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  1. Glad you like him Bumble_B! I was just happy my local mini store had the perfect pirate to paint. (I also thought he looked pretty Elf-like since you asked for an Elf or a pirate) This was the first time I tried sand and grass elements and it was nice change from my usual. :)
  2. Sending out mine on Monday after I get some decent pics.
  3. Beautiful Job, best use of a nickel yet!
  4. Awesome Job, I put this one on my wish list, but you really can't see what a great mini it is until it is painted.
  5. Me too, the painting is done, but since I live on the east coast I am avoiding going to the store and paying $8 for sand to put on the base of my mini, but it won't stop snowing for me to go the beach! It will be the first time for me working with sand and grass elements for the base. But I am really excited to finish it so I can take pictures before sending it out.
  6. The painting is done, just have to wait until the impending blizzard of doom passes so I can get a few supplies for the base at the mini store. I also have to look around for some nice beach base tutorials.
  7. Started painting mine today. Didn't want to start it until I finished the one I was working on. Looking good so far. One thing I worry about is if the person I am painting for already has this mini or not. Oh well, more the merrier I guess.
  8. As others have said, this work is beautiful so far. The only thing I might suggest is adding fish or dolphins in the water. Maybe some wooden barrels went overboard with such a big wave. Might make the base feel not so big without cutting it down.
  9. I've never done an exchange but I am willing to give it a try! PM sent!
  10. Looking good! I like the highlights on the scaly part. I agree about her hands, I think her head is huge too, but it reminds me how many of the Warhammer figures look.
  11. I did create a light box like you suggested. These are the images I got from it, much better than what I used to get even though I am still missing some lights to complete the light box. It wasn't until after I created it that my husband told me... "You know I have a professional light box and stage at work you can come by and use." ...Oh well, now I have something decent at home when I don't want to go to his work and use the real one.
  12. Hard to see the colors in the pictures right now, looks like you have some maroon/purple in there and some gold and red. I like the figure. Can't wait to see how she comes out.
  13. I'm basically done with her, I'm working on finishing her base now (since the little one she is standing on makes her constantly tip over). I'm satisfied with how she looks in person, even though there isn't as much shading and highlights as I would want. I failed in the applying highlights department. Maybe I should float around in the shutterbug forums and actually make a good 3-point lighting set up (Besides the two crappy ceiling lights I use now.) My minis always look like crap in photos, and in my noobish opinion, great in person. With the base:
  14. So I stripped her, (thought it was best to start over) bought spray primer and thinned out my paint before starting again. I will temporarily glue her to a bottle cap like you suggested Flameberge because she still is chipping with the thinned paint. Sorry for the unfocused pictures, got what pictures I could before the batteries in my camera ran out and I was sitting at my desk at work (not awesome lighting). To get shadows in the deeper areas should I use an ink wash or darker shades of paint? I've seen different ways for doing this.
  15. I did prime her first with Reaper Paint on Primer, a few coats but it seems to not last and causes the chipping, maybe my bottle is particularly watery. Maybe I will look into getting the spray stuff. I will try to thin the paints, that is probably a good solution, the paint by itself seems to dry up so quickly and then chip. As far as the straps on her bodice go I completely painted it red, then made the straps yellow, messed it up and repeat. Maybe I need better lighting to see the straps better. Maybe I should strip her and start over.... Thanks for the suggestions.
  16. I think it is looking really good, I love the colors on the leaves. And red hair was a great choice.
  17. I just started painting minis a few months ago, I bought a few to start with and only have done about 8 so far. Lately some co-workers have asked me to paint their minis so it was a little while before I was able to go back to paint one for myself. I started Jolie over the weekend but I feel that her paint seems to be coming out rather thick. Pictures also seem to make her look much worse than she does in person. I was thinking I might go back and change her hair to brown again with some colored highlights... the green got over done. I am also not happy with the top of the bodice I will redo that for the umpteenth time. I haven't attached her other arm yet but I will when I finish the rest of her. Her bottles and stuff on her belt also hasn't been painted yet. I would have also put pupils in her eyes if I had not somehow misplaced my last metal pin Since I'm a noobie any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  18. I'm a woman and our wedding cost $3,000. That's it. I had 30 people, got married at a country club and it was great. These huge weddings are stupid. These bridezillas are awful human beings... and probably don't deserve those men in their lives.
  19. I'm glad this board has so many good ideas for stripping. I got a metal mini from a co-worker that was dipped in some matte black paint, I'm going to start with some oven off since it's what I have at home... if that doesn't work I'll buy some Simple Green.
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