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  1. Vancouver proper didn't get hit by the floods, but wowza the Fraser needs some fixin'. The island is lovely. Both Sir Cyr and I like it there; shame it isn't more practical for us to live in an area like that. City Problems are City Problems - but having beach and mountains together is pretty sweet. Noise, cost... those I could do without. Ability to bike wherever I need to go in daily life, and have sushi across the street? Major perks.
  2. And gray skies.... usually still enough light to be of use to a solar panel even if we think it sucks! 😄 Vancouver has a ton of rain, more than Silicon Valley where I grew up. But y'know.... I rather like not having my home be at immediate risk of burning to the ground. Pretty much everywhere else I've lived has had that danger. Oakland hills have burned - northern CA suburbs are vulnerable. When I was in San Diego for 6 months, we had fires in suburbia. I was surrounded 3 sides by fire and 1 side by ocean. Colorado? So much fire. Burned my master's thesis adviser's house down in 2010. My dad's place in Sierras in CA? Well that Caldor fire gave him a scare. BC has fires in the interior, but the big city itself isn't going to burn. So I kinda am grateful for our gray skies. Until they flood the Fraser Valley, at least.
  3. I painted the evil cabbage and primed the dragons and the overgourd. So...... yeah. Some dragons got a red spray of the airbrush so that they were red at the table, but no real painting. My actual lizard sometimes plays The Dragon too anyway. Zevran the Bearded dragon is fueled by worms and crickets and bok choy instead of paint haha.
  4. Stylized 25mms would be nice for folks at the gaming table, for the sake of fitting on the 1in grid. But I use 32mm ones regularly anyway if they look better, and most of the time it isn't problematic. I usually do painting for shelf at least.
  5. Solar actually still works pretty well in regions where snow is a thing. More seasonal, but it isn't an automatic negation. Like it would be practical back in Colorado - tons of snow, but tons of sun too.
  6. Sprite is lemon-lime. If you don't want super sugary, and like lowered sugar, a flavored sparkling water + gatorade would be pretty good. Get the half-fizz, the flavor, and less sugar 🙂
  7. Honestly, kinda surprising Reaper hasn't caught on with this already. If they're twiddling their thumbs on "why didn't Chronoscope expansions sell?" and every time the answer is "because we all only want the different bits separate, and have no interest in the rest".... kinda a DUH sort of solution. People do want Chronoscope: in different packages. At least if you don't like a few figures in say... Dark Depths B5 expansion, you probably are still have use for generic Under the Sea theme figures, and can fling a useful lump of gray on the table that wasn't the favorite, and paint the ones you really wanted. Not really the same with Chronoscope. I am hoping to not go for as much on Bones 6 in general to be honest. The longer I'm in the hobby the more I'm moving away from tabletop type figures. Bones are awesome for tabletop, and for learning to paint. I like display painting more, and have tons of Bones for sharing as needed. I'd be interested a lot in Bones terrain material, however. Give me more easy to work with material to build on. Maybe I can be swayed by some good monsters, but eh, again, even if I like the sculpts, some just aren't calling to me stylistically anymore.
  8. I absolutely agree. Chronoscope is cool as a general line for Reaper to have. It makes for poor expansion boxes. Small themed sets would do much better. $10 for the cowboys, $10 for the steampunks, $10 for the aliens, $10 for the modern zombie apocalypse (hey it is different than the fantasy zombie apocalypse!), $10 for the science lab.... etc. They already do add-ons like this, such as the Beast folk, the Townsfolk, breaking the core set into add-on bits. This should fall in line with those.
  9. I've been using https://outworldindata.org/covid-deaths. Get nice graphs. Subject to discrepancies depending on how countries report data, but a darn good compilation of data nonetheless. I guess the UK actually is up, but starting to stabilize. Germany is down. But Canada is up. US creeping up (never really got out of Delta deaths, so there is more overlap), France is up. The death rate is not as explosive as for other waves, nor is the hospitalization rate/infection, at least by comparison, thank friggin' goodness. Still a LOT of infections, so a lot are going to the hospital just by sheer number. The rate of incidental hospitalizations is harder to measure but is apparently pretty high too. Asymptomatic for covid issues, but someone goes in for something like appendicitis or getting their tonsils removed or broken bones or "whoops how'd that get stuffed in an orifice" .... then tests positive in screening. They have to go to a covid ward to prevent cross-infecting other patients, putting more burden on system even if it isn't directly needing covid treatment.
  10. Not sure where you saw that the death rate is flat. Pretty much everywhere except for the UK (unknown reason) has an increase in deaths correlating to omicron. Less deaths/infections, but so many infections mean more deaths. A friend in CO's toddler tested positive for plague (they test him regularly just in general). No symptoms. His wife, the mother also tested positives (very mild symptoms). Despite toddler sneezing in friend's mouth, and sleeping with his wife.... he's consistently tested negative. Fortitude saves like a champ.
  11. I wish them great success in recycling. I'm on the Li-exploration side as of recently (the rock I did field work for in September is a high Li one, potentially economic in the future). Pretty much all material needs to get more recycling going on, or at least repurposing. Fortunately Li extraction from rocks like the ones I am working on is not really chemically damaging to an environment the way extracting a lot of other metals can be. It'll leave a hole in the ground that needs dealing with, but in the realm of things, that isn't so bad. Iron likes sulfur - sulfur likes to make acids in open air/water. Lithium likes silicates. Silicates don't like to react with air/water. Once the Li is in a battery - different thing and I am less sure there. But if the Li can go back into new batteries, excellent! 🙂
  12. Ability to recycle items once they're made into things is unfortunately limited. Recycling is a great concept but it has been unfortunately over-hyped compared to the current functionality of it. That may improve in the future; I certainly hope it does. For now though it is extremely limited. Car batteries do have some concern since the materials are tough to recycle or dispose of, but the human track record is better on cleaning up pollution (that we created - see LA and Denver 1970 vs now) than it is on minimizing fossil fuels.... so for the sake of minimizing fossil fuels, I still very much want more electric cars. Proper waste management is a distinct problem in need of solving nonetheless. Pay the recycling specialist researchers and engineers more to figure it out >.>
  13. That seems like downright robbery. You get solar for all the green energy goodness, contribute to their energy grid... and they can charge you MORE? What the fudge?!
