks, i may just list only the DC with required checks without names, so unless a name is specially stated, then its open to anyone whom can make the check. working on updating game for Barrow's Edge group first, followed by Wilderness group
  12. Since your traveling W-SW the wolf would be roughly in the opposite direction not to worry, it'll be on the map so enough, after you guys post locations and such
  13. haha, i had wondered if throwing Pecos to the wolf would come up, being the most injured and all LOL, and why not, you let Zouk die without much of a fuss, what's one more gnome haha
  14. erl is proving to be a killer dm....and I don't mean that figuratively. :P haha, thxs, hope you still feel the same with my next update that works in IE, too ;) oh sweet, thxs. I have a zoom feature built into my mouse but its good to have other options
  15. yeah, this is going to be a very tough encounter for you guys (though a few good hits could win you the day), I am wishing you guys the best of luck your moving in the same general direction not the exact same trail you took to get to the Spider's Lair. While alot of area may seem similiar, its simply because the terrains mostly all the same oh, i had forgetten to add that you guys are moving W-SW
  16. Game update for Wilderness group I did look eveeything over but i am tired so there may be some error, any questions please ask Spike, go ahead and include the DC15 Survival check in your post also, everyone please update character sheets (if needed) for the map, if its difficult to see, try downloading it, then use windows picture viewer to zoom in, or use the windows magifier. i think that covers it
  17. Wilderness Group Group You’ve manage to endure one of the many hazard that can be found in the wilderness, but at what a cost! You’ve lost a fine comrade and you’ve gained nothing for your troubles, save some bruises and wounds. Whatever treasures you imagined that may be hidden in the spider’s lair will have to remain so, as your retreat means you have enough sense to know that it isn’t worth dying over, or was it? Though it matters not, for finding it in the first place was perhaps more due to luck than skill. The clouds have not parted and the sky remains gray and gloomy, the light ever so slowly continues to fade as you make your way through the wilderness. The sun will have set roughly before you reach the wayside The wind has picked up slightly and carries a chill with it now that the early afternoon has gone by. The howling in the air pitches a little higher and sustains that much longer, then dryly dies away, only to once again be renewed at a different variation depending on the area that you’ve traveled through. This will make hearing potential predators that much more difficult to detect, of course it also has the added bonus of providing you with the same benefit. You each take a moment to your own thoughts, you can only hope that you make it to the wayside without further incident. Being caught out in the wild is no place for inexperienced adventures. You emerge from a lightly wooded area onto a segment of the wilderness that is sparsely populated with overgrowth and several smaller thin trees (for decorative, not climbing). Though in the center is a hillock that could prove defensible since it is on higher ground (Battle Map) “OWwwwwww” the howl cuts above the wind Both Pecos and Kelana are able to distinguish this high pitch howl from the other howling you’ve been hearing, and it sounded close.., very close! Looking back, Gilaim and Kelana catch sight of a wolf (or so you hope that’s all it is). Pecos being up front is unable to see it, either his view is partially obstructed because the wolf is to far away and still within the woods (120ft-140ft away) or he can’t see passed his two larger companions. Either way this spells trouble as Kelana would know, wolves hunt and scout in pairs or packs, and that howl may have been a signal to alert the others of its pack that it has found their prey. You wonder if this wolf is scouting on its own or paired with another? Kelana, you realize that the reason you may not have encountered any wolves earlier is because they may tend to avoid the spider’s lair general vicinity. How long this creature has been stalking you is unknown, as is to how many more of its pack are with it or on its way Having had little luck finding any game yourself, you wonder if food has been scarce in the region (for whatever reason, season change etc..), thus making your group the next best thing on the menu The wolf advances very slowly in a stalking manner, it’s jaws are ajar slightly as it watches you. You know for a fact that its only a matter of time before it attacks, and the wayside is still quite a bit off Anyone can read the Spoiler with a successful DC15 Knowledge (Nature) check If no one attacks right away, you won’t trigger the encounter, so just go ahead and make a roleplaying post Because of the wolfs tactics, If you chose to run, you can make it as far as the hillock with 1 round to spare before the wolf reaches you. Choose a space on the battle map, best spot being atop the hillock for the attack bonus I will wait to roll and post the initiative order with my next update _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Wilderness Group Battle Map The spaces (M,22)-(M,25) and (N,22)-(N,25) provide the +1 higher ground attack bonus against the spaces that border outside the top of the hillock Token Representations, NOT the Initiative Order Pecos – (P1) Kelana – (K1) Gilaim – (G1) Wolf – (W1) currently not visible on map Tree Trunks, meaning spaces you cannot enter, but you can enter the spaces around them. (K,5), (V,7), (A1,37), (V,41), (P,43), (K,45) Everything else is either dense undergrowth or rotted log on the ground, basically stuff that you have to go around.
