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  1. Might have just been international shipping - gotta be honest, so many news things to sort through, I'd have trouble digging it up to verify.
  2. I don't listen to podcasts or the radio. I listen to spotify.
  3. This might not be on them entirely. FedEx at least has raised its rates for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if other shippers did too.
  4. The seismologists are also getting cleaner data right now, since all the transportation rumbles are mellowed out. I'm rather looking forward to what comes of all the new atmospheric research. This is the largest transportation shut down I know of since 9/11 (which did have a measurable effect on the atmosphere, although short lived).
  5. In CO I grew three dozen tomatoes in my front yard. Definitely needed sheeting to keep the weeds down... and even then it wasn't enough. Also made a set of trellises for them. They were on auto-waterers, and guzzled water - dry climate made that necessary. The water bill was NASTY. But I did get a gallon of tomatoes a day or more during a long picking season.
  6. Even if it did, community gardens are probably locked right now. My brother is a community garden manager in the SF Bay area for his school, and the gardens are strictly closed. He *might* be able to get access as a manager to at least water everything for people, but not necessarily.
  7. Even if it was a joke, it is a pretty broccolied up joke right now.
  8. I found a small pack of basil seeds that I got during school orientation, with a little starter dirt pack. I put that on the windowsill. No porch or patio here so I can't really grow potted plants. Might be able to convince the landlord to let me stick pots of stuff out my window (ground level). But I need to get some soil... and all the gardening stuff. Left my huge setup in CO; gave to friends. No space for real plants here :(
  9. I led my apocalypse themed game for years. We definitely had exponential growth in the zombie population. And if you made friends as a human, your new human buddy would probably learn your schedule, then come back for you when they get turned. I was **GOOD** at decimating the human teams. So is this. Zombies win because the zombies have nothing to lose but a few minutes of time. The humans have a single Human Card. The zombies can take as many of them as they can catch. The only humans who make it to the final mission are the ones who didn't play: they stayed at home, or only went out when zombies weren't around. There will be secondary hurts from long term distancing. But the alternative is worse. We can suck it with the secondary hurts and minimize current damage, or we can have even worse current damage and... probably still all those secondary hurts.
  10. I wish what I learned from being the Zombie Queen wasn't "the humans never win".
  11. My horse, Reed. He's the family's April Fool - today is his 30th birthday. Picture of him in a jester hat and a younger me. Uhh... like, 16-17 years ago? Reed likes to give hugs and kisses (seriously, lean forward and he boops the face). He has the bumpiest gait ever - for a while I was one of the only people who could ride him comfortably. He pretty much never goes lame, but always has a case of "needs to do more yoga" because he's stiff. He is super round, with low withers, and tends to have a beer belly and a big ol' rump. Naturally, I'd take the rumbly barrel of a horse galloping through the hills with no saddle or bridle on. He's a good boy.
  12. Don't forget that Ethiopia and eastern African areas are getting an ungodly huge locust swarm that's decimating their crops. And Australia didn't stop being on fire until recently. And the Philippines had a volcano go off! So... fire, quakes, tornadoes, plague, locusts, volcanoes......
  13. Actually, most of the vegan food was going too. Only the tofurky wasn't. Things are restocking now in general though. Tofu was low, as were the popular brands of fake sausage. However, I got my Beyond Burger meat half off, so that was rockin'. Making the fake meatballs now :) They're omnivore approved!
  14. @NebulousMissy I'm glad you and your partner are on the recovery end of things.
  15. Being overweight contributes to/is caused by a whole slew of other health issues. Other health issues make the virus more evilly effective.
  16. I've pretty much resigned to not planning any travel to the states for the next 6mo - 1yr tbh. Crater Lake would need to be by September to get to the island (and good weather), and even if things are stable by then, international travel may not be. Field work to Utah in September too - likely delayed again. Heck, even between provinces is going to be gnarly; my officemate needs to do her fieldwork in Yukon at the end of June or early July (weather and accessibility) and likely won't get to do it this year.
  17. Another after-dark bike ride, this time dragging Sir Cyr. Pretty much no one out so distancing is easy. Went slower today because my legs are sore from the 15km with major uphill that I did yesterday night. Rule #1: Cardio. Can't let the darned lungs degrade into mush again!
  18. @Crowley is she a tiefling? Because that sounds like a demonic sort of way to scare your neighbors. Sir Cyr did that with a habanero at one point and fumed up the entire house in CO. We were choking. If she did that to you, won't the neighbors hear coughing and assume more sinister things?
  19. Those are great animal pictures @Kuroneko! I saw a coyote while biking yesterday night, but didn't get any pictures
  20. I have mixed feelings on the rump marks. On the one hand, they are annoyingly present. Not super prominent, but they exist. On the other hand.... I worked for them. They're mine.
  21. Muscles are sexy. Unless they're the roided out monstrosities. Generic muscle is good. But uhh... too many gains too fast also gives stretch marks. I have stretch marks on my rump from going from a flat-bum to a normal-curved-bum. Hakuna-masquata - it means nice booty. Do the squats. Already got a plan for that in the D&D world. When the red dragon gets to town and demands tasty maidens, the local bakery-brothel will offer their kind services to gently deflower the maidens so that they become ineligible for sacrifice to the dragon. What? That specific locale is clean, tidy, and compassionate
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