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  1. The vampires that broadened were also the vampires that had largely stopped feeding on humans. Years of pigs blood goes straight to the gut.
  2. 1) To sell the effect, there must be some contrast regarding the surface the light is on. A figure painted to look like it is already in sunlight, like you typically paint, won't do well with much OSL because there isn't much to light up. Think of shining a flashlight on someone in the sun - not much point to it. 2) Plan for OSL from the beginning. Let the "source" guide where you put highlights and shadows. Always keep that in mind as you go. 3) The "source" should be the brightest part of the figure. 4) The intensity of light diminishes further away from the source. If you just have a blast of the lighting color in a sphere around it, it is going to look sloppy and weird. 5) The path of light can be blocked by other surfaces. Imagine a straight line from the source to the place you are painting. Did the line get there uninterrupted? If yes, then it gets illuminated, according to distance from the source. If not, it is in shadow. You can sortof break this sometimes for "rule of cool" but not in any major way. More like "that one wrinkle could use just a tiny highlight" can be okay. I really like painting OSL, but it takes time to do it and planning. Once you get into it, then your overall painting skill goes up. It is really about imagining new light placement. After that it can fall into place pretty well.
  3. Hey @Baugi! I'm also in the Vancouver area. I haven't found Reaper paints. I think best bet is ordering direct from Reaper when you have enough items on the Want list to hit the free shipping mark. At least it isn't too likely to freeze here and ruin our paints. Also check out the Vancouver Miniature Painters on FB. We also have a Discord channel and have been doing approximately quarterly group-paints of the same piece to compare. We order bulk stuff together to save on shipping.
  4. If they knocked it down ~30% I'd perhaps go for one 54mm or the antler-man bust, but not like this. Quite a shame, because antler-man fits what I think has been lacking in male figures lately - handsome fantasy blokes who aren't thick barbarians. He's an elegant male. Usually we see more elegant females (which I like), and I want equality - fancy fellows are great!
  5. These are super gorgeous, but the cost is high for 54mm scale in a KS. I wish them well - I really like their art.
  6. I had issues with S75 ink at one point. I used the Inktensity Wood in a mix of other paints. I airbrushed it on, and let it sit for days after. Then I went and did some basic painting over, and drybrushing. No issues. Then I used Reaper Brush-on Sealer (and was brushed on), and the yellowy wood color reactivated and came right to the surface through all the other layers. It was really weird. I did use a daler rowney (whatever artist brand that is) white ink for a zenithal highlight recently, and remembering the reactivation issue, I airbrushed a varnish on top of the ink. I did not have issues like that. So I'd say airbrush varnish over inks, then go as normal. Don't slather varnish.
  7. Just sitting on one is very easy; kneeling on a yoga ball is hard.
  8. Kinda odd idea - but what do the physiotherapists say about yoga balls to sit on? Sitting on those encourages good posture, and gently uses core muscles. Perhaps not soon after injury, but later? I know some folks use them for office work.
  9. Does no one practice evil while wearing hot pink? Lame.
  10. Sir Cyr and I finished The Good Place. I was satisfied, although he wanted more elaboration on philosophical alternatives.
  11. ^^yeah.... they're pretty, but WOW are they a pain in the butt! Thanks Dad for setting me up with those, but I am so glad I found acrylic mini paint later! Most proud of? I can see "I learned THIS" on most of my figures and mark improvement as I go. Some are bigger improvements than others, but the improvements stick from one to the next. I would tell myself "paint more often, and don't take breaks from it".
  12. I had a 0.3mm mechanical pencil that lasted me years. Retractable so it wouldn't get the tip damaged. But then I twitched badly at a D&D game last year and flung it point into the ground and bent it. And it had lasted YEARS!! Now I need to get myself a new one :(
  13. Seriously. 2mm and the city goes nuts. It is the accompanying ice that's really the problem. There are hills here, and the buses don't have tires that can deal with hill + ice. It is SCARY being on a bus that is finding its way down a hill when it is icy and they don't have the tires for it. On the other side... they can't get up the hill at all. Sir Cyr got stuck Downtown because of it once, and ended up walking home (~3miles). Then there are the stupid expensive fancy cars that are made for highways, not weather of any kind. It isn't a good combo. Mostly because people driving said cars have no sense about how to drive on a smidge of ice.
  14. Could you have it packed and ready to go, then FedEx it to yourself right before you leave? It might arrive at your new doorstep roughly the same time you do! A FedEx place may be able to hold for a few days for a fee if needed.
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