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  1. On 8/2/2020 at 8:50 PM, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    Confirmed: @Cyradis is a dragon.





    On 8/2/2020 at 9:51 PM, SparrowMarie said:

    I think I'm going to dye my hair soon. Well, as soon as I have an extra ~$100. Which might be a while. I'm going to go teal and then maybe a dark blue underneath. Haven't totally decided. 


    I am very sleep deprived currently so this may sound like a bad idea in the morning. 

    Caution: blues and teals do not stay vivid for long, even with bleach first. They also don't fully fade out like blacks and purples.


    My hair went teal to be a mermaid for D&D right before plague hit. Good thing I liked it - been updating it instead of letting it go like I'd initially planned. I think I'll keep teal/blueing it until plague is controlled. 


    Also: keratin oil conditioner is amazing and even after a round of bleaching, no split ends after like 3 months since I gave myself a trim. I usually get split ends 2 weeks after a trim, no bleach. Friend was right. Conditioner with keratin oil is amazing. 

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  2. Eh, I always hated being in a writing course and passing my essay to a classmate and then we edit each other. I am a decent but not outstanding writer. And I'm honest - the goal was to edit, so I brought out the red pen and let it go. Then I'd get comments back on my essay and have almost nothing. Either the classmate was too timid to red pen me, or didn't see errors (and there totally were errors). So I felt like that elfhole who was mean, while getting no feedback myself.


    When I applied to the group I'm with now, they needed me to write a scholarship application in about 4 days. Not long of a deadline to work with. But Group Editor was there to help! So I wrote something up and sent it. She edited it. I got it back and she had actually red penned it. More than anyone else had. Talked to her and she said she tried to go gentle at first... I just told her to RED PEN ME HARDER and then we got going with super nitpicky red penning and editing.


    It is SO AWESOME to have an editor actually rip my work to shreds. People really should stop being upset about editing. Lots to learn from it and it makes a better final product.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Gadgetman! said:

    Seeing the general proficiency on most fanfiction sites... not surprised...   


    Another fun fact;

    Whenever anyone on Reddit writes 'English is not my primary language' you know that the post will be better than most.  



    My adviser and group manager are editors on a mineralogy journal. They get a lot of international submissions where English is not the author's first language. The editors say these ones are often easier to correct than the English as first language authors who are bad writers, because the authors who have English as a second language have very formulaic (thus understandable) errors. The native speakers have much more random and confusing errors. Not true 100% of the time, because at a certain point even formulaic errors are too far off to know the meaning of a phrase properly, but usually that's not the case.


    In grading papers I see that too. Sometimes the grammar and word choice is such that it is word salad. Often it is just a certain set of errors that aren't severe enough to impact meaning of the phrase.

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  4. Watched The Man in the High Castle.

    Definitely don't watch it if you want to feel good. The show is amazingly well done. But you can't really feel good about alternate history where Germany and Japan won WWII. Set in the 1960s. Minor sci-fi element to it. It punched me in my Jewiness really hard. Also weird seeing my university as a filming location, decked out/CGI'd to be Evil HQ.


    Yeah so... very good. Very relevant. And very painful. Watch out for Nazi-nightmares.

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  5. On 6/20/2020 at 1:42 AM, Cicciopiu said:

    You may paint directly on bones, without diluting paint, if the first coat do not cover, give it a second coat.

    But... IMHO it's way better if you prime them. Airbrush is the best for priming, but Reaper's liners seem to work pretty well if you wanna use your brush.
    Also there are a lot of brush on primers from Reaper, Army painters, Vallejo, etc.


    Can also airbrush the liners. I use Vallejo airbrush primer on Bones and it works great. Also mixed that primer with brown or blue liner for it - still works great.


