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  1. Barrow’s Edge Group Previous Round 5 Ellaric [ooc]I’ve rolled the previous round Stabilization check[/ooc] Ophelia (I had forgotten to include Stabilization roll in a previous update, the first link states Round 7, should have said Round 5. The next check is for Round 6 Ophelia is still unmoving, her breathing has slowed considerably and her natural color has become very pale. Round 7 begins! for Barrow’s Edge Group Ellaric [ooc]I’ve rolled this current round Stabilization check as well[/ooc] Goblins Elegante, your last attack must have seriously hurt the goblin (G1), for after it moves (F,7) from being flanked, it swing, but the pain from its injury hampers the attack and the goblin leaves itself a bit more vulnerable to attacks Alsera, your up… _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Barrow’s Edge Group Map Updated Goblin (G1) Attack Misses Elegante and Fumbles (-1AC), position (F,7) Goblin (G3) Asleep, no action this round Ophelia 10% chance to Stabilize Failed Round 5 Ophelia 10% chance to Stabilize Failed Round 6 Ellaric 10% chance to Stabilize Failed Round 6 Ellaric 10% chance to Stabilize Failed Round 7
  2. wow, you nailed that 2nd save right on, whew.., now that's cutting it really fine, haha you did fair rather well on the str damage, you could have potenaially if 2 failed saves, been down to ZERO had that damage been any higher you would have been SOL I know it may not seem like it, but overall, considering the number of saves you had to make without a Con bonus you did great
  3. whew.., Orcsoul, you rolled some serious Str damage there, luckily Gilaim made the save, else he be down to a 4 Str.., yikes
  4. wow, that's another game update post for the Wilderness group you guys are doing great!
  5. you should just have posted that in-game don't forget your Stablization roll
  6. Wilderness Group (note the new group name) Group With Kelana leading the way, the three of you opt to return to the wayside using the general route you took to get to the spider’s lair. Since Kelana is looking for tracks your movement is slowed over the hilly terrain, which perhaps is a blessing for the weaken Pecos Jack. Kelana hasn’t had any luck in foraging for any food. The overcast sky simply makes her task more difficult on both counts, so the group is quite lucky that you had previous broken some branches and such that allowed her to generalize the direction to travel in. With the darkening sky creeping in becausae of the overcast sky, this could well bring out the evening predators earlier than normal. It could well begin to get dark before you reach the wayside. Shortly after the group has moved on, Pecos and Gilaim once again find themselves fighting off the lingering effects of the spider’s poison Pecos Need two more DC12 Fort save vs the Secondary effect from the Spider’s Poison. Include a 1d4 roll for each of your save, as that will be the Str penalty if the save fails Gilaim Need three more DC12 Fort save vs the Secondary effect from the Spider’s Poison. Include a 1d4 roll for each of your save, as that will be the Str penalty if the save fails [ooc]While roleplaying, let me know if your group intents on moving non stop until reaching the wayside or taking breaks at some regular interval or trying to ruff it out in the wild for the night[/ooc]
  7. Out of curiosity, how many players actually read the background post concerning “Dangers within the Duchy” ? (2nd post)
  8. haha, i hope this was intended for the in-game thread because its an awesome post
  9. that's a very good rough estimate, she is likely at -5 or -6 in-game i will continue to make small notations indicating her state, so if you go back and check on her i'll include a bit of info hehe, yes same as Ophelia, in-game unless you check on him or make a spot check, you'll have no clue to his status i did give more detail on Ophelia, mainly because she became an npc
  10. by all means go ahead, sometimes that's all that's needed
  11. Following Karyns lead, Jal rushes over to the wall "what did you see?" he ask suspecting she must have seen something he did not before moving on he will retrieve the small token the druid gave Tiketi "I'll see you avenged as well as see this task complete so you'll not leave anything undone in this past life" "We shouldn't linger long, whomever did this can't be far ahead, and we can hopefully catch them off guard if they believe they've already dealt with their pursuers" "If i suspect correctly, our tough friend there would not have met his end without having dealt some retribution of his own" "Veldarian, if you can, have a spell prepared that can inflict the most damage possible or one that will hinder our enemy the most" Jal's Perception Check = 11
  12. WOOT! you go on girl with your badd self haha, who knew she had it in her
  13. I know my post were basically copying what you had posted concerning the weapon type edit: while Kama may be been posted, i believe you meant Kukri because you were rolling a 1d4 for damage.