  14. Sir Cyr's aunt, great-aunt (like 90+ yrs old), and uncle got plague... but almost didn't notice. They're all fully vaccinated and boosted. The uncle flew back home, left aunt and great-aunt together. Then aunt and great-aunt both have mildly scratchy throats, that's it. They didn't have access to a test, but the uncle did - and he has no symptoms at all. He tested positive. Assumption is they all have it, but are so mild that it isn't a bother. Thank goodness that Sir Cyr's great-aunt is well protected and the boost is doing its job. One of my family members also got plague, and they're dealing with a runny nose and headache, but otherwise fine. More grumpy than anything else. Also a little disturbing for me: If I catch it, I definitely won't notice if a scratchy throat is the only symptom. I'm like that half the time anyway, and my poor eating and sleeping habits (not enough of either) mean I have regular lethargy and mild headaches on a daily basis. Am I typhoid-Cyr, or am I fine, or am I sick and next day will be worse? Last thing I want is to pass what is easy for me to someone who it wouldn't be easy for 😕
  15. My mom and I have both accidentally melted multiple tea kettles onto stoves accidentally. The enamel shell is what melts. Bad idea to put the kettle on without the whistle, then go into another room and put headphones on. We have since switched to electric kettles. The longest I have gone in one is 6hrs at a time for a flight and it wasn't great, but neither myself or my partner were bruised or chaffed. Once it is in place it is sealed and really doesn't rub at all. I'm using the style ones with the horizontal strip across the front, and a nose and chin piece fold into that. Headstraps around the back. After long wear I have some dents, kinda like how wrinkles in the bedsheets leave a mark after you get up in the morning. They're the Vitacore CAN99 type - N95/N99 equivalent and tested by Canadian medical labs. I'd assume US has something similar. I'd suggest looking at some different style N95s or KN95s to see what fits you better. These ones work for me. Most of the round bubble ones found at hardware stores don't fit me at all and they are both uncomfortable and seal poorly. The ones that fold vertically don't seal as well on top of nose or at base of chin for me and they are easily bonked out of place - had one bonk me with the kinda sharp edge in my eyes. No more of those. The horizontal band ones seal amazingly well and haven't been painful.
  16. That sounds like a legit flavor combo. I don't think that is due to impairment.
  17. Although my cloth masks are now more of fashion covers to my N95s, or are for outdoor stuff with lower risk, they have let me wear more Mom-Made-Stuff than I had in the last 20 years! She's made a ton of pretty ones for me. Bonuses: Hides acne. Hides frowns. Less plague. Less other icky illness - they seem to stop the flu like champs. Fashion accessory to display various nerddom. Downsides: More acne. Hides smiles. Smell my own garlic breath. Overall: Positive!
  18. My lizard slept in his box for the last two days. This morning he peeked his nose at the entrance so I lured him out with worms. HAH. A little bit of time being awake! He has now also had salad and some crickets. Will see if he spends some time out of box, or if he's going to swiftly NOPE the rest of today too. He might.
  19. Can I have some of that iron? I'm not anemic but I have generally low iron. I seriously pop iron supplements more than candy (1-2/day). New donation habit certainly isn't helping, but I'm not going to stop until a doctor tells me I shouldn't.
  20. BC's modeling is indicating we likely just got over the peak of transmission, but peak in the hospitals is yet to come. Even if the testing got overwhelmed, the sewage monitoring changed and that's a good community level indicator. My post-booster hangover subsided. Not as bad of side effects as I thought; just a mild headache and day-of-derps, and was pretty tired. Now my armpit is puffy but that's okay. Happened last time too. My cousins are no longer sick. Gramma is in isolation, but tested negative - her unvaxed hair-dresser got sick and exposed her and others at the retirement home. Been a few days so it is almost certainly a true negative for Gramma, thank goodness. **grumbles and curses at the hair-dresser**.
  21. Those look like nice useful bases. Cool if they fit into a lil' black disk like the Micro Art Studios ones do, but also cool if they stand on their own.
  22. Also the mad cow outbreak in the UK ~30ish years ago. All sorts of regional diseases, and I don't think they test the blood for everything. They test for a lot of more common diseases but not all.
  23. Yeah, the travel one is pretty intense regarding time spent in various countries. The other changes, for both the US and Canada, are taking quite a while. Crummy qualifications doesn't stop the need for the red juice though, so boycotting when I now can (as long as I keep my weight high enough, which is tough for me) is not ideal. They really gotta allow more people to donate though. Plenty of people with safe personal habits around who'd donate if they could.
  24. Huh. They don't draw dots for it here. Wasn't getting bruising, just a little scab that fell off after a day, and a lingering tiny scar. They warned of a possible bruise but that didn't happen for me. I'd be glad to donate to science too, but there is a severe shortage of blood for hospitals right now (less than a day's supply), so people in need take priority. The good vampires aren't willing to take extra to send to the research labs. I'd offer but... only so much I can do.
  25. If people could stop getting sick that would be great 😞
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