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  1. LadyArgent: Thanks, that's actually very helpful I was thinking that might be what they meant about the source lighting, and I was also thinking it needed more on the head and shoulder areas, which I've been particularly unhappy with. The pic helps, so thanks to Anne Cooper as well Now I just gotta get it pictured in my head and see what I can do. -Kael My blog
  2. He does look a little cartoonish, doesn't he? I want him to look like some street lamp or maybe the moon is just barely lighting the folds in his clothes.
  3. Source lighting? I'm not sure what that means - could you elaborate?
  4. After somewhat of a hiatus on painting and other crafty stuff, I decided to get back in the swing of things. The photos below are after a highlight, wash and re-highlight. I'm not completely satisfied with the highlighting but I'm not sure how to fix it: Suggestions would be most welcome Thanks! -Kael My Blog
  5. Thanks, and you're right about the practice. Of course, less caffeine before painting would probably help, too, but that's asking a lot
  6. Thanks for the kind comments, folks; at long last, I think I'm pretty much done: (and hey, I figured out how to get the picture to look bigger *404*) I didn't want to upload all the alternate views, but more pics can be found on my blog once I get the post done. There are a couple of spots (such as between the straps on her shoulder) I would (and tried to) fix, but between minimum brush sizes and my shaky hands, it just ain't happenin'. Suggestions for improvement are, of course, always welcome
  7. Wow - he's looking great - his face is very expressive -Kael
  8. I like your color choices for this mini I think the earlier comments are right: your paint is too thick. If you do decide to start over, I've found that Simple Green diluted for common household use and a toothbrush work great without pitting the metal (not that I speak from experience or anything -Kael
  9. Thanks And I'm just happy they look like leaves; her shield and outer armor are actually just flat surfaces and I'm usually highly intimidated by the "blank canvas." I did do some touching up where my hand apparently spazzed on the shield. I'm not 100% happy with her hair and am thinking I may do a few more layers, though the overall red color will stay the same.
  10. I worked on her hair this evening; my goal is to show off the cool sculpting. I like the color scheme but I think it needs work. My blog: Yarnvana
  11. Howdy: I'm debating whether to lighten up the leather parts, but I think the darker browns show off the green. I've not yet decided what color to do for her hair. She needs lots of touching up. My blog: Yarnvana
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