  14. Haha, camaraderie goes only but so far… haha ok, your out of combat, RP and have fun
  15. Round 14 Begins! for Spider’s Lair Group Group Kelana, with bow at the ready, you steady watch the cavern entrance while continuing to provide cover for Pecos. Incredibly you watch as the gnome, while trying to assist Gilaim, actually causes the dwarf to lose his grip. Pecos falls back several feet, then the rope goes taunt as Gilaim is able to quickly recover his hold on the rope once again. Luckily Pecos made a secure knot, else he disappear once again into the awaiting maw of the Spider’s Lair! Pecos Need a DC12 Fort save vs the Secondary effect from the Spider’s Poison. Include a 1d4 roll along with your save, as that will be the Str penalty if the save fails Gilaim continues to haul Pecos up, until he is safely up top. No spiders appear to provide chase. After several moments between yourselves you hear a scream which is abruptly cut off “Hel.. Ayaaa…” Somehow, through overwhelming odds, Zouk’s has miraculously managed to make it to the cavern entrance where he collapses and his body is dragged back into the cavern! You all only manage to catch a glimpse of the gnome hands were they had just moments earlier clawed at the exit opening before he disappeared. [ooc]That should provide a bit of RPing fodder for you[/ooc] You are for the time being out of combat rounds and may post normally. I'll follow-up with another post after you've had a chance to RP a bit (like stating your intentions, next course of action etc...)
  16. Found it under Climb Skill Special: You can use a rope to haul a character upward (or lower a character) through sheer strength. You can lift double your maximum load in this manner. Luckily Stink had already successfully made his Secure Knot roll haha going to work on another post for you guys
  17. oh yes... Game updated for Barrow's Edge Group as well
  18. Stink, the Spot Check was listed under the wrong campaign name, missing the "!" at the end of campaign name so go ahead and reroll that please next, I'm guessing that Gilaim posted his action based on thinking that Pecos previous post was him idling waiting, thus to mean he was taking no actual actions. Also i take it that Pecos no action post was because of the erred/failed spot check? now, since Pecos didn't state a "Readied Action" for Aiding Gilaim, that can't be done after the fact. I'm searching for mechanics of pulling someone up, i'm thinking it's merely based on max load vs the characters strength, so its quite possible no roll may be needed for that. Now of course if we were to say that Pecos was Aid/Pulling/Climbling and failed (as he did poorly), Then i guess a strength check by Gilaim would be needed, which that was also a fairly poor roll. anyways that's just off the top of my head, let me look some stuff up for ya, if someone knows where to look or how such mechanics are handled let me know
  19. Barrow’s Edge Group Goblins <Goblin Language> </Goblin Language> the goblin (G2) fighting against Alsera yells out Elegante, your inability to strike the goblin (G1) seem to encourage it further. As it avoids your blow, it manages to strike a solid one of its own. Satisfied with itself for causing you pain, it grunts out a laughter of sorts between it teeth. After which it moves (G,6) separating you from being able to reach and aid Alsera As the goblin (G2) fighting against Alsera yells out something in its own tongue, it takes a swing at her which comes up short. Its quite possible that the attack was merely a check swing, because the goblin quickly moves (F,3) after it misses Alsera, your up… _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Barrow’s Edge Group Map Updated Goblin (G1) Attack Hits Elegante for 4hps, position (G,6) Goblin (G2) Attack Misses Alsera, Moved to (F,3) Goblin (G3) Asleep, no action this round
  20. Round 13 Begins! for Spider’s Lair Group Kelana You draw your bow and ready yourself to provide cover while you hope Gilaim is in agreement with the task of hauling Pecos up [ooc]actions already taken for this round, but feel free to make a RPing post[/ooc] Pecos While awaiting for your comrades to begin pulling you up you think you hear something from within the cavern, but the rising and rescinding howling makes it an uncertainty to determine for sure. Or it may simply be your wild gnomish imagination at work Pecos Free Spot check: include a 1d20+7 roll to determine the DC Pecos, your up… Round 6 begins! for Barrow’s Edge Group Ellaric [ooc]Feel free to make a RPing post[/ooc] Roll your 10% Stabilization check, include in the note section whether your going with a roll of 90% or great or 10% or less to succeed Goblins I’ll continue updating after eating lunch… _____________________________________ Notes & Encounter Details Spider’s Lair Group None Barrow’s Edge Group waiting on completed update
  21. I'm currently working on building a character for another game i joined, which is taking up most of my time, though i'm almost complete anyways, I should be updating the game today, but it won't be till later feel free to throw in some RPing until then
  22. I'll post for the next round first, you never know, by the time the rope reaches the top there may only be fray pieces of a brim hat left, haha
  23. wherever your character is located, then Valken will be in the square behind and/or adjacent to him
  24. Spike that was to dam funny, i'm crying over here love it!
  25. how about "To Hit", "Striking", "Pounding" etc...
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