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  1. You my friend are a champion, thanks to everyone heaps. Now lets see if can do this lofty goal I have st my self; I'll let you all know how it goes.
  2. Awesome, that's what I though/was hoping for. So would I be able to assemble the mini I'm after just from pieces from the boneyard? If so which one's would I need (it's the leg sets on the Spider Centaur that have me confused)? I'm just after the cheapest way to do this, sorry that I'm such a noob but this is my first foray into Reaper's products.
  3. I'm fine with that, I plan on using these for some of my big bads. Ah, probably beyond my capabilities at this point. Thanks for the great info though, Labith sounds like she's the perfect size (i'm after a mini for a 3" x 3" or a 4" x 4"); I just want some better legs and fangs, would either Spider Centaur or Huge Spider work? As I said I'm after a base of a 3" or 4" square so I don't mind if thy go out further just as long as they look right at the body where they join.
  4. Ah, I see I wasn't clear, when I meant the base I really mean the amount of space they'll take up on a battle grid (so the dimensions of the length of the base points of the figures, if that make sense). Oh wait you were joking perhaps in future I shouldn't respond at 2am Thank you very much for the excellent response; and if you're right on the sizing these figures could be just right for me. I saw that, but these mini's I'm after don't have the triangle/biangle things. Thanks anyway.
  5. Hey guys, I'm sorry if this has been answered many times and I'm sure it has; but I couldn't find it. How do I figure out the sizes of some of the minis; I've seen some of the new ones have little triangles to help out but many of the older don't and I don't want to buy one for my D&D game only to find out it's completely the wrong size. Please note this is not a question of scale (I kinda understand that now) but size of individual minis. Now for some background, I've been playing D&D 4E for about a year and a half now and have amassed quite a collection of the D&D minis by WotC; so I am very used to their sizing and am after something similar (ie; tiny, small, medium, large, huge, gargantuan clossal). Also as such the only size that really matters to me is the size of the base. If there is no easy system to determain the size of minis could I get some help with the following two minis: Labith, Female Spider Demon Cadirith, Colossal Monstrous Spider Also, if someone wants to be super-amazing does anyone know (or have any idea) if the legs from the Colossal Monstrous Spider would fit on the Female Spider Demon in place of her legs? How about the fangs (chelicerae)? Thanks guys, sorry for my ignorance/newbish-ness.
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