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  1. Snuggle harder and steal all of the partner's radiated warmness.
  2. Vallejo also makes good metallic paint. I love Reaper paint, but their metallics are pretty poor. Or at least the ones I have are, and I only have older SKUs of their metallics. I tend to stick to standard Reaper paint now. Don't use metallics much fortunately so it isn't much of an issue.
  3. Bamboo fiber is also an option for toilet paper, but not all rolls are created equal. Some are fine. Some are quite abrasive. And the option isn't always available, or if it is, the cost is higher (annoying because bamboo grows stupid fast).
  4. Try using the Beyond Burger "meat" in meatballs with a recipe that uses a bunch of additive stuff like onions and egg. Honestly, for any ground beef sort of thing where you aren't showcasing the beef, it is just as good if not better. And basic grounds or low quality meat.... it isn't that interesting. A nice cut of beef will be better than the fake stuff certainly, but most of the time, that's not what is used anyway, and you fling condiments on after. I tested the not-meat balls on my D&D boys (one is full vegetarian, I'm now pretty much pescatarian, and others are omnivores - one is on a farm that slaughters their own meat). The farm boy was the one who went "damn these are good". No good substitute for steak type things right now unfortunately. Grounds? Yes. Solids? Nope. Also just tried fake chicken strips - frozen stuff in bags to fling in the oven. Yes, home made real chicken strips are better. These are just as good as real chicken junk to fling from freezer into oven though. Sometimes you just need a breaded protein lump of Good Enough consistency with seasoning and ketchup. Tofurkey is still gross. Other brands of fake burgers and bratwurst can be really tasty, but they are less "meaty" than the Beyond fake stuff. They fit the need of "bun, protein, condiments" for a grill extremely well, and are delicious, but won't satisfy someone dedicated to Meat. The fake cheese.... yeah that isn't so good yet. The mushy ones are a nice cracker dip or spread, but are not cheesy. The slices are just.... wrong. Also finding that most places simply don't know how to cook good veggies, and meats are good with less seasoning. Been interesting relearning how to cook. Added bonus for me: veggie dishes don't spoil as fast in the fridge. I eat slowly, so having a big batch of cooked food not spoil is pretty important. Stuff lasts 2 weeks in the fridge that would spoil in ~4 days if it had meats in it.
  5. Burger: "The Very Good Butcher" fake meat burger (they're local, have good nutrition, and are damn tasty) cooked with a little coconut oil, on flat whole wheat/multigrain bun, with ketchup and hot sauce, sliced avocado, and a slice of cheese or mushed on goat cheese. Beyond Burgers also a good option, but pricier per patty. .... Yes, I realize I super Millenialled myself. Whatever, it is delicious, nutritious, and isn't an environment killer. (I am still cool with meat being a thing - just have taken the approach of "have it sparingly and reverently, instead of regularly", personally).
  6. These are all super cool and outstandingly well sculpted, but I don't find myself craving any of them too much. Do like the sewer golem but wouldn't paint it, I suspect. Isn't quite tickling the theater of the mind (which face it, is where most of my minis are painted).
  7. I am bummed. Just was able to start personal training sessions again, because my trainer is willing to stay outside and do sessions on a playground with me instead of indoors. But the smoke is so bad that that's hazardous, especially since I have to bike up a big hill to get there. Still not going into an indoor gym though. And I feel bad for my trainer, since he's lost income due to less people training in the first place. I can exercise in rain, but not smoke :(
  8. Finished Cursed. Pleasing but old style premise. Rather liked the casting for Arthur and Morgana. Nimue was... dry. It had clunky writing and boring direction. Could have been a lot better than it was, and that made me sad.
  9. Heyo - are the West Coasters here doing okay? I'm locking myself in my box in Vancouver and not doing my usual Saturday night bike ride due to the smoke. My mom is sandwiched between two fires in Oregon (not yet in an evacuation warning area, but the air is crazy thick for her). Even locked inside, without a well sealed apartment, I'm feeling the smoke on my lungs. My air purifier can only do so much.
  10. Happy to try it at some point. But this is easy to get and I have it. Soooo.... no need to get more of a new thing if the old one isn't broken right now. It isn't like a new color of paint :P
  11. I use Vallejo airbrush primer and don't have issues with it. Only comes off if I'm really rubbing it like mad after it is set. You should give it some setting time though, as with most primers. You do need a clean miniature. Metal or plastic, I slosh mine around in soapy water and rinse it. If it seems like it has gunk I'll pull out the toothbrush too. If you've handled the figure a lot, finger grease will also interfere with adhesion.
  12. Good idea. I should throw an evil plant at my boys in D&D, just to throw them off a bit.
  13. My orchids have been blooming. My spider plant, Steve Harrington, is making many more Steves. This is the tiny spider plant I stole from our lab at the beginning of lockdowns - he's becoming a monster. My 20.5km bike loop has now been done in 52mins! It was an hour and a half at the start of the mess.
  14. The Reaper Triads are a great starting point to shading an area, but are by no mean the end (at least if you want more than basic tabletop stuff). The Golden Skin triad is one of the better triads; it has a nice range to it (the Tanned Skin - may as well just get the midtone, the others are too similar). You can go shadow, then highlight up. Can go midtone, then shadow, then highlight. Can add in washes if you want - all options. I do not personally use washes on skin tones, although things like Flesh Shade I'd use as a glaze for blush. For most of the triads, I would recommend adding at least one or two darker colors on the shadow end, and one or two highlight colors on the bright end. With skin I would also add some pinks/purples/oranges (depending on what you are going for) to make it more lively. There is no rule that you have to use any one group of paint. Mix and match to see what you like. I did 1st Nations skin tones on Captain Canada recently with a walnut brown (s75), golden highlight (reaper), malefic flesh (vallejo), tan flesh (pro acryl), and orange leather (s75). A Caucasian skin one recently was tan flesh and shadow flesh (pro acryl), golden highlight and bruised purple (reaper), malefic flesh and pale flesh (vallejo), and magenta (kimera). Triads are a stepping stone to start with. Expand on them and have fun :)
  15. Perhaps a mermaid RCon one. Or any pleasing RCon sticker for the paint cart. My lamps, travel cases, and the cart get stickered up, if the sticker fits. The big Reaper sticker I got in an order a while back is actually too big for most things. 1-2 inch sizes are ideal.
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