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  1. I must say I do find this rather interesting. I have painted a few warhammer armies in the past and never had thought of trying this out. I think this will be a rather nice trick to try when I get into painting mantic abyssal dwarves and orcs(which is coming very soon). Thanks for the tutorial.
  2. Actually just painting in general. Everything from how you paint metal(rusted or not, skin, blending, washing, and all that other fun stuff.
  3. Well sense you asked he could have a bit more rust on his armour. Kinda like how you have it on the sword. Buy the way I've been meaning to ask you where did you learn to paint like that and can I find any of it online?
  4. This looks really awsome. Nice work.
  5. Very nice dragons. Deathsleet looks really awsome. The sisters are looking rather nice as well. This reminds me I need to finish my armies for warlord.
  6. This thing looks awsome. Nice work man.
  7. Interetsing mini. Reminds me of kingdom hearts 2. Very nice paint job. The Hair makes me smile as I don't see green hair very often on miniatures.
  8. This is insanely awsome. I definetly say this is one of the best minis i've ever seen painted. Hopefully one day I can be this good.
  9. I agree. A+ is definetly a good grade for this miniature.
  10. Thanks. I will definetly give that a try. Should I do that with the metals as well?
  11. This is a cygnar force I have been working on as commission. Caption Haley Commander Adept Nemo Defender Trenchers Trencher Chain Gun Crews Sword Knights Journeyman Warcaster This was a rather fun little force to paint. It is rather interesting to paint these guys up before I paint up my force. Definetly want to add a one or two more hightlights to the blues. Gonna switch the bronze to a gold for mine. The white areas I want to do diferently. I have a few ideas on what I want to do diferently on them which I will try on the next batch. Well have at them and let me know what you guys think.
  12. I really like the red hair on her. How did you do it?
  13. Sorry for not posting anything for a while guys. Been a bit busy with some things but now I have something for you guys. Here is the first in a long line of abyssal dwarves I will be painting soon. The main idea of this is to paint them kinda like normal chaos warriors. The others I will be making will be kinda like this but with some more chaos warrior bitz on them. Now the fun part comes. Building an army.
  14. This looks rather nice. The colors for both the dress and the hair look rather good together. Well done.
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