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  1. Bless ya. Thank you guys. Muchos appreciated .
  2. Very Early days yet. Let's see how she comes along
  3. Well, he's not really a baby any more, but he'll always be my little man. He does incredibly well, in spite of his condition. And think I do an ok job having been just Me 'n' E since .. Well forever really. Guess we all just do the best we can Some beautiful looking piccies on here. Bet you're all so proud
  4. Wonderful job. I love it. That Silver is well deserved. Congrats
  5. Tone


    Thanks guys, found a couple of Rackham bits, but still a shame that there will be no new developments from those guys in their fantasy line (Always loved the concept of the Dwarves of Mid Nor). @Joshuaslater... Oh yeah, me too, I did see an old Limited Ed GW Death Jester on e-bay this morning, but the price was a little out of my range. And did own an old grenadier Kobold Mounted on a baby dragon, which I wish I could replace... Loved that mini On the bright side, after a bit of hunting today, found a UK based supplier for Reaper Master Series Paints and the Master series mini's (A rather pleasant development since, last, I was painting)
  6. Thanks guys. Appreciate the comments . Mercius, yeah, I hear ya about the snow. This was an experiment with some newly aquired GW Snow effect, but I'll be going back to baking soda in future A couple of lessons relearned with this one, which is all good . Thanks again guys
  7. Tone

    Ello :-)

    Hi guys. Thank you for the welcome . I've not been painting for about 4 to 5 years now. As for gaming. Used to play dungeons and dragons, but the old crowd drifted away from each other.. Careers, Babies, Relocation, Beer, the usual stuff. D&D was the thing that originally got me into the realm of miniatures
  8. Ok, I thought this might be an interesting opener for a discussion. I've been doing some retail therapy today (Miniature wise) and have bought myself some Andrea Fantasy 54mm figures and a whole boat load of Reaper Warlord Figs... But, while hunting around, I was pleasantly surprised at some of the new work that's out there but a little sad at some of the losses... Namely, for now, Loving the new Line's of minis that you guys at reaper have brought out... I really like that Chronoscope work in particular.. but was sad to see that Rackham were no longer around. I'd be interested to hear what new and interesting mini's have come out and what's no longer available and sadly lamented?
  9. Thank you Grim . Yup, I had to make do with natural daylight and a mobile phone for this pic (Boy I miss my SLR and Lighting ). Me-thinks a bit of a shopping trip is in order, for some decent lighting. Appreciate the feedback, thank you
  10. *Deep breath*... Well, here's my first attempt after a Loooooonnng break from mini painting. Thought I'd put a piccie up. I'm surprised at how much equipment I used to have to get the photo's done and missed it all while trying to get a decent piccie. Ah well, here it is
  11. Absolutely wonderful. I'm particularly fond of the metallics (Being a bit of a fan of well painted metallics) and the base is great. I'm sure that your client will be absolutely delighted with such a beautiful piece of work. Nice one :)
  12. Just re-familiarising myself with a brush after a long break

  13. Oooh, sounds interesting. I don't expect to do well, but it'd be nice to have some incentive to paint a mini and take part :-)
  14. Ello all. It's been quite some time since I've done any mini paining, but the bug never really left and I've dusted off the paintbrushes to start doing some painting again. Looking forward to cracking on with some painting again and hope to have something up for display soon...ish. It's lovely to see that the standard of painting is as high as it ever was and some pushes forward made too. I do enjoy looking in the "Show off" section and hope to have something of my own in there some time soon :-) Anyways, gonna stop rambling and get these ancient hands and eyes back to painting again :-)
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