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  1. My typical 500pt list looks something like this: Darkspawn - 499 points Troop 1 Javolith Demon Warrior x 4 Nasithe Gruesome Weapon Troop 2 Ashakia Isiri Archer x 3 Incubus/Succubus Warrior x 2 Troop 3 Luck Stone The Grusome Weapon can go on either Javolith or Nasithe. I prefer to put it on Javolith myself. I also prefer a Demon/Elf mix list to keep things interesting, and also because I'm not much of a fan of Aberrations. Hope you get some inspiration out of it.
  2. Dwarfy mini is dwarfy. I like the snow, and the palette you used. Awesome job.
  3. Nice darker skin tone on this. I've been painting my own stuff darker like this, and I like it. The scales give me inspiration for the motif on my own Mariliths. I'm a fan of the shading too, it's quite subtile.
  4. I've seen a few paint jobs that have tried that glow-casting effect, but none are as good as this. I'd love to see that on another fig.
  5. The basing and the scale work on this is amazing. Nice work!
  6. I really like the fur trim on her leathers. Looks awesome.
  7. I've been using some stuff I got from the dollar store near me. It's called L.A.'s Totally Awesome Orange All Purpose Degreaser. Costs about a buck a bottle, and works on metal, plastic, and resin (be careful with resin though, it softens in this stuff slightly, but when dry, it hardens again). 50/50 with water will strip primer and paint in a 12-hour soak, though I usually do 24 to make sure I can get the primer out of the details as well. Just soak, then toothbrush clean. Works great. Image attached of the bottle, though it's small.
  8. Quickly becomming a Reaper collector.

  9. Thanks kit, I'm going to place my order tonight. Appreciate the quick response!
  10. Hello all, new around here, and just started collecting, as well as playing Warlord (Darkspawn). Have to say I'm impressed with the minis I've gotten so far, and am going to continue to purchase and paint (and maybe even post some minis). Now, on to my question. I'm wanting to buy Alyscia of the Abyss (03323), but I don't need the bottom portion for the application I have in mind, just the demon herself. I see that the body is listed as separate, but I want to make sure I'm getting everything (legs, feet, arms, all of it) before I buy. This seemed to be the best place to ask if anyone has any info as to what the 'body' portion of this mini entails. If it's everything I need/want, then I'm gonna get it for sure. Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me before I pick this one up.
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