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  1. I didn't see, but is estimated shipping on there by chance? Probably not included, right?
  2. I "watched" Ant Man & the Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Avengers Endgame recently. I was multitasking... painting on the side. Ant Man & the Wasp hit the most giggles. Captain Marvel was an origin story. Endgame was a conclusion. Much like Infinity War, "The Feels Arrow" missed and flew right over my shoulder. Tried to pull some emotion out of me, but there were only two emotions that stuck: 1) giggles at some well written quips and banter. 2) A moment of villainy as Good Thing was followed by Bad Thing, and my thought was "hahahaha GET WRECKED" because uhh... villain brain. Kinda lame that most of the female superheroes and sidekicks were either largely inactive, or fridged for most of the movie, then when they do show up, they're just like "yo we're here to win" and get a minute.... then that's it. Would have rather had them more thoroughly integrated. And I still think Thanos is an awful villain overall. The movies wanted him to be complex and brilliant. He isn't. If you want a destroyer, either let them be a simple destroyer, or do it friggin' right to get complexity and some motivation. Dormamu for Dr. Strange was a great simple destroyer. Thanos was a moron on his motivation and execution of plans.
  3. A bit of sticker shock here too, but the licensing probably is a good chunk of it. This very well might still have KS discounting a bit (especially if SGs are met). I need to ask Sir Cyr. As much as I love skeksis, I don't think I'd paint one. Kira and Jen though... yeah.
  4. If not initially, pop in the comments and ask for it with that reasoning :)
  5. I don't need contrast paint, nor do I need these. Might play with either at some point, but neither is worth a big investment from me. The color grouping is a hold-over from how they sell other paints. Does seem like more mixed sets would be better for this sort of thing though, like "elf colors" or "goblin colors" and whatnot.
  6. I know the computer game, but not what is mentioned here.
  7. Using tools at your disposal is not cheaty. Use whatever gets the result you are looking for and you have available. I haven't used lamian medium, but I do regularly use Vallejo Glaze Medium and Thinning Medium, and Reaper's Flow Improver. Experiment to see what works best for you. My thicker Vallejo, Kimera, and S75 paints behave well using mediums. Super thick, and I'll probably put a drop of flow improver in. I reach for Glaze Medium first for that purpose, and general thinning. More flowy paint often gets just water.
  8. Victoria's Secret Pandemic Sale. I got a chainmail bra. I kid you not. 3 weeks until arrival. Heh.
  9. I've now gotten up to 2 bike rides of 20.5 km distance, with a mega-uphill in the first third of it, and irritating hills on the second and third sections. I'm only going out after sundown, or if it is yucky weather out so that I don't encounter unavoidable people. Unfortunately, sundown is getting later and later, and I'm finding that late night exercise can make it tough to get to sleep. Oh well - gotta get my exercise in. But all this does mean that I'm getting better with the bike. I still like horses more, but this clunky hunk 'o' junk bike will suffice for training until we're let loose again. I think I'll be able to actually commute to campus by bike once we're in the clear. My legs still get achy, but not for as long, and I'm pretty sure in just a month my legs chonked out. They feel more solid. Not getting knee pain biking anymore; muscle went on in thigh around knee, when the weightlifting had it build higher on the leg. I think I'm still pitifully slow biking, so I'll annoy other commuters - that's the next goal. Get faster. Can't just keep adding distance when I start biking at 9pm; need to get the regular dose of pain with speed eventually. Otherwise I'll be out forever. Got Sir Cyr jogging once or twice a week too. I can go at least a mile, even on sore legs, with small break, and then do another mile. His knees are his stuck point. Right now I think it is the higher breath rate endurance for me... and that I'm keeping my legs in a perpetual state of soreness (deliberately). Would really love a 50lbs kettlebell or weighted bar to use at home. Alas, most places are sold out... and 50lbs kettlebells are like $100. Oh! And the view biking at night up and down the mega-hill path is beautiful. English Bay in Vancouver is very still, since the big boats are stationary and no other boats are moving. It is quiet, both on the water and the beach. The reflections of the few boat lights, then the city, and from North Van on the water are pristine - just get ripples from the tides and the wind. Easy to see the difference in the wind by looking at the water almost more than by feeling it.
  10. Watching Ozark now. Anime stuff, Sir Cyr and I watched Erased. Now on Gate. Erased was very good. Gate is... amusing.