    On 6/20/2020 at 2:40 PM, Serenity said:

    I don't have Dragon Blue, but I do have Wilderness Green.  I put some on a fresh mini I got from the Bones 1 KS (or pretty soon after that), so an original white Bones mini.  As a test, I did not wash the mini first.  I was able to get a nearly even coat on the first layer with undiluted paint.  On a cleaned mini, I would expect to do at least that well.


    If you're using undiluted paint on cleaned Bones plastic, it should apply well enough.  I'd try again on another mini to see if the problem is consistent.  If it is, you might want to report your issue to Reaper at [email protected]  There's always a chance the paint is not 100% for some reason.


    Some paints just adhere better than others, even within the Reaper line. And even thinning the paint via damp brush has messed up applying first layers to Bones figures, from my experience. The first layer needs to be thick if you aren't using primer, which is unfortunate.

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  6. 1 hour ago, pcktlnt said:

    It would be nice of they post this information outside of their streams. 


    4 minutes ago, Inarah said:


    Yeah.  Listening to last night's stream.... who knew that leftover swag bags from last year's con went up for sale on the website Wednesday?  Don't bother, already sold out.  Ed said they are cleaning out the warehouse and putting extremely limited quantities of stuff in the web store... figure cases, paints, older KS stock... and they will be doing this over the next couple of weeks as they find stuff. 




    Yeah... streaming is nice, but they need to make use of written stuff just as regularly.

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  7. While I dislike most GW paints, their washes are in fact quite good, and they're larger bottles.


    That said, I only have the black and the brown one. I mix all my other washes. I have one Reaper wash, and while I love most Reaper paints, their washes are less good.


    I'd say just get yourself a bottle of flow improver and keep mixing your own. Flow improver helps get the wash into the nooks and crannies better.

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  8. I don't, but my mother does. Her town also has a dedicated group for it. She brought a bunch of her painted rocks when she last visited me and hid them around here. Three rainbow rocks she painted sit on the cobblestones of our apartment building. They have her town group's hashtag on the back so people can look up the group, lol. Make sure to varnish them well for the sake of lasting outside :)

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  9. I am curious about it, but the goblin I just finished from Big Child Creatives was a pretty poor cast. Resin bubble+blob on the nose, big crack in the ankle, more mold slip than expected for cost, and packaged such that an ear broke off. Other Vancouver painters got good casts though. I suspect they're probably Usually Good, but need to do better quality assurance checks.

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  10. Learn to Paint Kit(s)


    Rosemary & Co Series 33 Size 0, 1, 2 (she's 13 and has interest, she can take care of good brushes by now).

    A junk brush for priming/drybrushing.

    Tub of Mastersons Brush Soap.

    Masterson's wet palette and some parchment paper.

    Brown/blue liner for priming Bones, and some brush-on primer of your preferred brand.

    A figure that you have and want to paint, so that if you both have it, you can video chat and paint it together.

    Triad of her favorite color of paint (in addition to LTPK stuff)


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    6 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

    Heck no, have you SEEN the value of the Canadian dollar??

    Now if it was in Euros or USD, that might be more enticing......


    But I'd consider paying $15k to just skip the rest of this year and wake up tomorrow morning and it be Jan 1st, 2021.....



    Even in USD, it is no where near enough. I barely make $30k CAD right now, which is worse... but like, still same order of magnitude. And $30k makes a big difference in quality of life, but still isn't easy to live off of.


    5 hours ago, Thoramel said:


    Nope, that's not nearly enough. Besides, I plan on dying at 103 in a hang gliding accident. Or something equally stupid for an old man to be doing. 


    I'm only kind of joking here. The men in my family all live in to their 90's and above and more than a few of them died while enjoying something they should have given up on decades before. Looking forward to it!


    You must have a pretty cool family.


    Anyway, I'm either....

    1) Living long enough for synthetic kidneys to replace my weary one, and then I'll live crazy long.

    2) Not living long enough for that, and having them poop out on me between 75-80.

    Or lastly

    3) Vaccine trial goes bad, I croak, and bring about the zombie apocalypse afterward. :zombie:

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