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  1. "You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means."
  2. As my personal sanctum has recently been co-opted and turned into a sewing room, I start from a point of jealousy. Second, I am further wondering what I did to the cosmos to deserve such a different closet path. When I go digging, looking for some old item, I usually find an unwanted gift left on the closet/garage floor by my stubborn little Italian Greyhound and not something cool like the origin Battle Mech rules I started out for or any other such item. If it truly gets to you, I will gladly try to work a trade!
  3. Thinking this is part of an elite unit of shock troops for house kurita. Hello Kitty and Friends Brigade...
  4. So if Hello Kitty gets a Marauder(giving me really bad flashback to playing Battlemech in the 80's), what Mech fits Kuromi? As for the paint job and decals, completely awesome...
  5. I am looking to run a game on Saturday, April 30th. Adventurers in a 3.5 setting are welcome. I can make time for character creation first. Shoot me a note or post to let me know if you are interested! Need to have enough bodies to avoid a TPK. Don't want to get a repuation for killing characters after all!
  6. Smoker might be an issue but grilling should be OK. Perntinent code is as follows - **Section 308.3.1: amended to read as follows: Section 308.3.1. Open-flame Cooking Devices. Charcoal burners and other open-flame cooking devices shall not be operated on combustible balconies or within 10 feet (3,048 mm) of combustible construction. Exceptions: 1. One- and two-family dwellings. If a grill can be had, it can be used there!
  7. After having taken a much longer than expected hiatus from my secret RPG addiction, I was talking with an old friend about getting back into gaming. He jealously pointed out I was in biking distance (yeah right) of this place that made miniatures. I went there to get him a 40th B-day gift (sadly, he is younger than I), and wandered in amazement wondering why the heck I had ever stopped playing. I took my kids a few weeks later and started picking up the necessary baddies to make sure players can see what they are up against. No looking back now!
  8. Been mixing some Police (anything really), Flogging Molly and pulled out Metellica self titled. Some interesting titles listed so far. May have to spend some time sampling if the "honey do's" aren't to big this weekend.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I typically write when stuck on plane for business. Means gaps occur. Trying to work on it more regularly and quiet some of the voices in my head!
  10. Updating post one only to save visual noise (unless what I write qualifies!).
  11. Prologue The sun had long set. The nights chill crept over this hallowed place as the hearth had long been banked for the night. A solitary robed figure, hands scarred by arthritis and more, slowly straightened with a sigh over the large bound book on one of the desks in this space. With a final dusting of talc to set the ink, he gently blew across the page and closed the tome. With creaking knees, the aged figure stood and blew out the low flickering candle lighting his work. With gentleness far beyond what a single book would seem to warrant, he took it in his hands and shuffled to
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