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  1. She's in a pretty nice part of NJ, with lots of nice trees and historical sites. Not the armpit part of the state. Hopefully UPS actually alerts me this time. Unlike forgetting to tell me about important legal documents I had to pick up that were labeled as urgent >.<
  2. Yeah, had a friend here doing that too. And sometimes my mom in Oregon would get packages for me, on the assumption that she'd drive up to visit in "near future". But border closed and Oregon went on mega-fire a few too many times, so she moved to New Jersey. No more spur of the moment weekend visits, for two reasons :(
  3. Thanks for the heads up, Bugs. 12% will stink, but eh, we weren't guaranteed no shipping fees signing up for this. A bit of a buzzkill on the big box of loot though. More satisfying to not be reminded about just how much you spent over a year ago :)
  4. Fantastic! So perhaps minimal delays in that case, and folks got their panties in a twist over good communication about possible annoyances?
  5. Eh. I don't think my post office has a magic number regarding CanadaPost. Mom listed stuff at ~$150 declared value. Masks were like ~$60. Those both got hit. But an order from Michael Kontraros (from Europe, perhaps different) of well over that got nothing. That's all CanadaPost just being finicky. UPS... who friggin' knows. UPS failed to alert me that I had an urgent envelope to pick up last week. I only got it because they stated they had delivered a bunch of research equipment (adviser prepaid the fees), but they hadn't. They left a note on the apartment door with wrong date on
  6. CanadaPost has hit me on shipments from my mom, which included items I made myself, because she put in a high declared value even if it was along the lines of "priceless hand-me-downs and homemade stuff". Had some masks from the US get hit because they hit wrong type of item check mark. Normal Reaper orders never got hit. Bones IV didn't, but Reaper had some sort of arrangement done for that. UPS sent a collections bill of $30 in March for some Scale 75 paints my mom ordered for me for Christmas, shipped straight here. About $40 worth of paint, and she had already paid shipping. Th
  7. Thanks muchly. Oof. This could sting. My other Reaper orders have not been hit with customs fees, but those went through CanadaPost. This is going through UPS, and UPS is despicable for their service charges.
  8. Got a guide on how to calculate the GST/HST by chance? Not seeing what the rates are to do so, probably looking in the wrong areas.
  9. BC's 7 day average went under 100 cases/day, woot woot! Not too shabby for a population of ~5mil, with loosened restrictions. I like their goal of "push this down to something public health can manage like other diseases, in the background, squashing small outbreaks". Just got news that the science buildings on campus are now extending research hours! Now researchers can stay until 9pm instead of rushing out at 5pm. Still other precautions in place, but this is nice. Sir Cyr and I went to the university botanical gardens over the weekend. We biked there. Because it was a beautiful da
  10. Much appreciated @Reaper_Jon! I'm not really fussed over what the dates and plan ends up being, but I do need to make sure that I can be around for pick-up at the apartment, whenever that may be :)
  11. Zevran the bearded dragon is developing a new habit. Staying up late and making pouty faces until we pick him up, put him on lap, and then he falls asleep. This lizard is super cute.
  12. Yeah, I'll probably be held up. No GitD ship, but a decent number of power-up add-ons. Needed multiple of the middle finger spell effect. Have they said how they're dealing with the Canadian portion of pledges? In Bones IV they split them off and shipped them up first. Holding all of Canada's orders until that can be done, or partial, or as per wave order like the US?
  13. Exercise at the park today was interesting. There is a big playground for kids, then an area for adult workouts. But a group of kids was using the pull-up bars for a while when I arrived. They cleared out when session began (were polite), but occasionally a small girl would come up and half way join our session. Like... 4-6 years old, jumps on the lower pull-up bar, and then my trainer offered to time her on how long she could hang, stuff like that. One went "I wanna do what you did!" (I'd done 10 hanging leg raises, then a dead-hang for a minute). So kiddo gave it a whirl, trainer timed her.
  14. Despite literally seeing the ski areas covered in snow from the beaches in the city, the city itself panics at the site of a single snowflake. It can handle torrential rain. Below freezing? Nope. Absolutely not. But while I am writing this, I am indeed wearing effectively yoga pants. General fitness stuff because I'm biking to the park for a training session after work. However, they are not THE Vancouver yoga pants. Lululemon is friggin' expensive. I only have 1-2 items of that and it is all thrift store findings. Vancouver plague.... less than the inland. Seems like t
  15. About 7-8km, depending on the path I take, but the way there is up a MAJOR hill. I've been a certified weakling almost my whole life - only a relatively recent thing where I went "nope, I'm getting fit". I couldn't do 3km biking on flat when I moved here in 2018 without being really pained. Work is also as a geology grad student, so unless I have meetings.... meh. I can be a little sweaty. Or rained on, as is the case in winter.
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