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  1. The brush-lickers say S75 tastes worse than Reaper.
  2. The new one is my style of undead (subtle) but I have a backlog so I am going to pass on it, despite liking it. Wish the Ignis art stuff wasn't limited runs though.
  3. I have been waiting for my pull-up bar to arrive since the first week of lock-down. By estimated shipping time range, it is almost 2 weeks late now. At least the order from Poland (Ignis arts busts for you too?) has had good communication regarding the troubles of shipping right now.
  4. Sir Cyr and I just watched Good Omens. We were highly amused. David Tennant 1) is made for roles like that, and 2) damn, he really can wear skinny jeans.
  5. Yep, same! Vancouver paint club is getting right on it :)
  6. ^^ this. It isn't just an "oof but worth it", just plain a nope.
  7. Really wish they weren't going with the KS Exclusives route for so many iconic scenes. If they don't want to commit to making them all the time, but demand is still there, seasonal temporary releases would be nicer
  8. Yeah... pots can do nonsense too. Old hexagonal pots splooted all over the rim. Had a GW pot drip out the back of the lid down the back of the pot when I opened it and had it sitting on the table during use. It was an awful mess. Not a pressure based thing, but still a pain in the rear.
  9. Ugh I want a set of weights and my pull up bar so badly right now. AHHH. I miss my training sessions. Yesterday we had the weather I was looking for. It was a pretty morning. Then around 7pm it rained hard for a short amount of time. Soggied up the beaches and the parks! The sky stayed partially overcast. It threatened to rain more... but it didn't. I biked before sundown, figuring I didn't mind if it was going to rain. The threat was enough to keep the impatient sunbathers away, so the beaches and parks had very few people out. Everyone was easily well spaced. But no more rain came to my path - I saw it raining on NorthVan across the bay, hah! The air was cool, the sky was mostly clear, and I was spaced out! Huzzah! Got to the top of the Big Hill and told Sir Cyr that he should get on his bike and join me up there because the view was super pretty. Okay.... it almost killed Sir Cyr to get up the hill. I puttered around campus, and saw that the good pizza place was open for take-out. So while he struggled up the hill, I got us a pizza. Nibbled it with him when he finally made it to the rose garden. Then to avoid hurting his legs more, we just went back down the hill. And we saw raccoons on the way back!
  10. The Vancouver Mini Painters group has a bunch of us that went in on STL files together. Some folks in group know a person who can do really good prints of them. Might be our next group project. We asked Bold Miniatures about use of one files purchase for the group and they were content with that as long as we aren't selling them. Huzzah!
  11. Was watching in general. It wasn't really afraid of me, but it was distinctly not interested either. Had a "I see you, let's not bother each other" attitude. Kept biking along the road, didn't see others.
  12. I have been getting faster biking up the big hill. Still haven't expanded the range further; sticking to the 20km/12.5mi loop for now. Last night I PASSED PEOPLE! Two going up the hill, and one on the flat. Hah! I also saw a coyote! I was on the shoulder of the road, and there was a car on the road so I couldn't really get off the shoulder. A coyote was also on the shoulder trotting opposite direction to me. I said hi and waved as I went by (~4-5ft away). It looked at me and kept trotting.
  13. The Vancouver Vaccine Evaluation Center emailed me back. They are getting the proper approvals for a phase 1 vaccine trial and will let me know when they're recruiting. I'm going to volunteer as a participant. I have one healthy body to offer; might be Con 8, but I'm the healthiest I've ever been and don't actually have any underlying medical conditions. Gotta say, getting the email that they'll let me know when they're recruiting made me so giddy that I ended up dancing around the apartment. I need rocks for my research. They need bodies. Even if this isn't "the one", it will give researchers more knowledge on the topic, and that alone is worth thousands of lives. Don't know if I'll make it through the screening process, but I want to offer. Take whatever bodily bits needed, marvelous real-world abjuration wizards (protection science/magic - duh). I needed to say something, because I'm not really ready to tell the real-world friends and family in general, but I want to let out some of the darn feelings on it (one work group member, and my mom know, and Sir Cyr). My work friend says I'm excited because I'm a scientist and being a sample is cool. I think it is more than that. Love, pride, spite, stubbornness... I don't know. I'm feeling optimistic and I like that.
  14. Pfft. The lab work I do doesn't need good safety glasses. I pull a beat up old pair out of the drawer only when I'm dremeling labels into sample mounts. They don't fit; would fall off if I tip my head wrong. All pairs in lab are like that. Ones I had in my truck for spontaneous "ooh lemme hammer that rock" moments weren't much better. Any sort of safety goggle I've used is at basic functionality when I am mostly stationary. Wouldn't do well biking.
  15. Gosh I watched that movie so much as a kid. I love it. I did my post-D&D night time bike ride. Was going to do my 12.5mi loop that I've been on lately but half way through my lights died. Still had headlamp but no bike light or red flasher in the back. Took the shorter way with better lighting back. On the fastest most downhill part a bit of tree-gunk flew into my eye. Had to do the rest of the long fast downhill one-eyed, and pull the goop out at home. I don't wear glasses, and not putting sunglasses on at night so my eyes are right up there to get blasted >.<
  16. I wish there was a per-turtle option, instead of only all-in. I don't need a lot, but one or two would be fun :)
  17. This seems both overpriced and useless to me.
  18. Stuff does need to be figured out - but hey, suggestions are there for things to consider. I'm not going "MAKE IT SO" at all. It could indeed be logistically tough; maybe worth it, maybe not. But a way to help the vendors take part too seems good, yeah?
  19. I saw the news about ReaperCon being canceled and had a thought.... Vendors at RCon are part of the fun, yes? If everything is online, then shouldn't they also be part of that? Is there a way to coordinate with them such that all RCon online shopping can include them? If we did all our shopping at the separate vendors online, shipping could become cost prohibitive. But if stuff from vendors could go with things like VIP bag orders and whatnot, we could more easily support them too. No idea if it is possible, but hey, if it is, that would be swell.
  20. 1/10 scale busts, 75mm figures, I think? Still has a range, but eh, not too worried there. I'd guess Jared and Sarah are 75mm, with gelflings as small-on-75mm-scale, skeksis as big-on-75mm-scale. On the KS:
  21. Brooklyn 99's new season is up on Netflix. Woohoo!
  22. That's what Sir Cyr mentioned. He originally was supposed to be enamored with Death, and was working to impress her. Killing half of living things is just.... lame for him? And his motivation for it being a noble thing, while he's so smart? Dude, think it through more. If it is for their betterment, and you're so powerful, then magic-engineer superfood and end poverty and all this other stuff that is more thoughtful than "kill half". If you're going to decide to kill half of a group, just own it and admit to being evil and wanting to do evil. Stop pretending. Also don't think he actually loved Gamora. He wanted to. He wished he did. He didn't love her though - actions proved it. That wasn't love. He should have failed his test in IW and had to cheat to get that stone.
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