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  1. Cyradis

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I hope I wake up by the time I go home. I've been a derp today and that's not good for the agenda. I'm trying to paint a character who wears mostly black and OSL it heavily. From the bottom, red (spell effect), and from flame in hand, blue-green (another spell effect). Getting the red on first, but woooo it is taking a lot of layering to build up to showing well.
  2. Cyradis

    The Craft Articles Gone

    You get used to it after a while
  3. Cyradis

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Konosuba and Re: Zero.
  4. Cyradis

    What's on TV?

    Is there more Clark on recent Supergirl episodes? I haven't kept up with those since moving north. Despite being filmed here, we don't have access to the CW app so no more streaming of it. I liked him in the previous times I saw him. He was a nice version (I'm also partial to Brandon Routh as Superman, despite him being The Atom on LoT, but SG's version is good too) Also can't watch The Magicians - extra dumb because they were literally filming at the physics/chemistry building on campus yesterday.
  5. Cyradis

    Krug the Hill Giant

    You got the beady little eyes on him super well! C&C? Keep working the shadows on the skin tones. You'd be surprise how dark you can take a shadow on a light skin color and still keep it looking "light". It'll make his muscles go POOF more too Welcome back to painting! Glad to see you have the brush going again!
  6. Cyradis

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    They emailed back that they'll send a new Loreen arm. I guess I get to paint Broin's arm as just an arm with a sword? Time for some big NMM practice, I suppose. What category does just an arm and weapon fit into? I started prepping Lizbeth; I need to figure out some strategy for her, I think.
  7. Cyradis

    What's on TV?

    Huh. Around S5 is where I stopped SHIELD. It just got repetitive and overblown. Probably enjoyably to an extent, but the second setting change that happened in rapid occurrence made me go "meh". I can't access it anymore now though, so it would be tough to catch up. There are some great characters on there though. Did just finish watching Dororo. I really liked that one. Had a standard bittersweet ending that I felt didn't fully fit, but whatever. I liked the character journey that happened throughout the show.
  8. Cyradis

    Scale75 Inktesity

    The layers that had the ink on them had been dry for many days before I used the sealer over them. It was really weird.
  9. Cyradis

    Scale75 Inktesity

    Varnish over the top. I think that Reaper's brush-on sealer reacts with at least the wood ink though, but I'm not positive. I had something with a little wood ink in it get yellowed by applying that sealer on top - and it became almost malleable. Haven't had that issue with Game Color matte varnish yet.
  10. Cyradis

    What's on TV?

    Logically that makes sense, except that every scene is so blank-slate to me that it is all put together with "Big Bad Thing Is Destroying City" and "Our CounterSmashBot Sucks Butt We Are Toast". Of course people are going to be broken. Would be nice to actually see them doing things more than just being empty.
  11. Cyradis

    What's on TV?

    Sir Cyr is making me watch Evangelion. Shingi may as well be a potato as far as I'm concerned. Not a fan of how every female looks the same. Style is such that I see about zero emotion on any face. I'm sure there is plot there but it is really easy for me to fall asleep during this.
  12. Thanks folks Our new player is pretty happy with him. Two others are going "whaa?" since they're more used to 40k with speed paints, instead of detail jobs on a table, lol.
  13. Cyradis

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    My search for D&D theme music has caused my Spotify recommended lists to get rather erm... different. I needed playlists for certain events, and then general Players Advantage, DM Gunna Kick Your Butt, Foreshadowing, Good Things In Town, and Exploring.
  14. Cyradis

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Our D&D wizard is going on a trip after next session, so he'll miss two sessions from now. He's benching his main character next time so that the upcoming dungeon (predicted 2-3 sessions) can have a temp in there who isn't essential, and has an excuse to run away. He decided that this temp character is a fairy Petal (Tiny flower fey).... effectively a rainbow blasting magical girl flower fairy. He's willing to hit the dollar store to get wings for proper RPing as a magical girl. I'm trying to speed paint one of the Thunderbolt Mountain fairy ballerina shooters "with as much hot pink and green as I can". Bwahahahahaha.
  15. Cyradis

    Secret Weapon Swag Bag O Crap

    Certainly there is reason for it. Nonetheless, it is preventing me from buying any currently.