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  1. Nice! Was wondering if someone would go there. On the first page someone brought up the 10, 2, 4 numbers from the old slogan. I do plan on putting the number 23 or XXIII on some of the models to notate a battalion. May incorporate some of the others as well.
  2. I think I have done it! Ended up using all P3 paints as that's mainly what I have. To start I ripped a chunk off of a Dr Pepper case and took an extra pop can. I started trying various mixes with all the reds/browns that I had from P3, GW, Army Painter, Vallejo and painting sections of the box/can. What I came out with that worked pretty well is 4 brushes of Skorne Red, 3 of Sanguine Base, 1 Drop of Vallejo Metallic Medium, and some Mixing Medium and Water. A similar version using Khador Red Base may work as my secondary red. Hoping to get a test model going tonight or tomorrow and hopefully get some pictures up. Thanks to everyone for the feedback!
  3. I have tried the Power Palette and most ofteen came up with Deep Red, Blood Red, HD Crimson Red. I think I am going to order a few different paints and also continue to try to mix with some of the P3 paints. I will probably pick up a pot of the Doombull Brown for basing to check it out. Thanks again for all the help.
  4. I had actually worked a bit today with Sanguine Base and both Khador Red Base and Skorne Red. I got closer with Skorne Red but maybe I just need to do some more experimenting with the Khador Red Base. Hadn't tried adding black yet. Will try a few things tomorrow and I definitely appreciate all the help I am getting.
  5. Was looking at using the primary background, the more 'brown' color if you were. And either highlighting up to what looks close to a Clear Red color in some spots or using the higher degrees of red as accent pieces. The game the army is from is Warmachine, the Dwarven Mercenaries. My initial thoughts are the 'brownish' color as the main armor color, silver for rivets/pistons other small bits. Possible white or black accent pieces as well as potentially doing some bits, such as the secondary shoulder armor bits, in the higher reds as mentioned. That was something I was curious about as well. I have picked up Vallejo Metallic Medium but have yet to test it at all. I have heard if used as a mix it adds a bit of white to the color but have also heard it being thinned out and being applied as a final coat. Will probably test both once I have a formula figured out.
  6. Maybe spattered crimson mixed with the carnage red would work as a good baseline? Use Red Brick for shadows and mix in Clear Red to the base for highlights? I may just have to order a few and try it. Other ideas? I'll take 'em. Also, anyone had luck using a Metallic Medium like Vallejo's. Either as part of a mix or as something done over the top.
  7. I am looking to create the color used on Dr Pepper cans/bottles/boxes for an army of Dwarves. Two things I like combined into something I hope will look awesome. Having trouble creating the main color though. I have tried the Power Palette but get a pretty wide variety of colors based on the images out there. Most common are Deep Red, Blood Red, HD Crimson Red. Also unfortunately for me there is no easy access to Reaper paints where I live. I have no problem ordering them in but want to make sure I am on the right track before doing so. Any help confirming these colors or if there are other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. The products I have easy access to are: P3, GW, Army Painter, and Vallejo Model Color (Hobby Lobby). As I said I can order in other brands just want clarity before doing so. Thanks again for any help.
  8. some great mini's. I'll also add a request to know the bases.
  9. In Fact Hobby Lobby is running that very coupon right now. And usually Michael's will honor competitors discount coupons, or at least mine does if you need something from them when Hobby Lobby's is running. Good luck on the project and make sure to give us some photos when you are done.
  10. Wanted to let people know this especially with the multiple questions on this lately, my own included. Ott Lites are on sale at Michael's for 50% off all models and bulbs as well. I ended up picking one of these up after searching for a decent solution for quite a while and really like it but they are generally quite pricey. If you were thinking about getting one now is the time to get one at a decent price.
  11. I unfortunately didn't find anything for you this weekend Airsoftlover but I talked to a store owner I know that is going to check with the couple of places he gets mini's through and if he comes up with any he'll let me know.
  12. Topic says it. Working on a mini that doesn't have a great deal of space to work with in the face as it's partially obstructed with a hood. The mini in question is 3491 Anirion, Wood Elf Mage. The eyes are so small I'm having some difficulty. Any suggestions? I was almost thinking of doing something with shadows to obscure the eyes but I'm not sure how well that would work.
  13. excellent paint job. love the beard.
  14. Where do you find a paint shaker and approximately how much do they go for? I checked Hobby Lobby and Michaels as well as my FLGS but no luck. I would just use my Jigsaw as suggested but I have a 2 1/2 year old running around that loves to see what dad is doing and try to replicate it so yeah, not so much.
  15. I got lucky and found mine in a clearance bin for 1.99. I'm going figure hunting this weekend and I'll keep my eye out and let you know if I find one.
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