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  1. 1) This is a three-year-old thread (well 2½ anyway) and the poster's last post was in August of 2010. While that's certainly no bar on commenting, I wouldn't expect the OP to see your comment. I check in occasionally to see if there are new comments. This is still one of my favorite pieces I've done. :) The joint structure of the piece was based on the canon sketches of this world's dragons in the first book of the series. I can't find the exact sketches used online, though. I used similar images as the reference material for this conversion / build.
  2. Final photos have been taken! Thanks everyone for their feedback... now I have to figure out where I can put it so that it won't fall over in the next earthquake. (This post basically duplicates the one in the WIP forum.)
  3. Final photos have been taken; this completes this blog! Thanks everyone for their feedback... now I have to figure out where I can put it so that it won't fall over in the next earthquake.
  4. Thanks for the commentary that people have provided over in the Works in Progress Thread. As Excidium is now complete, I figured it was time to post him in the Show Off forum. The WIP thread covers things in a bit more detail, but from that thread: The project is going to be a diorama of a dragon from Naomi Novik's Temeraire series, where dragons basically get turned into airborne frigates in the Napoleonic age. The dragon will be Excidium, for those who've read the books. These are not quite the final pictures, I'll be taking "official" pictures for submission to the contest tomorro
  5. Well, I'm finally done with this monster of a miniature. I didn't get pics as I was working on the base, so we kind of skip from "crew done" to "piece done". So, first, I got the crew painted. I'm not all that happy with how they turned out: I've never painted 10mm figures before, and I think I relied a bit too much on drybrushing and washes and didn't really get a very clean job done. I wasn't able to do any "resets" since I'd mounted them before painting, but hopefully the final photos that I take will minimize the crew (since I'll have to keep the camera zoomed out pretty far to see the
  6. The rigging, claws, and small details are all done. All that's left at this point is to finish the eyes, and to paint the crew. Then it's time to work on the base, including the ship, water fill, staining the wood, and hiding the rod.
  7. Well, I can't claim that much credit; the wings have a wonderful sculpt that includes a subtle wave-like pattern that really lends itself well to just doing layers of semi-drybrushing on it. :) Meanwhile, I've gotten the wings done top and bottom:
  8. I've gotten the main body's color painted (details are still unpainted); I left the wings and head unpainted so I could give more direct attention to them. After that, I've painted the top of one wing to establish the colors; the other sides of the wings will come next.
  9. I've completed the assembly of the model, including mounting the crew. I've decided to just stick the crew on since the size made pinning unworkable for most of them; I should be able to paint around them fairly well. Tonight I start painting it at my local shop's Pizza* and Painting Night. *: May contain other foods than pizza.
  10. I've completed the rigging over the last week or so. Didn't do any in-progress pics because the whole process was really a mess. It still looks a little messy, since there's lots of green stuff in there that just looks "green" until it's painted. Two crew have been mounted (the captain and a Lt. with a speaking trumpet) to give a sense of scale.
  11. Second muscle layer on the starboard wing complete! In addition I've touched up the sculpt on the top of the other wing, as well as attached the rear feet. Next step is to begin the rigging (after this cures); I'll probably start cleaning up the crew minis in the meantime.
  12. Earlier on Wednesday I mounted the first wing, doing up the underlying layer of green stuff musculature. (this view shows the mounting bolt that's used to connect it to the support rod) Later, after that layer fully cured, I gave it a second layer of muscle, to mate the original piece's shoulder socket with the new position of the dragon, and then mounted the second wing (which is currently waiting for the GS to cure before giving it ITS second layer. "In flight" views of the model's current state.
  13. The author is really careful to not give an exact count, I suspect because she doesn't want to get tied down into technicalities when they get in the way of a story. That said, from reading the books I'm going to go with the following crew for this dragon (which is sort of a mid-weight one as they go): 1 Captain 2 or 3 Lieutenants 4-6 Riflemen 1 Signal Ensign 6-8 misc. crew (lookouts, mainly, but they also repair rigging and drop bombs) Total: 14-20 When not flying directly into combat, the dragon may also carry its ~3-man ground crew (especially when specifically in transit)
  14. Been a few days; on Friday I kind of broke the model trying to put a screw in the side of the body to mount it, so I had to spend a couple days slowly rebuilding the middle GS join. Today, though, time to get it on the base! This isn't a permanent mounting, as neither end has been glued/green stuff'd. I've got a coupling bolt in the base, another one GS'd to a screw driven into the side of the dragon. Next step will be mounting the wings, and then it's to putting on the crew!
  15. Front legs put into place, muscles sculpted into place. The scales on the muscles are a little sloppy, but I'm fully expecting the wings' muscles to cover a good chunk of that.
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