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  1. Huh. BC changed their vaccination plan. Going with delayed 2nd doses (and presented good evidence for it). Whole province will be on 1st dose by end of July instead of end of September with new plan. I *might* have first by my birthday then. Cool.
  2. July is earliest for me and Sir Cyr. That's okay, even if frustrating. Limited supply, and we're able to work at home and don't have other ailments. Still... I miss just... everything :/ BC might end up having the first of Canada's 3rd wave, although we sortof skipped the first wave. Lots of people failing to even try to adhere to safety protocol. About 40% of new cases were in people who didn't follow safety rules.... leaving 60% as the poor folks stuck around them. Gah. At least *try*. Hard to distance at the grocery store, but you can try. Masks make my nose or ears ache, but it an easy precaution. Having a group of friends indoors may as well be inviting vampires in right now. Outside? Probably can figure out safe activities. Inside... not really.
  3. The vaccines have plenty of testing regarding safety. Likely we'll end up needing boosters later, possibly on regular schedules, but that doesn't really mean things are bad. Get that vaccine as soon as you can - good for you, and good for the population as a whole. Waiting will prolong the elfed up situation everyone is in.
  4. As much as I like kvetching about useless malicious idiots.... perhaps we change topics back to the overall theme of the forum thread. Also, BC is in process of elfing things up due to people having too much lockdown fatigue and whatnot. Cases might be rising now, and ~40% of them are reported to be in people who disregarded safety rules. Unfortunately that leaves ~60% who likely live with a dumdum, or are stuck near a dumdum due to profession or misfortune :(
  5. BC just went from ~425 cases/day average, 2-3 weeks under 500/day.... to 617 reported yesterday. I hope that's an accumulated accounting error from previous days that got lumped into the day and not a super-spreading event >.<
  6. Sir Cyr's brother set up the family for a paint-along class online for Christmas. They got the thicker tube acrylics, a canvas, and sets of cheap brushes. I didn't feel like getting new stuff (or painting "big") so I followed along the whole time.... painting with my minis paint, on a 2x3in card (was made for watercolors, so a nicer paper, but tiny). I didn't perfectly color match - with that sort of thing you don't need to. A "dark blue" is sufficient without worrying about if it is Ultramarine or Navy or Ocean blue. Just get "dark blue" of some kind and call it good. I couldn't do techniques that required thick paint as much, but I could follow along just fine overall. Was entertaining and my tiny product turned out well. Did use some of my lesser brushes for methods that were brush-abusive; you may want an assortment of junk synthetics. The guy leading the class on Zoom was kinda surprised when it was "everyone show your work" time and I went "tada, it is tiny".
  7. Same in Vancouver. When we were in Colorado, we were in a house. Had space for Stuff. Here? It took some work to clear a closet to have a stash of winter squash, flour, pasta.... etc for minor pandemic prep (hey, even if grocery stores are stable now, if anyone gets sick and needs to isolate, we need food for a while). Say what?! That stinks a lot. Why? :(
  8. ... the lead villain in my on-going campaign exists because I accidentally painted a necromancer who looked like the former FLOTUS. May have ended up with a necromancer villain anyway, but now she's named Melody and she's very vain. Apologies if that got beekeeperish. But the face of the figure looked just like the other Mel....
  9. Any word on the gumminess/brittle discrepancy that my Krampus had? And legs so brittle he broke in a perfect condition blister? Hopefully that's a rare flaw, but the gummy horns were unworkable even with a sharp Xacto. Gotta nip that sort of error so it isn't widespread.
  10. Vancouver lost its mind over the weekend because there was snow. I practiced biking in it, because someday I might get stuck in it on accident and didn't want to be unprepared. Verdict? Slip like it is a car regarding types of snow (fluff, packed, slush, slush + ice), stay on like it is a bucking horse going side-to-side, and as always, go slow and steady. Brake early and gently.
  11. Seems like Pfizer is finally sending Canada more doses, so that's good. The USA may be a hot mess on organizing distribution, but at least 10% of the population has gotten their first dose. Canada is at 2% or less right now. Hoping it will accelerate well, with better organization. Everyone is in Vaccine Foreplay: Stop teasing, and put it in me!
  12. @TGP - it is true that on P&P you're supposed to vote if you like something as a note of "how much do you like it". He doesn't really take it that way. So "gifting him with a vote" isn't really the way it is perceived. I tend to vote honestly and a bit sporadically - some weeks I check it out regularly, sometimes I don't. I go through the gallery and see what I think, vote on those thoughts. His wasn't anything different - and I don't think I should change my habit really. If he is bothered by me playing by the rules, that's evidence against him, not me. A bookmark list/log of negatives isn't a bad idea if I want to track it better. However, it does appear that there is not a way to delete your comments on P&P. You can only edit or delete your own entry - like the entire set of photographs and pull a project. Written stuff? Not so much. Not necessarily a good thing on website design, but it would be kinda funny if the buttwipe tries to back-paddle and can't.
  13. Ignoring won't do anything, nor will it help others who he hassles. I think I continue what I'm doing regardless of his thoughts on it, but not go through all his pieces and hit a vote. You are all free to do so if you wish to bait him. There is no official Report button on the site. Usually it is pretty tame. Folks post pictures, and comments tend to be pleasant. Sometimes a person asks for critique and people may offer some. He's the only distinct offender I've encountered. I hope he gets crushed somehow. And that he never knows the caress of another human. Because he's icky.
  14. Yeah, at this point I'm just going to try to be honest as I've been and vote properly. Will call him out if he tries to hassle others, as before. If he comes to my posts, I'll just do as I do - be annoyingly honest. That isn't seeking him out though. The platform got a lot more traffic when the pandemic hit as people were locked inside painting - kinda wonder if that's when the trolls arrived.
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