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  1. Thanks man i was messing around with your method when i found a simple method on how you do it.All you do is open the layer's properties and click pattern overlay and pick a pattern and then you just decrease the opacity.Simple as that.Anyways thanks again because without i would never had ran into how to do it
  2. Also this is what im trying to do with the pattern http://i767.photobucket.com/albums/xx320/KinGEmiiNeM/sheild.png notice the hexagon pattern inside the shield and text heres another one http://i767.photobucket.com/albums/xx320/KinGEmiiNeM/wingyy.png do you have an idea on how he does that
  3. okay man thank you i will try 2 do the stuff you posted and if you can see if you can give me the files that would be appreciated thanks
  4. hey to all im having difficulty making the gif transparent ive tried everything that has been posted but nothing works im on photoshop cs5 extended som1 please give me detailed directions that are step by step.Pleaseee
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