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  1. paintRack app also does comparisons
  2. Cyradis

    Ian Miller’s Grim Tarock (Tarot Deck) on kickstarter

    Looks like the perfect tarot deck for only ever "seeing" bad news! Pretty art but on the creepy side.
  3. Cyradis

    Blood Colors Triad

    If you use them for blood, it will end up looking mostly like a crusty scab. That said, Brick Red and Deep Red are some of my favorite paints. I use them for skin tone shading a lot, and shading reds in general. Brick Red is a bit of a misnomer; it is closer to purple (still reddish, but not strongly).
  4. Sophie McSophface!
  5. Cyradis

    METAL Minis we would like to see

    Juliana, Herbalist - in metal. She's amazing in Bones. We need her in metal too! Spirit of Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall - males. Circle of the Zodiac (whole set) - males. I love painting women, and there are parts of mini-painting that are already male dominant. However, men should also be included in being beautiful spirits.
  6. Cyradis

    Fine detail brush thoughts

    I like my Rosemary & Co brushes, although they aren't holding up as well as my Raphaels or Winsor & Newton. My favorite brushes right now for small details are BrokenToad's; that said, BrokenToad runs small, and they wouldn't be my favorite if I was still painting in a desert, since they can't hold as much moisture. Raphael runs large. Their #1 is a little larger than a Rosemary #2, but it is pointier.... and softer. The softness of the 8404 is a little annoying sometimes, but other times is great (less good for eyes, great for blending). I'd also add Raphael 8402 series to the list. Slightly more springy than the 8404. I've used from a size 2 to a size 5/0 for eyes and faces; I think my favorite in general is a size 1 that runs small, or a size 0 of a normal pointy brush. I rarely use below a 0 in general.
  7. Cyradis

    Breast Cancer Pink

    Whatever you need a pink for? Your mileage may vary? It is a most basic pink; bubble gum, cutesie flowers, cotton candy... usual pink stuff. If you don't use pink much, then you won't need it much.
  8. Cyradis

    Breast Cancer Pink

    1 (maybe 2) - I gave the others away.
  9. I think Miniac is on Instagram. Not really use - I don't use Instagram. But I'd check his out in general, and his videos. Sergio Calvo if he's on there too. And Lan Studios. I have my page on Facebook which has infrequent updates based on when I can take pictures. Sometimes pretty minerals are also involved. See sig :)
  10. Honestly, most pre-made washes aren't. It is pretty easy to make your own wash in whatever color with just water, and if you want, some flow improver. I only have Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade for convenience.
  11. Oooh those are supposed to be eggs! I figured they were vegetables, haha. I painted them green because this lady has a strangely vivacious mint plant in front of her house (still green in winter).
  12. She's one of the handmaidens in Dark Sword's Game of Thrones line, pretty sure. I wish she had a braid instead of a ponytail, but close enough! The freehanding helps hide the imperfect blends (went fast by my standards) and this lady likes spiders :)
  13. I fell down the rabbit hole of translating D&D spells into Latin again. Gotta make a mini spellbook for the nemesis mage to drop when the group finally kills her. Heh. Also decided to paint up that healer who doesn't know she can heal. For 3 sessions, not too shabby. Will need to do proper picks later.
  14. My players are fine with rule bending as long as it is agreed upon. We have some that really like optimizing, but will bend for roleplaying. It'll be funny if they decide that these two are in fact allies. For a while they wanted to kill the illusion mage, although they're warming up to him now that they see he's kinda trapped in his job as a mobster and hates it. If they decide that these two are allies, then I hand over the character sheets for a while and go "this is what there is to work with".
  15. Some pieces like the zombie giant may still not be Bones Black. It seems like they're trying for as many as can work well in the new material, but not all of them are good candidates.