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  1. How does big grumpy snake lady have curlers in? Does she have hair?
  2. They funded all the way through the mug in the end, although mug will be an add-on in the PM it seems (they got to it with less than an hour to spare).
  3. Quadrivaxxed is a great dragon name. I think a silver dragon who has a specific interest in keeping his favorite village safe against intrusions by vile chromatic dragons. I'm not yet in a group recommended for another stabbin'. Curious if there will be a reformulation by the time I am. Congratulations on your continued high fortitude saves against disease 🙂
  4. I love these comics so much. Thank you.
  5. Well, this is a reasonable expectation. You see, that's the problem. It is reasonable. Miniatures and fantasy are absurd - that's why snake women and lizard women have massive gazongas, so that you know they're lady snakes and lady lizards. Bugbears are therefore either mostly men, or somehow are the exception and fit a more logical biology than is expected from our infuriatingly biased hobby 🙂
  6. Heyo - all you folks in Texas okay? Bad news from down there. Had to check in on the internet-friends.
  7. I didn't need bugbears, but they're a classic D&D monster. I don't see a problem including them in a Bones run. I just wouldn't depend on them for a huge funding burst, just a moderate one for the folks who need bugbears.
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859512613/exquis-stl-edition The Exquis line came out a few years ago with several women busts, just normal ladies of multiple ethnicities, being delightfully normal. The busts are on the small side; about the size of a thumb, instead of a hand. They're doing a KS for STL files of the already existing ladies, the two they've added since then, and of 3 more they're adding as digital versions. And at least for now, the resin figures of already existing Exquis busts are 50% off in their store. Pretty good price for a batch of nice STLs, if you're into that sort of thing.
  9. I'm more a fan of the almost-chibi dragons (like the Rocky dragonlings). Not a huge fan of Reaper's chibi heroes - they're fine but not for me typically. But they are good for kiddos, comic fans, or practice painting on a seriously exaggerated face. I'd be very curious how chibis sell overall compared to others. Like I didn't mind them in the Core set for.... IV? Nice to have a few to give a whirl for the sake of trying new things. But I wouldn't have gotten them as an add-on (and didn't when they became an add-on).
  10. They've hit all the main stretch goals. 45hrs to go. There is the silhouette of a tea/coffee/paint mug still un-revealed. Curious what they'll put as a goal for a mug. I like mugs.
  11. Exclusive items are not something I'm a fan of. I do get it for things that a group wants to produce but can't justify long term. Just as "get them in the door" items it is frustrating. I'd much rather have things like that on "seasonal" or "special occasion" periodic releases. Like a super cool Halloween themed item - okay, can't sell it all the time, but doing a limited run of a few hundred once per year and selling them at an elevated price.... yeah. That is okay. Would have no pressure to keep the item in-stock. Just go for the yearly fixed number batch. Could be combined with a KS with the item "KS-exclusive until Holiday" or something to that extent. That sortof happens already with the holiday release figures, but they aren't limited, and the metal ones are in-house so they don't have to get them made elsewhere. They can keep up with surging demand if they have the metal. Hah, fair! 10% is a big cut, but I suspect that's factored into their use of the platform already. I do get being frustrated by this one, but for the people who need their bread and butter figures, it was still awesome. Ron is definitely going to get slammed though. I'm not particularly bugged, but there were a number of "double-eww tee eff" sort of choices on lining things up imo. Hey, not spending as much here meant that I am sending more to the Kimera, S75, and Ember Seasons Kickstarters soooooo..... I'm okay >.>
  12. I'm surprised by not bringing out more showstopper type figures in favor of bread and butter ones, but the showstoppers probably don't do as well post-KS. It would have been more tempting for me with shiny dragons. Because.... dragons. I ended up with $50 in. Likely will add another ~$80 on the PM. Which is.... 10% of previous ones >.> I do think smaller Kickstarters is a good idea for management, so I am not upset there. Less drama during fulfillment, less factors to go wrong at once. Here's hoping for a Bones VI sooner rather than later with the goodies that didn't get in this time.
  13. True, competitor is probably not the best term. There is collaboration around. Still don't see it happening on this particular project, however.
  14. Ah - they might have a deal in their shop to sell some in collaboration. A few places do sell it second-hand. I'd sincerely doubt it as part of the pledge manager though; Kimera paint sells out regularly. Kimera's own shop ends up with long waits while they restock, making more paint, as do their secondary vendors. If Scale 75 had to wait on them during Kickstarter fulfillment, they'd be asking for delays, I think.
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