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  1. You may want to give polypropylene sheet a try, like a plastic folder or even a ziploc bag. Recently I've been using a piece of transparency film. I can usually wipe the dried paint off with a wet blister foam.
  2. After about 8 months Final picture entry I guess. Handle finally cracked from being wet so long plus the ferrule is now loose on the handle. BUT, the hairs are still secure on the ferrule.
  3. You might also want to consider the Dremel 2050 which is going to be released next month in the US I think. I recently picked one up on a trip to Japan. I find that I prefer it to my 8050 unless I really need a cordless one.
  4. My current go to brushes are a Holbein Series SD-Short #1 (or in a pinch a Jackson's series 1205 #4) and, if I need better control, a W&N Series 7 Miniature #4. When space is tight I'd grab my Jackson's 1205 #2 or S7 standard #1.
  5. Not to worry. It's a retired Series 7 #1. I've worn out the tip so it's shorter than a new one but still forms a fine point.
  6. That's why I prefer the OptiSight over the OptiVisor. I have tried reading glasses and although it allowed me to focus on objects closer to me it provided no magnification that I noticed. Using the OptiSight, looking through the lens gives me a magnified view of the fixed focal point but looking over, under and around the lens is normal view. The downside for you would be that it is still a headband type but I have modified mine to be a tad more comfortable.
  7. Winsor & Newton actually recommends to dry your brushes bristles up: Winsor & Newton: Care and cleaning of brushes "With water colour and acrylic brushes, it is important to remove excess water, dry ferrules and handles, reshape brush heads and rest them with the bristles facing upwards to dry off."
  8. What this experiment has thought me was that storing them or letting them dry tip down or horizontally may be unnecessary but does not harm the brush either. So in the end whatever works for everyone is fine I guess. Just like cleaning of the brushes. I paint almost everyday for about 2-3 hours. Most of the time a final rinse in my water cup is all I need before storing my brush. I wash my brushes with brush soap maybe once every 2-3 months or after I use metallic paints.
  9. Of course the other option was to ask Winsor & Newton:
  10. You're probably right. Looking at my old brushes which doesn't have as sharp a tip anymore through my magnifier I can notice the hairs with the broken tips. However, with this experiment I am trying to show that neither storing nor letting your brushes dry tip up would ruin them. Will come back to report on the 6th month's test (if I don't forget) unless something happens sooner.
  11. +1 on the capillary action. I think manufacturers are recommending storing them tip up because this is the safest way to store them without damaging the hairs even without a cap while taking up as little space a possible.
  12. I've read recommendations to store them tip them specially when drying. I guess this experiment is so I can see if they have a point. Exactly what I wanted to find out. Painter who made the video was wondering if anyone did a long term experiment. I said I have the materials and would give it a shot. I'd like to document the progress weekly but I'll probably post result here monthly...if it survives that long. 1) Yeah. I'd like to believe the big name brands would know not to use water soluble glue specially for brushes made for watercolors. 2) I've only been painting for around 9 years but not only have I stored them tip up but I let them dry tip up. I also only clean my brushes with brush soap about every few months or after I use metallics. In the 2nd picture, two brushes to the right of the brush participating in this experiment is my current Series 7 #1. I've been using it for at least a year now, maybe around 50 hours of use. Almost all of the brushes I've retired were because the tips weren't as sharp as I wanted anymore. This reminds me, I'd like to test this too. Also cut the ferrule lengthwise to see what's inside. The title of this thread should have been Brush torture test...
  13. I recently saw a brush care video which mentioned a couple of things I don't agree with: 1. if water gets in the ferrule it can degrade the glue holding the hairs 2. brushes should not be stored bristles up I have an old Series 7 #1 and one those floral water tubes. I've thought of doing this before so here goes. Day 1
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