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  1. Yeah, we'll see. Sir Cyr is in the weird boat of having 1 dose from BC, 1 dose from the US, so he can't get his QR code without jumping through a lot of hoops. Places are supposed to accept "whatever got someone into Canada in the first place" regarding vaccination record. We haven't tested it yet. Seemed like my new officemates from Ontario and Scotland were doing okay yesterday. I'm more worried about people heckling the restaurants than issues with our proof right now. Also suspect there will be a bit of a bump due to school year starting. Perhaps not a mega bump. The fraterniti
  2. BC's vaccine passport is live now. It is a QR code that you get an image of and present either on your phone or as a paper card. I got mine printed about business card size and laminated; can carry it next to my ID. Cautiously optimistic about it going well, despite the nasty protests. BC's cases are still high, and rising... but slowly. We may be at the top of the hump on this wave. Sure hope so, considering we do actually have very high vaccination rates here. But classes just started and incoming students are not all bright (some major parties in violation of health orders supposedly spread
  3. Unfortunately, naturally acquired from a mild case is a heck of a gamble. I wouldn't gamble on getting a mild case; the disease has taken down people a lot fitter than me. I'd hazard that those who get breakthrough cases after vaccination (which mostly are mild, less of a gamble) aren't going to get covid again. But I already know one person who got Original and Gamma 6 months later (before they could get vaccinated). They fortunately are fine; both times was mild but unpleasant for them. If it hit me unvaccinated though? I'd be out for many weeks - a common cold takes me down for weeks. Undou
  4. Yeah kinda annoying for everyone who already did it, but.... if it gets more people going for it, okay. I would guess that other provinces are also planning on having some sort of hard copy option, yeah? BC intends to, but we haven't seen how it'll be implemented yet. I have my phone with me all the time, but I'd prefer to go with a hard copy, much like my driver's license. Then my ID stuff isn't tied to battery life. I don't mind an app existing, but personal security is a thing to consider, and ease of use. An app very well may be easier to use for a lot of people, but not everyo
  5. BC showed their modeling data for the next month; best we can hope for this month is a plateau it seems, possibly still increasing cases. But may be out of the major-growth and into slow-growth, at least. I heard that Quebec's vaccine passport system had some hacking issues already too; digital security is important. One part of why I'd rather have a system like getting carded at a liquor store, if feasible. Another concern mentioned was accessibility for not just elderly, but for the homeless. They may not have a cellphone, and they need access to the internet and printing facilit
  6. A friend of a friend was in that sort of situation... but for heart attacks. Had a condition that needed surgery "soon". No surgery, would likely have a heart attack in the very near future. But at the time in Ontario, non-emergency surgeries were cancelled. If she did have a heart attack, she could get treatment, but she couldn't get the operation to prevent a heart attack. Fortunately she didn't have a heart attack before the hospitals cleared enough for non-emergency surgeries. But still.... friggin' scary to need to cancel some of these non-emergency things. Glad your symptoms
  7. You don't need a college degree or to graduate high school to fly a plane. You don't actually need a driver's license either. You need a pilot's license. I've met people who were taking flying lessons before driving lessons as teens. I think my first flying lesson was concurrent with when I was in driving lessons. You may need all the other degrees and licenses to get employed as a pilot or for other jobs. But the actual pilot's license is its own thing.
  8. I hope her symptoms stay mild and it is effectively an annoyance instead of worse. May you stay healthy too!
  9. This seems more like a not-beholder than a viral monster, for better or worse. Does mean the masks on the heroes seem out of place, unless the beholders are spewing poison gases. Good sculpts, just.... not feeling the need to disease theme them, when the monster doesn't need it, y'know?
  10. We got another new one in: province wide indoor public space masking is back. A lot of people still were masking up anyway in shared public spaces, but not universally. Pretty much if it is public and indoors, masks are to be on unless you are eating with your own group, or exercising in your own space. May irritate some but it is very easy to implement compared to other measures at this point. All of the orders really are focusing on public spaces that are shared by different groups of people, not at-home practices it seems. I hope the service workers don't get too much abuse with enforcing t
  11. Our order has a bit of that going on too. Sept 13 is start of the order, but Sept 7th is first day of college classes. And order is for dose 1 on Sept 13, but dose 2 by Oct 24. I do understand it; there is a time delay on it. Best time to get a jab was months ago, next best time is today. We have a lot of international students, and I suspect some of them need that accommodation if their point of origin didn't have availability. We also have J&J approved but not in use, so a one-shot option isn't available. Bit of a shame nothing was announced on the schools end earlier, for sake of managi
  12. And you didn't pick on the Vancouver painters? :P Yeah I don't know how some people swim in the water. The Pacific Ocean is ridiculously cold.
  13. My throat is approximately back to normal after a week of being scratchy because I was an idiot and biked to campus on the super smoky day. Woo. Duolingo had been complaining at me for a day or two there. BC just announced vaccination passports for most non-essential activities involving businesses or other gathering (it includes events like weddings that get catered). Joining Quebec, France, and I think Italy on that. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and general retail are not affected, nor are religious services. News said it was supported by the province sportsball/puck teams, brewer
  14. Those sets, and the Carnal Pit of the Ghoul Queen, were much better for terrain than the figures. The figures were really bland and low resolution, but the terrain will be super useful. I don't really mind sizing discrepancies personally, though.
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