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  1. My suggestion is to not implement the rules if you don't want to. Fall back on rule 0, the DM has final say. That doesn't mean you have to be draconian about it, unless you're Dragon :D, but you have the right to not want to switch rules in mid game. My group and I have decided to forego using the new rules until the next game, even though many of us ARE looking forward to it. Mainly because it may very well affect game continuity and allow things that are contrary to things that couldn't happen before, and nothing is worse for a player than feeling jipped. So we'll just wait. It is very disruptive otherwise. Then again I've never been a fan of the because TSR/WOTC says so thing. It is your game. Like the whole Lolth withholding her spells for her priests storyline, that you won't find out the reason for until the book let's you know in 2006 or something stupid. WRONG! Not waiting. Don't want to. One idea thrown out, because it doesn't fit the game.
  2. It's good to see that there are others who are as hopelessly addicted to minis as I am. :) This way I don't feel alone in my illness. heh heh
  3. Falgrim

    Skoli figs

    An interested fan never forgets. BUMP. :)
  4. I'll put my name on this one. I love that site. I reccomend scrolling through other e-mails as well.
  5. I'd have to say it's a tie between Sandra GArrity and Werner Klocke, but it's real close. And the other sculptors aren't far behind them in my view. Reaper sculptors have so impressed me I buy their minis #### near exclusively...as it should be. Kudos to all of the Reaper staff!!! :D
  6. Falgrim

    Skoli figs

    Being new around here, but not to Reaper minis, I read through the 20 PAGES pf this thread and I do recall some mention of a PDF about the Skoli so might I humbly say... Bump. :cool:
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