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  1. I block sources, groups, and pages on Facebook before I block people. Have had to block a reasonable number of folks on there, or at least Unfollow. Can only do so much; unfortunately I have a few truly dear friends who spam sooooo much. I've gotten most of their sources, but it is impossible to block all of them. I end up blocking stuff I technically agree with too, just for being annoyingly propagantastic. I'll allow "X Politician's Page", since that's directly from them, but I'll block "The People of Blah Place for X Politician". I don't need rehashing.
  2. I just have the in use bottles out on the table. Too much wasted space in a grid arrangement for me. I reuse the palette for a long time but never had a need for labeling it personally. But if it helps ya, go for it. Not hurting anything!
  3. Beaches are prettier when not covered in people.
  4. Danielle de Barbarac is Lady Fitness Goals. Not a damsel in distress. I need to watch that movie again (Ever After).
  5. I went on another lonely bike ride up to campus. This time I only had my purse-backpack, and didn't sneak into my lab to rescue/steal stuff (c'mon, the potted plants needed love). So no break in the lab, and I went further. Instead of 9 miles total, 11.25miles round trip. I am getting to the point where I can go up the hill more regularly, even if it is pitifully slow. But I can get there! And I'm okay to go at a "just keep going" basic pace once back on flat soon after an uphill. Granted, my flat ground pace isn't exactly zippy, but I can go comfortably for a long distance on flats now instead of dying just by fact of going.
  6. There is also a violinist by Dark Sword. The one in your picture is really good, but doesn't hit the villainy either. But this bard NPC is pretty much evil Lindsey Stirling. "Lindsey Quick Silver". She has a whip attached to the violin bow and her thing is to debuff folks then trip them to the ground from a distance (which she successfully did to the poor mage before she died). She has *flair*. Long gamed chaotic evil with her for MONTHS before she was revealed as evil. The boys even got her a job in the best pub in town and gave her a magic violin before she turned on them. They liked her, and she slammed them. I think I might snip the whip from one of the Bones IV figures that has one, and attach it to the violin bow on the Malifaux figure.
  7. Last year, a few months before the murder-plot to gank the D&D group's mage... I wanted a violinist bard figure. Mage's player knew of, and wanted, the Malifaux Crossroad's Seven set, which included a violinist. Not that he knew why *I* wanted the violinist; at the time she seemed like an ally. Everywhere was sold out. They didn't exist. Not-a-one. Couldn't get a pack, not even for 2x price. Only a 10x price one commission painted on Ebay - so no. But I managed to find a new-in-wrapped-box one at standard market value for not-awful shipping on Ebay a few weeks ago, because Malifaux published them in their new edition. Crossroads Seven arrived today. Now that violinist NPC is dead; she died in the gank-the-mage battle, slammed into a zombie dragon by the warforged butler. But nothing says she can't be a ghost bard.... heh. And the rest seem like they'll be great for when I destroy the Circus. I don't play the Malifaux games, so I may just hand them over to the mage who does when 1) they're painted, 2) after I use them in destroying the Circus, and 3) when he's back on same continent. Sharing art is good. Going to get these set up for my next batch of airbrush priming. Woot woot!
  8. The good: I can get free roads to practice biking, and I'm not a confident biker. By the end of this I hope to be able to commute to campus on bike instead of bus. Tasty food cooking. Pants optional. I'm in Canada. I'm stuck with the person I hate least. I mean... the one I love most. My colleague in the Czech Republic got the last of my necessary data for my first (and possibly second) paper right before his university shut down, so I can actually do research for a few months without more lab work needed (thank goodness). He is getting cookies, when I can ship him cookies. I have a good adviser who isn't an elfhole. Somehow I'm not yet sick. Always figured that it was a When not If for me, since I have Con 8. Perhaps I'll be able to push it off until vaccines and treatments are available and hospitals aren't stressed. The bad: ....... for another time.
  9. My minestrone is cooking and I think it is going to be amazing. On the stewy side of things because I put in SO MUCH STUFF. It smells good. It looks good. I put in enough protein-veggies that it really does have all necessary nutrients. I think this is en route to being another recipe that will please almost anyone. It fails keto diets and gluten free due to noodles, and it is only medium-carby (not a big bowl o' noodles). Hits it for the veggie crowds, but should be delicious enough for omnivores. Veggie broth, carrots, onion, garlic, re-hydrated chanterelle shrooms, celery, potato, bell pepper, lentils, chick peas, kidney beans, spinach, broccoli, peas, noodles, tomato paste, spices, red wine, olive oil. ... and green beans. Duh.
  10. Do you dip apples in cheese fondue? Cheese and grapes on crackers? If so, then quitcher whining about pineapple on pizza. Fruits and breads and cheese go together
  11. I know I've tasted my own death breath when I've gone too long without eating. Goes away resuming eating stuff. Sir Cyr on keto is tough to smooch though.
