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  1. Forgive me if this has already been addressed, but I have a question about how the Band SA works with Solo models. Normally, an army cannot have more Solo models than Leader models. However, is this the case if you have three Solo models with the Band SA in a single Troop? Let's say I wanted to field a Reptus army with a single Leader model, and then a Troop with three Crymorian Warriors. Would this be legal, or would I need at least three Leader models?
  2. So with the purchase of my warlord and an additional caster, my 1000 point army list is complete. The army is divided into four troops, each with a discrete purpose. Check it out: Reptus Army [1000 points] TROOP 1: Khong-To T'Kay, Reptus Cleric Ra'am Reptus Warrior [x3] Reptus Skullbreaker [x3] TROOP 2: Somchai Kulan, Nagendra Assassin Raptor [x3] Nagendra Venomspitter [x2] TROOP 3: Audt Pakpao, Clutchling Caster Clutchling Spearman [x2] Clutchling Archer [x3] TROOP 4: Krungbeast Luck Stone Troop 1 is obviously the core fighting unit, with Ra'am and the Skullbreakers acting as shock troopers, supported by Khong-To and the Reptus Warriors, with T'Kay laying down troop-wide buffs and spot support. Troop 2 is the hunter-killer squad, seeking out enemy elites and spellcasters and disposing of them. The raptors act as a screen for Somchai and Kulan, blunting any charges against the group and using their Provoke ability to draw attacks towards themselves while the two Nagendra deliver the killing blow. The Venomspitters stick behind the two, using them for cover and softening up targets before they approach, as well as providing some defense against swift attacking flying units. Troop 3 is ranged support for the most part, with Pakpao and the Archers providing decent artillery, while Audt and the spearmen provide a defensive screen, or support Troop 1 as need be. The Krungbeast is of course a formation breaker, breaking through wherever a cluster of weaker units presents itself. I haven't had a chance to field the full list yet, but I think it should do quite well. Eventually I plan on swapping out Troop 2 with a trio of Crymorian Warriors, but that's a way off.
  3. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  4. So, I got a new army box today and I wanted to jazz it up a little by adding my faction logo to it. Does anyone know where I could find high-res pics of the Warlord faction logos? Specifically, I'm looking for Darkspawn and Reptus, though I wouldn't mind some of the others as well.
  5. Alright, I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the help.
  6. So after painting and varnishing a batch of minis, I got rather dissatisfied with the painting on one small area of one of the minis. Only problem is, of course, that I had already varnished the darn thing. Is there a good way to removed the varnish from one small area of a mini, or should I just try to paint over the varnish and hope for the best? I'm using Vallejo paints and Vallejo satin finish, if that is of any importance.
  7. Thank you for the prompt reply; I'll have to keep that in mind for my next game.
  8. During my last game my opponent and I had a disagreement about how Vengeful functions. I was of the mind that the bonus only activated once; ie: if you were hit twice in an activation, you still only got a +1 bonus to your Defensive Strikes. He thought that it activated each time you were hit, or that getting hit twice in an activation netted you a +2 bonus to your Defensive Strikes. Who is right?
  9. ya think? P.S. For the uninitiated, The Crymorians are Shakandara's "Design Your Own Miniature" model from RCon 2008. Really! They're a slick-looking model; you did good. Plus since I've read their fluff every time I look at one I hear "Screaming for Vengeance" by Judas Priest echoing in my mind.
  10. Hey guys, played a small (500 point) game a few days back and decided to write up a short battle report for it. Hope people enjoy it! My army was mostly based around a few models I had gotten a while back but never got to use before: Audt, Ra'am, T'Kay, and Kulan. I experimented with a few lists that could fit all of them in before deciding to settle on a somewhat risky rushdown build with no ranged support (Venomspitters don't really count). My Army [Jade Doctrine]: Troop 1 Somchai Ra'am T'Kay, Reptus Cleric Reptus Skullbreaker [x3] Raptor [x3] Troop 2 Audt Kulan, Nagendra Assassin Clutching Spearman [x2] Nagendra Venomspitter [x2] My opponent played a more orthodox Darkspawn army: Enemy Army [Demonic Conclave Doctrine]: Troop 1 Javolith Thuusia, Pain Mage Demon Warrior [x2] Isiri Warrior [x3] Troop 2 Ashakia Nasithe Succubus Warrior [x2] Isiri Archer [x3] Luck Stone Having won the right to set up the playing field, I created a lightly wooded valley with a few brush patches and Size 1 walls peppered within, including one wall on a hill on the east side of the field. Sensing a good position for his archers, my opponent set up on the east side of the board, near the walled hill. I set up across from him on the west side, with a wall and a stand of trees separating me from the hill. My Strategy: Blitzkrieg! Send my Raptors on a line drive to engage his archers and draw them into melee combat before he manages to swing his defenders around the wall to block their approach. Smash through his melee units with my own and clean up. Pretty simple. Their Strategy: This being as far as I could tell from what happened: Fortify their archers behind the wall, and catch my troops in a pincher movement in front of the hill, keeping my army contained in the archer's kill zone so they could be picked apart. Both strategies ended up going a little haywire; I charge my forces forward by terrain kept me from focusing on a single point in the line. My forces did however manage to prove too fast to be pinchered in, though only one raptor got to the wall after the archers and succubi were done with them. I'm a little torn on the Raptor's effectiveness overall; assaulting an entrenched line is no small task, but I was slightly disappointed by their performance. I suppose one can't ask too much from a unit that costs 19 point, though. The rest of my units acquitted themselves very well, however: T'kay was particularly useful with her Troop-wide Bless, and Divine Vigor is an excellent 0 MP spell. Ra'am managed to crash through the enemy defenses nearly single-handedly, and Audt killed Javolith in a one-on-one duel. After wrestling to find a role for my Venomspitters, I figured out that using them as roving hunter-killer units to kill weakened units or stragglers seemed to be the role they were best suited for. I ended up winning with Audt, T'Kay, Ra'am and a Venomspitter on the field, though Ra'am as near death, having succeeded on a Tough save the turn before. This week I decided to buy up the ability to build a 1000 point force, grabbing Khong-To and Pakpao to round out my previous list. This will probably be my last purchases for a while, but I'm debating what flying units to add to my force in the mean time: Gaan-Hor Warriors are relatively inexpensive (we usually play lower-point games around here), and their First Strike SA would make their swift attacks much more effective than the other flying units I've seen, which usually come out of any swift attack altercation just as bad off as their opponent. But right now I'm leaning towards Crymorian Warriors; they're a lot tougher and landing behind enemy lines and causing chaos seems to be a stronger strategy than swift attacking to me. What are your thoughts?
  11. Hey guys, new to the forum, and have been playing Warlord for only about a month. I mostly run relatively small scale games (under 1000 points). I tried to make my Reptus force as balanced as possible, and the current army list looks like this: Reptus Army [800 points] Troop 1: Somchai Ra'am T'Kay, Reptus Cleric Reptus Warrior [x3] Reptus Skullbreaker [x3] Nagendra Venomspitter [x2] Troop 2: Audt Kulan, Nagendra Assassin Clutchling Spearman [x3] Clutchling Archer [x3] Troop 3: Raptor [x3] Troop 4: Krungbeast I noticed that most people here aren't playing with Archers much (or any ranged units, really). Are they even worth it in a Reptus army, or should I be focusing entirely on rushdown?
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