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  1. I wish sirens were already out. I intend to have a siren encounter at some point in the upcoming future. I need to make sure that our ranger bangs a walrus. He's the only one who has been interested in getting lucky. Obvious target to mess with - sirens lure him to the walrus ladies... the walruses get funky.
  2. Cyradis

    Mixing Inks with Acrylic Paints?

    I'd recommend trying it if you're interested. Vallejo inks are pretty prevalent in US game stores with the other minis paints. Can snag a few colors to see what you think. This is to say - I support experimenting and learning as you go.
  3. I would like an opaque one so that it looks better unpainted in a swimming pool. If I get a boat, I'm going to figure out how to mod it so it can float. I want my pool & margaritas D&D session!
  4. I just don't like how prepainted ones look. I have far too few painted due to time/energy constraints. But I slap unpainted on the table gladly. Prepainted seems cheesy to me. Unpainted leaves more freedom for imagination, I think.
  5. This all depends on the shape of those darn crystals, not the color! But yeah. Make them clear if they're going to be translucent material. Think they'd sell more, since then it could be whatever a person is looking for?
  6. Clear does indeed gives tons more options. And PFFT. Prepaints are for chumps! Unpainted or me/party/friend-painted!
  7. @Chaoswolf is evil, of course. HE STOLE THE RUM. I'm realizing that the illusionist that I rolled up has almost nothing for damage; he's just about all tricks. I think Melf's Acid Arrow is his only standard damage spell. He has some that do wisdom and strength damage due to messing with the subject's head. And he has various debuffs and distractions. Damage? Melf's. Phantasmal Killer and Nightmare are the closest he gets to really scary. Shadow Conjuration & Evocation are mimicry spells, weaker than usual, but potentially fun. Or he can summon a shadow quarterstaff, make someone imagine they're falling so they hug the floor for dear life, and then he can whack them with a shadow. But lame whacks, because he's a wizard. Hah. Yep - he's there for the lawls.
  8. I'll be honest, I'm just not into the translucent figures. I get it for some, and it is nice for tabletop ethereal stuff when I'm lazy.... but I don't really enjoy painting them. Yeah, I can prime over it and they'll be opaque, but there is something about them that automatically makes me go "meh" in general. A good figure is still a good figure, but if I had a vote on opaque vs transparent, I'd say opaque every time.
  9. Cyradis

    Mixing Inks with Acrylic Paints?

    I've had some issues with ink reactivating - or at least I think that's what the problem was. It didn't reactivate with everything, but the Reaper Brush-On Sealer yanked S75 yellow ink right out of the work and to the top. It was bizarre.
  10. It is tomorrow for you, but I'm still on Thursday :P
  11. Pfft. His familiar is a small black viper that sleeps in his pockets. Okay, I definitely made this character deliberately to trigger the "he's a bad guy" vibes, then switch it up on everyone later, haha
  12. Cyradis

    Mixing Inks with Acrylic Paints?

    The Clears from Reaper behave more like paint; they're vivid, kinda translucent, and feel like paint. Also good for changing a hue in a known way. The inks are more flowy on their own.
  13. Cyradis

    Mixing Inks with Acrylic Paints?

