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  1. Owl rider? Cool. Robo-lady with a cloud? Cool. Lady riding a giant cat? Great concept, but she's hitting the "Bad Spiderwoman Pose" level of dumb. You don't ride down hill like that. So dumb.
  2. Oooh Judith is tempting! A woman casually holding the cranium of a beheaded man? Delightful!
  3. The best "meat" balls I've ever made were with the beyond grounds. Pretty much a standard meatball recipe, but I had to saute the balls to crust them up before dropping them into sauce to simmer. They got Gramma approval too! As for the burgers, I kinda figure that if you are dressing it up with a bunch of sauce and fixings anyway, the fake stuff is as good or better than a standard or low quality beef (like most fast food chain stuff). And for good cuts of beef, all those sauces and fixings are hiding the goodness - better off without them if you are going for fancy stuff. The fake stuff definitely is not as good as a good cut of meat, but it is suitable for plenty of purposes. Also very brand dependent - there are some which are ick, and some which are good, and some which are good-but-different-food. I've found a few I like, for different reasons. Veggie munchers will never convince omnivores to go more plant heavy just by touting the virtues - gotta offer good flavor and make the food a favorable choice. Tofurkey was the worst thing to happen to marketing plant based diets! It smells SO BAD. It is SO BAD. Just... ugh. A bit like really dense snot. Why?! Now that's in the collective memory of fake meats, and it is disgusting. @Thoramel's egg dish looks tasty! I should make something of that sort so I have batch breakfast easy and ready to go. I'm bad about having breakfast, which isn't so great when trying to put on a few pounds >.< Eggs are very good for the task; high nutrients and protein. Kinda the perfect food.
  4. At least for myself, the fake meats are pretty good. They're about on-par with meats tbh. And now they have enough iron to match beef, so I'm less likely to go anemic! I struggle to get enough calories, and don't have problems with salts. So having some extra fats is a good thing in my case! But mushrooms would be quite tasty too for sure 🙂 I like mushrooms in these sorts of dishes.
  5. That lasagna could easily go veg for me using the Beyond Meat grounds! Looks like a good recipe, thank you!! I've discovered how to have a good veggie broth substitute for chicken broth: saute an onion in olive oil with a LOT of turmeric, then add your veggie broth (lighter veggie mixes, less mushroom based). Gramma didn't like the idea of matzo ball soup with veggie broth instead of chicken, but tried it, and was very happy! You get enough savory and umami with the turmeric, and it tricks the senses into seeing the yellowy fats associated with chicken broth - the olive oil goes very yellow. On a premise of "if the recipe is just as good without meat, may as well ditch the meat" it is a good option 🙂 Obviously some recipes you can't, but noodle and dumpling soups with a broth can in this case.
  6. This is a ridiculously large set of figures to be producing. They do nice work - if it is the group I'm thinking of, I have some from a previous KS and I like them a lot. But wowza, lots of choices here. Logistics may become more complicated.
  7. You could also try some Discord and FB groups that coordinate raids. The PokeGenie app can get you some random people grouped - sometimes hit or miss on there, but more successes than failures usually.
  8. Thanks folks! I went to Hawaii for birthday/conference and.... got non-covid sick >.< OH YAY.
  9. I'm still on PoGo too. 4554 2727 8153. Username Anyankha.
  10. Checking rarely.... but yes. I need this jacket. 😄
  11. The eyelashes kinda creep me out tbh
  12. How does big grumpy snake lady have curlers in? Does she have hair?
  13. They funded all the way through the mug in the end, although mug will be an add-on in the PM it seems (they got to it with less than an hour to spare).
  14. Quadrivaxxed is a great dragon name. I think a silver dragon who has a specific interest in keeping his favorite village safe against intrusions by vile chromatic dragons. I'm not yet in a group recommended for another stabbin'. Curious if there will be a reformulation by the time I am. Congratulations on your continued high fortitude saves against disease 🙂
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