  11. On either path, they will get treasure (although likely more by just slaying the sirens). It is fastest for the main goal to bang the sirens and get out of there. The consequence that I doubt they'll think of is that the shoreline town is about to need to evacuate, and inland is getting more dangerous. Right now, only women go on the water - due to the sirens. If they can clear out the siren lair, the town will be able to evacuate on ships to the islands controlled by the friendly merfolk. If they bang the sirens, the sirens will attack the ships and lure them to crashing on the rocks (only said safety for the group, no one else). Why does the town need to evacuate? Blighters. Fires. Undead. Its about to get nasty. They will have the information to put this together.... they probably won't put it together.
  12. In short, yes. It would be considered an "encounter" and contribute to when I declare Level Up time.
  13. No, they don't eat the men. They are very tidy and practical with their uses. They cut their throats after using the men, and feed them to the baby black dragons. Some of my necromancers do know they're evil, and relish it. The sirens are malicious, and enjoy cruel acts. But to them, it is largely protective and retaliatory.... and their emotions are being pulled towards darkness by "Callers From the Deeps" - evil water elementals from the Stormwrack book, and some vile treasure below the island that's screwed them up. Between artificially enhanced rage, and a history of violent menfolk trying to take their island, no wonder they're so mean.
  14. They already killed the harpies that resided on top of the island, and they've encountered many hostile sirens and the remains of slain men. Did your guys get the hots for the harpies before or after the harpies were demonstrably evil? Based on who stayed on the island to rest while the others went to town, the offer is going to the mage - he'll have to speak for the group (illumian mage, halfling scout, human ranger as possible mates). I just declare when it is time to level up instead of awarding EXP. Don't feel like doing the accounting, lol.
  15. So uhh... different kind of sirens. The mythical boy-killers on islands. My boys have been slaying the sirens (the sirens do deserve it in this case). But before they left the caves for another rest, they encountered sirens who were evacuating their eggs from an incubation pool under water as they approached. The sirens escaped, but one egg remained. The boys decided to not destroy the egg, despite the fact that the last room they were in had the bones of dozens of slain men in it, and clear cages for captured men. If you were a player, what would you do, if while resting, an evil siren approached you and offered this deal: we'll give you the treasure you want and let you live, but in exchange, you must give us daughters? And by that, I mean they'd need to do the dirty with the sirens and produce undoubtedly evil offspring who would continue to capture and kill menfolk, and the women who were foolish enough to set sail with men aboard ship? Further Violence, or Go For the Fish Taco?
  16. Sir Cyr and I watched a short anime called Erased (original name was more along lines of "A Town In Which I Don't Exist"). It is an inverted mystery, trying to prevent things from happen. With the exception of That One Thing That Happens, it is real-world setting. I have minor guilt for enjoying it as much as I did, considering it involves evil tropes that I pull heavily on in my D&D game
  17. Somehow my answer to having either only yolks (from making stuff like waffles or stuff that needs fluff of the white), or only whites (from making stuff like custard pies) is to add booze to it. Yolks? Shake an egg yolk into your favorite cream based cocktail. Thickens it and makes it really rich and yummy. Whites? Shake it into a tart drink and make a proper sour. Both take the edge off the alcohol so you can mix um pretty strong.
  18. Oatmeal sourdough? That sounds amazing. Got anymore bread recipes to shove in the Food topic? Sir Cyr is becoming the bread maker (although we only have whole wheat flour right now). How much pounding can you do to bread before overpounding? I need arm exercises... I also don't have craft paint. Only Mini Paint.
  19. One of the BrokenToad workers got sick so everyone went into full isolation. I hope the fellow heals swiftly. The sculpt is amazing.
  20. I prepped 5/7 of the Malifaux Crossroads Seven on bases, ready to wash and prime tomorrow. The two female figures got better bases, on some Micro Art Studio ones. Others went on a stamped bit of greenstuff. Also did three miscellaneous Malifaux figures I got on sale. They'll be good goof around figures. And... the goblin bomber by Big Child Creatives for the Vancouver paint club figure. Others got ones with good cast. Mine must have been last of the mold because it had pretty awful quality. Mold slip, multiple breaks or cracks, and huge air bubbles in prominent places. Workable but not what I expected. He's at least ready to go now.
  21. Hey @haldir, we're thankful for folks like you too. Might not be the front line like medical workers, but you are out there more than a lot of us. Grocery store work is important too. Things would be a lot worse without folks like you. Might not be glamorous or heroic, but you do still deserve gratitude. And a raise. I can't give you the raise, but I can give the gratitude!
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