    Yes, you can mix a yellow ink in a red paint. It will shift the overall effect towards orange, depending on strength of the red. The benefit of inks to me is that they're brightly colored but transparent. It makes them really good to add to glazes.
  14. I mean, the guy's illusion is that he's in a black suit... but he's really in purple pajamas. Illusions are great for wizards who want both style and comfort
  15. One of these days all my players will show up with chin scruff shaved into goatees just so they can make devious faces and rub their chins to taunt me. Twirling my ponytails just doesn't have the same effect! Also: see Ironman and Dr. Strange. Good goatees!! Okay, still broccoliholes, but good guys!
  16. Yay good ideas and wisdom! Yes, they do have that descriptor. And they'll know that the spell is harmless, although I probably don't have to tell them what flavor of harmless at first. They can try to figure out what spell after it is completed. Yep! They already know one rumor: twenty five years ago or so, she was one of the best "kitties" working the streets. She somehow didn't have problems with bad guys. What they don't know is the rest of it... yet. They'll get rumors about her being rather kind, that she's a skilled weaver, and to not cause her any trouble. People like having her around. She became a weaver years ago, and has been the partner of one of the crime lord's lackies for a while - an illusionist who would rather just cheat at cards and provide entertainment than hurt people. She's been a close follower to fate since their kid went missing (years ago). Indeed. That did occur to me. I was thinking of just popping off a few spells instead of unloading, and having them be a bit more subtle. Despite being a healer, the only "cure" spell she has is Cure Light Wounds, which I think I can write off as her having just a good Heal skill. I don't think I need to hit the group with any Cure either; I need to un-debuff them. The other spells she has are things like regeneration, un-debuffing, or stuff that buffs an ally to let them heal themselves, and divinations - which she only has really used in private, and just thought they were prayers, and the responses were thoughts in her head worth listening to. The "why is she 10th level" might be okay as "because the gods <me> decided to bless her with those talents". Spontaneous casters don't need to study anyway. She's a former whore who is the only person a half-decent criminal illusionist trusts, and he needs her verification on the group to send them on a mission to fool an archmage. If they succeed, the slums may be less slummy. Still an area with lots of crime, but happy crime like safe-'hos, gambling houses that might cheat a bit but won't break people, and fighting matches with more active healers and less accidental deaths. The illusionist likes her because she saw through his tricks, and thought it was funny that while he maintains an illusion of being fancy, he walks around in his pajamas everywhere. She likes him because he is humorous, and cares for her, and would rather improve the slums if he had the option to. He sometimes makes illusion-shows, movies if she decides to fail a will save. But right now the group thinks the illusionist is a bad guy. They 1) don't know he's an illusionist yet. 2) think he's evil because he has a goatee. SERIOUSLY. That's their reasoning. Only the dog has a hunch that he's not all bad (he has done some bad thing... but not all awful). A street mutt told the dog-cleric that the person feeds him scraps sometimes and doesn't kick, like some of the others do. I was more thinking that she doesn't have the tell-tale glow of healing magic that is usually described, and she rarely "heals". She wouldn't be dealing with gaping wounds in general either; she'd be dealing with folks who have deep bruises under their shirt, or various sorrows and need someone to hug. Hoping that first encounter with her won't actually take too long. Short discussion, let her talk to the party a bit, and send them away with her blessing. "She has a good feeling about their goals, but they really should be more honest". They can return if they pick up more hints of things, perhaps.
  17. Once the group figures out that she's healing them, and might be useful to talk to, it should ease up. However, I think I'll ask them to make will saves and sense motive checks at first when she tries to touch their hand at the table, over a mug of thin tea. Heals can have will saves - and the group won't know what she's doing, because she's new, and she doesn't know what she's doing. But if they realize she's benign, then they might also be allowed to determine that she doesn't know she's a healer. If they're smart they'll ask her to do "that spell" again. Then she can be confused. "What spell? Dear, that's just the tea. It makes everyone feel better".
  18. How plausible is this NPC that I have? Modified a little bit from official rules, but... I think fun. ~50 year old weaver. She's in the slums, but well regarded there. She's kind, and people like to visit her. She has no idea that she's a 10th level favored soul (spontaneous casting divine magic user). She's blessed by fate, despite her situation in the slums. Instead of getting wings later on, I'm giving her a spider as a familiar - she's a weaver, after all. They don't usually get familiars, but I think she needs one. Just a strangely long lived bug that she talks to, and who sometimes talks back. They're friends. The catch is that she has no idea that she's healing people. She just thinks she gets messages from the gods due to prayer, and she's just a comforting person. Her spell selections are all divination spells that can determine if an action will be good or bad, or if someone is well or not, and healing or protection spells that veer away from cures but into being well rested, or curing diseases and afflictions - things that aren't gaping wounds. Scars mend when she touches a person. Her favored soul energy resistance (fire and cold)? Pssh. That's just her being tough, and resilient against bad weather. Hard to make her too hot or too cold. Goal is to give the party someone to meet who is kinda creepy but 100% benevolent and will help them as she thinks she can. Won't unload heals on them because she doesn't know how (at least not on purpose), but she'll give them lots of encouragement and some of their debuffs will mysteriously fade.
  19. I bet a certain feline avatared person may want one.
  20. Cyradis

    Dragon Frog

    Sir Cyr would have loved this but we saw it just after it closed. Oh well.
  21. I prefer having the cerberus with little fur. Fur makes trimming mold lines a pain in the butt. I can free-hand stipple/stripe fur in if I really want.
  22. I think tubes for the thicker paint seems like a good idea. Less prone to clogging, and you can gently squeeze tiny bits out.
  23. ^^as a DM, I support this attitude. I agree with "rule of cool" as the most important factor in any mini.
  24. The cave spider looked fine on the base, but not being detachable made the bottom unpaintable. So I snipped it.