  18. i guess it might be helpful for you in deciding course of action to know these now instead of waiting for the update Time the group departed the wayside roughly after midday, so 12:30ish 1hr - 1hr 30mins to find the Spider Lairs it'll take roughly 1hr 30mins to get back you can tell the sun has not set yet, though it hasn't been out because its an overcast day, so its somewhat gloomy, its a fair bet it'll be fairly or getting dark by the time you reach the wayside due to the weather. A DC15 Survival check (I believe that the DC, it's in PHB), will tell you it won't rain, otherwise your unsure because of the storm that passed by earlier, so yes it would appear as if the evening will be stormy on a failed check
  19. I'll cover these and any other questions that might have come up in-game, in my next update
  20. works for me unless it changes through RPing, i currently have the marching order as... Pecos Kelana Gilaim
  21. “it’s the same dam bastard that’s in league with the goblins” Jal says, noting the arrows used in slaying Tiketi and Taurel Eyeing the dark passageway behind the broken wall/rubble, Jal begins moving towards it “bastard probably got an escape route this way I bet” he whispers back towards the others your dead! Scum…! then letting his anger get the best of him he disappears into the passageway
  22. without armor or gear his weight is 43lbs, the 57.8 (58lbs) is with his current armor and gear mechanically and rule wise, Pecos is quite fine (no reduce movement etc.., though he’ll suck at combat, haha) RPing wise, its his option to do as he desires, but my thinking is, being reduced in Str by more than Half ones original Str score has got to hurt, makes for lots of RPing potential. Hell, I’m a little surprised Pecos didn’t take the free piggyback ride (even for a little while) just to mess with Gilaim continue to RP as much as you like, at some point though make it clear as to the parties intention, taking a break (how long?), move on non-stop, looking for a place to camp, etc... (though i wouldn't suggest looking for caves haha )
  23. Hey Haldir, I've just recently come across this topic concerning the Hexblade Class, let me know if i can gain its benefits Unofficial Hexblade Fix by D&D Lead Designer WotC_Mearls The hexblade suffers a little because he came on the scene relatively early in 3.5's life. As R&D pushes the boundaries of the game, we learn that some things we thought were risky or potentially broken aren't. Other times, we learn things that look fine don't actually work in play. Armored mages fall into the first category. Them seem really powerful, but in the long run they aren't. Spells and magic items allow an unarmored mage to build great defenses. The spell mage armor is as good as medium armor, and its duration allows most mages to keep it active at all times. If you compare the hexblade to the duskblade from PH 2, you can see how the thinking has changed. If you want to boost the hexblade, I'd try the following changes: * Good Fortitude save * Curse ability usable 1 + the hexblade's Cha modifier per day * Curse ability usable as a swift action * Curse ability does not count as used if the target makes his saving throw * Ability to cast in light or medium armor and while carrying a light shield or buckler * At 6th level, the hexblade can cast one hexblade spell per day as a swift action, as long as its original casting time is a standard action or faster. He gains an additional use of this power at levels 8, 11, 14, and 18. The key to the hexblade is his curse ability, but it's a little un-fun to have it so limited in use. The hexblade also has trouble casting spells and using his melee attacks, so shifting spells to swift actions fits in with the idea of an armored mage. (These are by no means official. They're just off the top of my head changes I'd consider)
  24. nay, it only took a 5ft step, which doesn't provoke an AOO
  25. Game updated for Barrow's Edge Group Haldir, i don't know what to say... you finally threw up a roll but i was already working on the update and had already rolled for your character as not to hold up the game.
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