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  1. I've seen the full checklists, but was wondering if there is a parts list for the ship anywhere. I've got multiples to inventory. /edit - I got the answer on Discord while I was posting. There is one on the way.
  2. I've been looking all over for hours, and there is one thing I can't find a decent miniature for: Prisoners. Shackled, or chained to a wall, or otherwise bound. There's plenty of surprisingly buxom, surprisingly nude bound women, and there are quite a few BDSM minis, but I'm looking for prisoners for actual RPGs, not fetishes.
  3. Sometimes, it is the simplest things you have the hardest time finding. There are two that I'm going nuts looking for: ~A wolf. Not a warg, not a winter wolf, just a plain old medium-base wolf. You actually have one, but it is only available as part of a set (60181: Adowyn & Leryn (Iconic Hunter & Wolf), and with the Boneyard AFK, there aren't really any other options. ~A small humanoid flier. I regularly need mephits, I regularly need imps, and I regularly need quasits. They're similar enough that a generic piece could fit any of the three with the right paint job,
  4. This one just occurred to me. Take the concept you employed with the brain-in-a-jar and give us a 1950s style sci-fi pulp astronaut or two with bubble helmets.
  5. There are RPG bases in the Kickstarter. You should be able to compare part numbers from the store with the numbers from the image on the KS page.
  6. It got deleted. To be fair, though, it was really only one person here (and two or three on the KS comment section) that were taking the stance that questioning Reaper was heresy and nobody had the right to do so - although in much less polite terms. It is hard to do without starting a flame war, but I'll try. The problem is that concerns and questions have been going unanswered, either in official updates or in creator comments. The Base Boss example, as was brought up earlier, was an extreme case, as was them giving an update that essentially said, 'we can't me
  7. The connection between Base Boss and Bones 3 is that it is the same company doing the same thing that people have been talking about in Bones 3. The connection is that it is a directly related example.
  8. @Reaperbryan - thank you. That's the kind of thing we were looking for. To be fair, the last we heard, 1 was on a palettes and 2 was on queue.
  9. Yeah, I've already decided I'm out, as this is going nowhere. But I will leave this last thought: As a customer who feels he is being treated unfairly (I *still* can't find out what I am getting from Base Boss, months later,) what other recourse is there?
  10. There is no indication that they see anything posted to Kickstarter. I've seen simple questions asked repeatedly there that have gone unanswered for *months.*
  11. In case it wasn't clear, I'm also 100% confident we'll get our stuff, and 100% fine with the delay, and 100% fine with Reaper folks taking a rest. The only thing I've criticized is that Reaper has failed to keep us informed as to what has changed (when it is obvious something has), and what that means. It isn't unreasonable to expect given the amount of money (and, in some cases, reputation) people have invested in this.
  12. I honestly don't believe that anyone has been undiplomatic, save for perhaps one post (and that wasn't criticizing Reaper at all - it was attacking everyone who was.) There are right and wrong ways to air grievances, and most have been polite, careful, and as you said, diplomatic.
  13. I will say that I'm a little disappointed that every complaint was removed, whether there was any anger or hostility involved or not (and there was very, very little hostility in the discussion last night.) As a customer, I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea that one of the main avenues of communication and discussion with Reaper seems to forbid any criticism.
  14. Just a tip to keep the conversation civil - it is almost never productive to dismiss peoples' concerns as meaningless.
  15. Just to reiterate, few people are complaining because they lack the patience to wait for their stuff. They're complaining because they were told "I'm ten miles away. I'll call you when I get into town and let you know the plans." Two hours later, they're still waiting for the call.
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