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  1. Good tequila is also worth a lime. Margaritas are another excellent M drink.
  2. Mmm now I need mojitos. My mint plant has enough leafs to take a few for it. Good rum, tasty lime... ginger ale filler. Nom nom.
  3. I no longer have a garden to fertilize, and my half-dozen windowsill plants don't really need a whole horse worth of manure.
  4. We need a bigger Kraken model now. Sir Cyr looked at this and went "it isn't a miniature, it is a centerpiece".
  5. My area has the highest rate of bike thefts in North America. So I pretty much have to get a used bike from a reputable place to not be fueling that nasty cycle. Picking up Ms. Chloe the Clunky from the shop took 30mins, and I got there at opening. Places are selling out and are just swarmed right now. One place that usually does used bike sales isn't - new only. In part due to staying clean right now, but I think in part because they can successfully offer new only right now (and still sell nearly out). Another place actually did sell out of used bikes. There is a big university here; perhaps the shop in the tiny-town attached to it would have some used things. And the kids leaving stuff behind would be the very wealthy (not uncommon to see a porsche or lamborghini on campus). They might have ditched stuff, not wanting to bother with it - more likely at the shop on campus though. Bikes don't tend to last multiple months left around - they get stolen first. And campus security will pick up bikes that are found left if they're there more than a day or two. I don't actually know what will constitute a good bike or what would fit me, since all I have is Chloe the Clunky. So I need to go to a place that can guide that process. I still like horses more than bikes but.... bikes are more practical. Less love and snuggles. Also less poop.
  6. I started up Carnival Row. Really liking it so far. It is making me want to paint pixies.
  7. I like the idea. Thanks for the arts 'n' crafts inspiration. Absolutely no way that should cost so much though.
  8. I got my bike back from the shop. It had a very flat tire. Went out yesterday for the 20km loop I've been doing. I did the whole loop, big hills and all, in 1 hour!! At the start of all this, it took at least 1.5hrs to do the loop (if I could do it at all, considering the hill). I've decided the bike's name is Ms. Chloe the Clunky. Only got the flat fixed due to time, and she's a cheap bike, but I pretty much can't use front-1st gear because the gear shift just gets jammed up transitioning. But... I get around the loop, so that's good. I am hoping that when the shops start selling used bikes again, there will be a soccer mom with buyer's remorse on a really nice bike, and I can pick up a good one cheap, lol. Also: I can almost do a handstand. Quarantine is a great time for Stupid People Tricks. Caution: don't accidentally do a backwards somersault and bonk ankles on the radiator. That hurt. With Sir Cyr's help, I got to a 10s hold on a handstand! I launch myself upward, and almost get it, he boops me into right position and I hold until I need another boop. Woohoo!
  9. I thought I'd end up getting to the 6-pack abs mark due to coughing. This is a pandemic after all, and I have Constitution 8. Somehow I'm not yet ill (good job British Columbia!!). And uhh... I've been eating well and exercising. I have visible 6-pack abs. Not chiseled. But present, regularly. I've been exercising more for about a year now and hadn't quite hit that until lock-down. First time getting the abs without coughing my guts out! Considering the state of the world, I find this highly ironic. I expected to be deathly ill and gain them in the absolute worst way, but nope. Perhaps it is because I haven't been guzzling sweet chai lattes 3x/week with my coworker. Or maybe it is the biking? I don't have weights to lift really... so exercise is more just changed. Maybe lack of sushi/poke? Since fish based dishes don't store as well, I have been effectively vegetarian for the duration of this so far; I made one shrimp dish, and got one take-out poke bowl since March 13th. Not lack of interest, just not the right thing to prepare. I had been in the habit of having sushi or poke twice a week after exercise, but that isn't as feasible or practical now. And I want a big stew that won't spoil in the fridge after a week. So.... veggie stews it is. And so much hummus. Been making my own veggie broth with the stumps and peels from cooking too, then adding that into the following week's meal. Turns out delicious.
  10. I have Little Fires Everywhere in the background as I work right now. Although it is pretty agenda pushing, it is good at tangling a lot of characters together, and good at depicting some real issues. Excellent actors for it too. Saw The Great. I was amused by the deliberate inaccuracies and hyperbole. It wasn't fantastic, but I liked it.
  11. I think I'll stick with my figure holders. They were kinda pricey but each one came with a bottle of wine! I use corks.
  12. Dark lining isn't that difficult with a brush and a steady hand. Use a dark paint and thin it slightly with flow improver and water. Use a brush with a very fine tip. Paint the line. Since the lines tend to be at the margins, they'll almost certainly be in a natural crease and be easier to guide. Even without a crease, you can make amazingly fine lines with a brush. Practice on a paper if you are skeptical.
  13. Because some people are scared of chemicals with names that are difficult to pronounce, so we mock them.
  14. The brush-lickers say S75 tastes worse than Reaper.
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