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  1. Oh Wow, that puts things into persepctive for me, because that D&D Mini...(can we really call it a mini?) Is sitting on my TV, Yay he'll have an equally sized friend if these sketches really are to size of the finished product.
  2. I'm kinda in the same boat, what do I really want to paint, keep, and sell. Getting all these minis for the price is such a steal.
  3. I admit it, I can't help it. I keep looking. I really should wait a week and then check and go "Holy Crap! look at all the stuff they added!"
  4. Very excited about all this. Now that there are additional options to add to the Vampire level they are $10 each correct? Just add $20 to my original Vampire level pledge of $100 to get both the 2 Fire Giants and Ebonwrath? Somehow I feel that the box of minis that is going to be shipped to my house will be huge...
  5. This is my most ambitious project yet, I haven't been painting that long. Only a year or two. And this is the first time I had use green stuff to modify the mini. So this started out as gift for a friend, now it is a very late gift for a friend but I had a lot of issues ordering the parts through freebooter which started it off being late. They sent me the wrong parts twice. Once was my fault (can't damn them for that) and the other was theirs, but they graciously sent me the correct parts free of charge. (As always the parts I ordered from Reaper had no issues.) Anyway, the mini consists of the following sepearte pieces Body, Leg, Arms, Hands(which are from a different freebooter mini), Wings, Base (from the same mini as the hands). Later I will also be adding one of the Reaper cats to the base. Now for some technical questions: 1. First off I use spray primer, and while it works great most of the time, sometimes it leaves bumps. Is there a way to prevent this? 2. The paint is looking really thick, either chalk it up the the primer or me being lazy and not watering down enough, is there a good way to fix it without stripping? (I would hate to green stuff it all again) 3. I drilled holes for the wings, hopefully I drilled deep enough. I play on adding green stuff to inside the holes to support it. Any advice on the wings would be helpful, never attached wings before. And some creative questions: 1. What color should I do the wings? I could continue the black and pink theme, but I was also thinking of making the veins in the wings like a red and blue circulatory system to go with the whole phlebotomist theme. 2. I was thinking of adding some kind of swirly simple Celtic knot design to the back of the skirt, would that be too much? I could always tone down the pink on the skirt. So, I know that even if the paint looks thick (photos always make it look worse) I know my friend would love it, she is not a mini enthusiast, I just wanted to make her a mini that represents her. She loves fairies, she is pagan (which I wanted to represent is some sort of symbol somewhere), she's a phlebotomist, and she is into the emo style. She has an orange tabby named Milo that is the biggest freaking cat I have ever seen (I think she said he is between 15-20 lbs and he is not fat.) Which, if I had the room on the base, would be funny if I used a mountain lion instead of a cat to go with her. Any suggestions or critique is welcome.
  6. @ sethohman: The Royal Guards are trained just like the ones in Britain, (They don't move) somehow if you decided to play Warlord on their model... I have a feeling that would be one way to get them to move. @ Anne: I believe it is stone, couldn't find too much info online about it. Most of what to see is outside, It's a complex that includes temples and many palaces. In the Temples it is usually just a big room, decorated with intricate detail with some sort of statue of Buddha inside. @ Dr.Bedlam: Hah, 1/100 scale It was just about the right size for you average Reaper figure. lol :) Thailand was amazing, the detail they put in every one of their temples is absolutely crazy. After Bangkok we went to Pattaya, about 3 hour drive away. There was a building called the Sanctuary of Truth. An entire building of hand carved wood (not a single machine has been used to carve), Not a single metal nail to hold it together either. They have been working on it for 30 years, and it is still not done. Here is a teensy sample of the Sanctuary, pretty easy to goolge more.:
  7. I recently came back from a trip to Thailand and while the trip was lots of fun, I did not expect to see a mini in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. I thought it would be something fun to share here. Rama IV (Rama is a title, not his name, all Thai kings are called Rama), the King of Thailand during the 1800s commissioned this miniature to be built so the people of Thailand could see other monuments in other parts of the country that was under Thai rule at the time, without having to travel. This is a scale model of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Unlike the real one though, this one is in much better condition. Here is the real one in Cambodia:
  8. Hello. So I have an old Legend of the 5 Rings mini that I accidentally broke while moving furniture. The mini belongs to my brother-in-law and while he isn't exactly attached to it; I would like to repair and fix it for him (and maybe give him some paint). The mini is Yojito. The metal got twisted when it broke off. What is the best way to re-attach the blade of the sword? Pinning? Green Stuff? He should looks like this: But right now looks like this:
  9. So the colors pop out a lot more in person than they do in the photos. The photos are also slightly grainy. I think part of the problem is that I need some very white lights to take the photos instead of the off yellows, especially since the mini is mostly orange and yellow. The pinning problem is still a real shame. I think if I tried to add green stuff to it, it would be really obvious. But I could be wrong. The bottom of the base needs a little more sand and paint to it.
  10. I haven't had a lot of time to work on her until now. I did brighten up the colors and added a lot more to the base. I'll post pictures soon. I think she is looking a lot better.
  11. Agreed, I had a lot of fun in the last one but I feel bad when people back out last minute and others have to cover their minis. It's very unfair.
  12. Painting on Pearl is done, I just started her base. I am using this tutorial to make some coral for it out of super glue. I also plan to add sand. So this was my first try at pinning and I had a lot of trouble with it. So now her arm is crooked. I will see if I can play with it some more to fix it. I posted a thread in Painting Tips and Advice about it. Maybe I should get some green stuff and make that bracelet of hers bigger to cover up the bad pinning. I think I might go over the black around the turquoise splotches again as well.
  13. Thanks for all the help and suggestions everyone. Still need to get a hang of it. Looks like I will have to find some pliers to really tighten it. For now I took the bit out the the drill and twisted it with my fingers :/
  14. I just got a drill from citadel and I am using the drill bits that came with it but the drill bits keep slipping inside the drill after using the drill for a few seconds no matter how tight I twist the thing that holds the drill bit. It came with two sized holders. One big, one small, I am trying to use the small one. Does anyone else have this problem with this drill or am I doing something wrong... since the drill didn't actually come with instructions.
  15. Good idea, if that arm falls off again I think I will pin it. I don't have pinning tools but my local mini store sells them and has a very knowledgeable staff and clientele of mini painters and wargamers. I have been meaning to get a pinning set anyway even though I have never done it before.
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