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  1. Ok I have a new reptues list that is a slight modification from my original. Here we go. Troop 1: Kong-To Pakpao, clutchling caster reptues warrior x2 reptus skullbreaker x2 clutchling archer clutchling javeliner Troop 2: Uru, river troll chieftain Uszkuluz Grayhide, Troll Shaman River troll x2 Troop 3: Gam-Nan, Gaan-Hor Elder Gaan-Hor warrior x3 Troop 4: Dragon Turtle Points 1000 I think this is a rather nice little new list. But let me know what you guys think.
  2. Congradulations! I do hope all goes well for you and the baby is nice and healthy.
  3. This is a viking girl worthy of frank frazzeta. I like the claock and tattoos the most on her. Well done.
  4. Any of the koborlas that have the words "Rageclaw," in the name.
  5. Ok so i'm really trying to make a push to get back into warlord and I find myself wanting to do two more armies so I can not only play with the new factions but also so I can have armies for people to play test with. Now the two factions I want to get are both the koborlas and kargir. Now I'm the kinda guy who likes to stick with a theme and run with it so keep this in mind as I explane the details of what i'm as you guys explain to me how these two armies work. First are the koborlas. The main theme of the list is just stick with the rage claw warriors and characters(except for crom). My main question for this faction, is it a good idea to just stick with these guys or is it a wiser decision to take the others? Second for the kargir. All I want with them is black orcs. Not just becouse I like them more but becouse I have something bigger planned for all the orcs i'm collecting. I put up a list before for this faction and some people suggested adding and changing a few things around. I have a fealing i'm not getting how i'm suppose to play kargir(though to be honest I haven't seen to many lists from that sections so thats what i'm basing this on), so I guess i'm asking how are you suppose to play them? Any help with this will greatly appreciated will be thanked profusly.
  6. I like the t-rex. The green looks really good on it.
  7. Here are the finished products of what I've painted for the TK force i'm being commissioned to paint. Ushabti(avatar of sokar) Skeleton archers Casket of souls Chariot Rather pleased all and all on how these guys have turned out. I got some feed back from the my client on the early stages of these miniatures and he was rather pleased with them. Let me know what you guys think.
  8. Meant to do this a while back but didn't have a laptop. So A few weeks back I was commissioned to paint a lot of TK models for an old client of mine. As soon as I got them and did this test model. I think it turned out rather well. But that is for the client to decide, but as I didn't have a laptop and kinda had a schedule to keep for them I went right to work. Here are the W.I.P.s of the other miniatures he sent me. Avatar of Osiris Chariots Casket of souls Skeleton Archers I think they are turning out rather nicely so far. I really like the avatar the most out of the bunch. Hopefully he likes what he sees.
  9. Very nice paint job on her. Like the blue with her skin tone.
  10. I will probably be adding Torg in the future. The main idea for this list is themed for something more than Warlord. I may also add the little goblines but that might be a while.
  11. Nice work on the icingstead stuff. I really want to get those frost giants now.
  12. Nice job on him. I really like the base you made for him.
  13. I am thinking about starting warmachine here soon and I was looking up some stuff about the new models. One of the things I discovered was that they were a mix of plastic and resin. I have mainly worked with metal and plastic models ever sense I started the hobby all those years ago and I know resin can cause cancer so I have stayed away from it like the plague. Sense I know privateer press is really moving forward with using this stuff for all their miniatures I was just asking what even though it has plastic in it can it still cause cancer and is their a way to work with it safely? And if their is nothing to worry about what are some ways to put it together becouse I know normal plastic glue won't work with it?
  14. Nice. I really like reading your stuff man. Next on the list should be red heads.
  15. Looks really nice. I can't wait to read your tutorial.
  16. I have this here army that just has black orcs and two of my favorite monsters in the army. Troop 1 Kavorgh Granak the Butcher 2 Black Orc Marauders 2 Black Orc Hunters 1 Black Orc Archer Troop 2 Gologh the Vicious Warbringer 2 Black Orc Marauders 1 Black Orc Hunter 1 Black Orc Archer Troop 3 Brugnungir Troop 4 Mountian Troll Total 992 Let me know what you guys think.
  17. Nice find. If you find more please share.
  18. I've been waiting to get my hands on Boerogg Blackrime, the frost giant jarl for several months now and they keep changing the month they are gonna release it. Whats up with that?
  19. I like the carnotaurus a lot(one of my favorite dinosaurs). The skin looks just plan amazing. The snake looks really nice as well. The dracolich looks good as well.
  20. I've looked a few times and i'm not entirly sure about the colors. I see this one for starters: http://www.middle-east-online.com/meopictures/big/_26051_Egypt_mummy.jpg I think brown, grey, bone and some kind of kaki color. But then I see this: http://www.topnews.in/files/Egyptian-mummy.jpg And then I have to switch out most of what I was thinking all together. I'm personally not entirly sold on how real GW does their mummy skin but it does look good for their army. I guess i'm just not sure.
  21. Hey guys sorry I haven't commented in a while, been having some computer problems. I'm getting a tomb kings commission soon and wanted to know what you guys thought about my bone recipe and if it can be improved in anyway, And need some help with a mummified skin recipe which I have none of what so ever. Here's the recipe: Primed white Khemri Brown base coat Glazed with Devlun Mud First highlight Kommando Kaki Second and last highlight Bleached bone Thoughts on the bone color and help with mummified skin is greatly appriciated.
  22. I will be broadcasting tonight at 7pm and will brobably run it for about two hours. Along with taking commissions I will be working on some characters for my comic book i'm really trying to get of the ground and try and paint some dwarf miniatures along with some others. Online Streaming Also I need to raise some cash so I can buy a new screen for my laptop. I dropped a heavy cup on it and I now need a new screen. Hope to see you guys there.
  23. WOW! You sir are awsome. Making me jealus.
  24. This guy is really starting to shape up very nicely. Can't wait to see the little details on this guys.
  25. Thanks guys. Not entirely sure what happened with the pics. I usually don't get pics this dark in my new picture taking area.
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