  12. Do you get Death Breath on keto? Sir Cyr gets horrific death breath when he's on that diet.
  13. I wasn't really biking until this. Intended to start working towards being able to bike to campus after a triathalon-relay (since cancelled), but not before in case I injured myself. Didn't want to let teammates down (I was going to do the short sprint part). Now I don't have a gym. I only have two resistance bands. No pull up bars. No weights aside from OJ jugs. I do have a cruddy bike. It cost as much as my helmet. It is clunky and heavy but it gets me from Point A to Point B and gives me exercise. Perhaps by the end of this my legs won't feel like death after biking to and from campus. All uphill on the way.
  14. Yep. Sore legs. Rolling over in bed made my legs ache after that bike ride.
  15. Sun went down, so I went on another lonely bike ride. Biked a path near the beach, back up to campus. Up that nasty hill for the second time. Don't think I was fully recovered from last time, because I was going SLOW. But I did it. Right buttcheek cramped at the top of the hill. Ow. It was very pretty out and the bay is strangely still. Pretty reflections of light on the water. Snuck into the lab again. This time I picked up more of my tea, 3/4 board games I'd left there (4th is 4-10 players so it can wait), and a BIG potted plant. I strapped the plant into the backpack, leafs sticking well over my head. Strapped the tea and board games and my purse to my chest. Then wheeeeeeeeee down the hill home. Thank goodness the load was only downhill. At least the paths are near empty at night, and the few people out at night are much more polite about distancing. I think we all have the same idea of "let's avoid the daytime and be responsible with outside time". I'm going to have such bad intuitive biking etiquette when this is all over. I'm only biking when it doesn't matter where the heck I go. Road markers? Sidewalks? Big lawn? Whatever. And OW OW OW my legs are sore. Tomorrow is definitely arm and core day. NO WEAK CYR NOPE NOPE. I can see my abs when I'm dehydrated, like when I wake up in the morning. Probably not actually a good thing. Boobs are also going away more than they already had. Forcing myself to eat more mixed with only going out to the grocery store every 10 days or so isn't a good combo. Less freedom to snack. No big poke bowls of tastiness and protein. But I need the darn cardio so my lungs don't turn to broccoli. BAH.
  16. They did. Enough with this beautiful spring time nonsense. MAKE IT RAAAAIIIIN. Gray skies. Rain. Make people look outside and go "nope".
  17. Where is the legendary Vancouver rain? I see blue sky and clouds out the window. I want it to be NASTY out so no one else will be outside and I can go biking truly alone. After sundown helps, but gross weather helps more. Broccoli upon the beautiful spring time. Give me the gray skies I was promised when I moved here!
  18. I found the Colorado personal space bubble interesting. California SF Bay Area wasn't full of "hug people". You didn't hug friends as a greeting. Family isn't even all that much for hugging on every greeting - just one at first greeting for those we see yearly. So when I moved to CO, I was surprised by all the hug people. The bubble around strangers was a bit wider, but not much, but once you were friends, there was a LOT of hugging that took some getting used to. I hope that comes back when the crisis is over and we're all properly stabbed with vaccinations (if able to be vaccinated, at least).
  19. Yes. I painted some translucent ghosties. I "primed" them by slathering Vallejo Gloss Varnish on them. Then I used S75 inks on them for coloring. Did a magic orb just by mixing gloss varnish and purple ink. It worked fine. ^^that. I'm not actually a huge fan of the translucent figures. I might do similar sloppy paint jobs on some in the future for shizngiggles, but I don't actually think they look that great painted unless you're going to do something cool like shove an LED in a gelatinous cube. To me they're the ultimate "buy and fling on the table" sort of figure to not care about. Got a ton of translucent WizKid elementals for my D&D adventure.... right before we had to go online. No real intention of ever painting them (water and air). I'd just as soon have something opaque for anything I put paint on.
  20. My mom is getting a back log of people wanting masks. She's set up to send some to my friends from undergrad in CO, and a friend from World of Warcraft time whose daughter is a nurse with limited gear, and a bunch of people in Oregon. At least mom isn't bored!
  21. I'm a heck of a long stronger at 30 than I was at 18-25. Don't think I'd want to walk 5 miles lugging groceries though. I can walk 5 miles in standard conditions pretty contently, but it isn't exactly efficient for time.
  22. My mom is spending 8-12hrs a day turning her quilting fabric into facemasks. She got some linings that are stronger than just cloth, stronger than a surgical mask, although not N95. Her fabric stash is from her own collection.... and 30 years of her mother collecting sewing fabric. She's given some to local essential workers, and is selling them to friends (to cover cost of extra laundry detergents, threads, linings, and postage, plus a donation to a dog rescue group). Really happy to see, although sad that it is needed.
  23. Finally watched the live action Aladdin. Enjoyable, but a side-step from the original. I would have liked it more if they added more to the story like they did with Cinderella. I actually think it would have been better without being a musical, excluding the parade. Will Smith was a pleasing Genie. Casting was good except for Jafar. Not sinister enough.
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