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  1. Very cool. If you don't mind me asking how does one get skin tones like that?
  2. Not bad. Scales look very nice. Base looks very awsome as well.
  3. I like this model. The skin tones are very nice and it sertainly looks different from any giant I have ever seen.
  4. Webscast tonight at 7pm central time: Video Streaming Software Hope to see you guys there.
  5. Very cool. I like the gal the most. The golem looks very good. The wolves are rather awsome as well.
  6. This is really cool. Gotta ask if you can tips on how you paint in general?
  7. Webcast tonight at 7pm central time. Will mainly be drawing and taking commissions. Live Stream Software Hope to see you guys there.
  8. I don't mean to sound rude or anything but I stated that the army had a dinosaur theme to it. That said, you did give me an idea. Those dragon turtle bodies give me an idea.
  9. WOW! That is a nice model. But I'm not making lord kroak. But now I have to buy it(damn you haldir) I'm looking for something smaller with a wide body. Been looking for a while now and haven't found one. I'd scratch build something but my skills in that area sucks really bad, and no cash to commission someone to scuilt something like that for me.
  10. Recently got my hands on an old slann mage priest from my local miniature store and am working on to fit my dinosaur themed lizardmen. Here's what I done got so far. (Note I have a banner i'm custom building but don't have the proper attachment for the back.) Unfortunetly it didn't come with the horns it was suppose to so I have to try and make my own. I want him to be ridding on top of a dinosaur but i'm not able to find a good models that is big enough to hold him up or is able to fit into a unit of temple guard. Any ideas on what would work?
  11. Been watching a lot of videos from awsomepaintjob on youtube. One of the main tools he use is an air brush to start off the main colors on his models and some other fun trickswith it. Just wondering if any of you use one and if it is worth it to buy one?
  12. Thanks for the comments guys. @Ferox: Those along with the undead bsb are commissioned pieces and the owner of them was gonna base them himself.
  13. Been meaning to do this. Here are some of my best stuff. Mantic undead BSB IOB Lord on griffon Dain of the Iron Hills Mantic Reveant Cavalry 14336: Istvan, Rageclaw Warhammer Dwarf Hero 14324: Herryk Aesir 14044: Uru Troll Cheiftain Warhammer Dwarf BSB Warhammer Skink Priest Warhammer Terradon Riders Warhammer Saurus Hero Warhammer Stegadon I know i'm not as totally awsome as some of you guys but let me know what you think of what my stuff here.
  14. Web cast tonight. Online Streaming Hope to see you there.
  15. Interesting. I may want to try and do something like this for if I ever restart my chaos warriors army.
  16. Hello every body. For a while now I have been doing a live webcast for a month now, and unfortunetly I keep forgeting to post the link here(sorry about that). On this webcast I paint my miniatures and draw good pictures and take commissions on either. Now during the web cast you can talk to me if you like, and if you do all you have to do is sign up for a ustream account which is free. Here is the link: Live Stream Software Hope to see you guys there. Oh and soon I will be posting my work.
  17. Definetly food for thought. I'll definetly consider more shooters for the future. The main resone I took the two mages that I did was to heal them up should they need it. Migh switch t'kay with pakpao. Now what tactics would be a wise idea with this list?
  18. Hello guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Now I know I haven't mentioned this but I have a reptus army i've been slowly putting together for a while now and finally have a list I like. Any and all input is welcome. So here we go. Troop 1: Kong-To T'kay Reptus cleric Reptus warriors x3 Reptus Skull Breaker x2 Troop 2: Uru, river troll cheiftain Uszkuluz Grayhide, Troll Shaman River trolls x2 Troop 3: Gam-Nan, Gaan-Hor Elder Gaan-Hor Warrior x3 Troop 4: Dragon Turtle Total Points 997 Now most of this I have but I'm willing to hear any changes I need to make and stratagies that would work with this list. I put my first real list in your guys knowledgable hands.
  19. I like it personally. Kinda fits the reptus theme in my opinion. So when can we expect the rider?
  20. Just wondering is this faction for the experienced players or can a newbie play them? And if so whats a good 1000 point list with the giant king and giant warrior?
  21. Here's a ramdom thought that poped into my head. Why not a half orc or half elf army. Fluff behind them would be that many of them band together into their own armies.
  22. Thx for the help guys. I did read those suggestions you had jdripley. I've been itching to get a bear cav model and now I have a lagitamite reason too.
  23. OK so I foolishly started a thread where I asked for help making a good 500point list for dwarves. Starting the thread was foolish but I did get the hint that it was here you post those questions. So to start of here are all the models I have for my dwarves. Herryk Aesir Kara Foehunter Durgam Deepmug 1xMancatcher 1xSheildmaiden 1xDwarf Warrior 1xPeircer And thats all my models. So any help would be really, really, really, really, really, really great guys.
  24. Hi everybody. I've been trying to put together a dwarf list for warlord for a while now and I can't seem to get a 500 point list I like(probably becouse i'm not that expericened in write them). I now I want to use Herryk Aesir as my warlord, about two warriors, halberdiers for support, and thats as far as I got. I'm a rather defensive player so I guess a piercer or two would also help. So thats as far as I got with my list. Any help figuring out the rest would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Factions: Icingstead, Korborlas, Dwarves, and Reptus Favorite: Not sure. Next faction: Either Kargir, Darkreach, Crusaders, Reven, or Nefsokar.
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