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  1. @ktyler09 I believe that might be incorrect. Quote from the SA description of Swift attack. " A Flying model with Swift Attack may swoop down and make this single attack against a ground model without needing to land, and then continue either flying away (if it chooses not to land or doesn’t have the room to land) or running away on the ground." According to that, the model making the swift attack does not require the room to land in order to carry out the attack. I do believe I read somewhere, that specifically for ReaperCon, the rules had been slightly altered so flyers with
  2. Hi people! Sorry if I missed this question being covered elsewhere. I recently played against an elven army where this issue came up. Aundine got charged by the elven Unicorn solo with rush attack. To avoid getting cleaved ontop of the unicorn being mighty, I chose to use Aundine's parry SA. How many MA's am I allowed to convert to DV? Is it only 1MA due to Rush attack only permitting a single Defensive strike? Is it 3MA's due to the Rush Attack description stating that "All regular melee rules and SAs still apply." ? Thx in advance! - Azazel
  3. I've had trouble putting her to good use, due to her relative softness at DV9/3DTs. I got the impression that her use was very(too) specific, in the sense that she needed to target specifically softer elites/leaders, cuz she just cant hack it against the more melee oriented models, nor can she handle multiple cheaper models. The past couple times I fielded her, I spend alot of energy trying to maneuver her into favourable positions, but felt like it required too many factors to succeed - Mindblast hitting, other models wounding her target first, MOV6 being sufficient etc etc. I'd love to
  4. By request of our gaming groups Merc player, we've upped the points from 750 to 800 to allow for more rerolls with the scoundrels luck doctrine. Eventhough I'm definately catching the vibe that people are looking to either 1st turn alphastrike me, or swarm me in later turns, I've decided to just spend the additional 50 points by removing a luck stone and adding Aundine to get a clean 800pts on the board. From a gaming perspective, I'd prolly be alot better off fielding an additional 7 broken fodder for screening and speedbumps, but I dont have the models. I do have Aundine painted and read
  5. That was exactly my intention, in order to take this build to 1000pts. Remove luckstone, add crescent of bile, add Rauthuros as a solo. It'll supply an extra card, as well as the ultimate centerpiece hammer. - The only concern I have with that approach, is the relatively low modelcount, with very few expendable soldiers. As for alphastriking my current build, I usually start with enough demons on the board, that it would take a build completely designed to wipe me out to do so. I usually have something like Marilith, 2 succubi and an imp fielded. So it would take a fairly great effort to
  6. @Stubbdog Hi mate, thanks for your quick yet thorough reply. In terms of army design and strategy I just might be the blind chicken managing to find corn. I've only used the Demonic Conclave doctrine a total of 3 times, playing against Crispymerc twice, and the elven player once. We've only had 4 games each at 750 pts. I've been somewhat familiar with my list in the sense that I've developed the list starting at 500pts, chosing to place alot of focus on speed and to some extend magic. My opponants have been a bit more prone to altering their lists frequently along the way - especiall
  7. Hi again, time for an update! I had 2 games last night with the list in my first post in the thread. Actually it was more like 1½ games, as the elven player I clashed with first conceeded the game halfway into turn 2... I had chosen the exact same approach as I describe earlier in this thread, and slingshot 3 succubi into his backfield to swiftattack Lysette(his main caster). I did this to gain magic superiority and to avoid the always nasty mirror image combo on his beefed up shooters. The swiftness of the takeout on Lysette prompted moral failure for my opponant, and he chose to bumrus
  8. We use plenty proxy models as well. We do have a WYSIWYG policy though, so for example the proxy I use for Maugratoths is a big demonoid creature with wings etc. Alot of it has to do with poor availability of warlord models in our area. The local store isn't stocked very well, and ordering over the net can be an issue in terms of taxes when we have to order abroad due to very few EU stores with a good reaper selection. In general we're pretty relaxed about proxy'ing, as long as we can see what we're facing. Flyers have wings, spearmen have spears etc. I basically just aim for models
  9. The gauntlet has been thrown! The loser writes the battlereport! In case I get crushed by one of these mean lists you're cooking up, I'll expect the same service when I head back to the drawing board! - Azazel
  10. Uhm... I didn't agree to go to 1k. :P - Im still busy painting up on Witch Queen, 2 x Succubi, 1 Broken Fodder, 1 Maugratoth and a familiar. When thats outta the way, its a matter of money and model availability before I can invest more in terms of models. :P I'm sure we'll get to 1k eventually, but lets have more than 1 game with the 750pt lists, before we up the points again. - Azazel
  11. @Stubbdog So far I've only had one game with the 750pt list, allthough its build around some of the same ideas I used for 500 and 600pts. The 750pt game was also my first experience with the Demonic Conclave doctrine. In that respect it still feels new and fresh. I've also still yet to play against both the Elven and the Overlord/Crusader players in our group. I can definately see strong possibilities of this doctrine compared to the Pain Cage, and to some extend understand why my opponants are intimidated by its potential power. Money and time will definately work against me in term
  12. Hey there! Just here to help out my Merc friend. I'm the Darkspawn player CrispyMerc is playing against on occation. Here's a link to my list and general strategy. Should make it easier advicing him. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/42085-azazels-750pts-darkspawn/ Kind regards! - Azazel
  13. Hey there! In an effort to keep my ramblings gathered in one thread, I decided to make one where I can toss it all in. Here's the list im using at the moment. Darkspawn - 800 points Troop 1 Witch Queen - Familiar D'Khul, Bathalian Maugrathoth, Demon x 2 Incubus/Succubus Warrior x 2 Demon Imp x 2 Broken Fodder x 2 Troop 2 Keradaan - Magic Ranged Weapon Incubus/Succubus Warrior x 4 Broken Fodder Troop 3 Marilith Troop 4 Aundine Fraction Doctrine: Demonic Conclave (I think the list can do Pain Cage successfully as well.) Initiative Cards: 4+1 Spies: 2
  14. Thanks alot for clarifying! I think we have a tendency for mixing up LOS and cover when discussing these issues. Its a good point you make about keeping it seperate. Im still not fully getting it though.... Rulebook states that in order to recieve cover bonus, the shots fired need to cross the terrain piece, but on the other hand also states that if the target model is within 2" of the size 1 wall it recieves the cover bonus. To clarify my question: If we can agree that arrows are fired in a straight line through the LOS-corridor, it seems to me that you can get cases such as thes
  15. Hi people. Im here yet again with a couple things my group need a ruling on. LOS issue - ascii etc. W = size 1 wall X = Enemy in btb with size 1 wall. K = Keradaan ..................... ..............X....... ..............WWW ..................... ..................... .K................... ..................... The ½" LOS-corridor is clear between Keradaan and the enemy model. It doesnt cross any terrain/the wall etc. Q: Does Keradaan have LOS and permission to fire normally at the enemy model, or is the enemy model impossible to target, due to being in B2B with a s
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