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  1. I wonder how a Reaper cookbook would sell? rolleyes.gif

    It depends on who wrote it...I'll bet if Ed and Bryan teamed up to write one, it would sell pretty well.


    Of course, it wouldn't be much of a cook book - more like a bunch of topless girls chowing down on hot wings.ik_devil.gif

    I think we have a best seller.


    Can't really think of anythin else ATM.

  2. Being the season forzombies and whatnot, i figured now would be a good time to recommend this book to those who haven't read it yet. It was written by Max Brooks, and follows the personal accounts of the survivors of the Zombie War. The personal perspective is what makes the book shine. The only thing that outshines the perspective is the humor. It is laugh-out-loud funny throughout, either in spite of or because of the grim events going on.


    I won't spoil any more than I already have. Tis the season to be grisly and read this book. Two thumbs way up.


    There are a couple of differences between GW and other companies, though. First, GW is the big boy on the block, so it's naturally going to have more people pointing out it's flaws. Second, and IMO, more telling, is that a lot of the anti-GW crowd (myself included) started out as fairly loyal WFB/WH40k fans, and wound up feeling scammed, cheated, betrayed or something similar by GW.


    In a lot of ways, GW is like that ex-girl/boyfriend that was always pulling crap on you during your relationship, and it's hard to keep your mouth shut about their bad behaviour when you see them cozying up to your friends.

    I'll second these notions, in fact I had a constructive discussion with a game store owner yesterday about this.


    As far as the background of WHF and 40k, regardless of how derivitive they may be, I like the grittiness. In a world where Disney defined "fantasy" for a lot of people, it's refreshing to see worlds where the princesses don't always get saved by some pretty-boy prince in shining armor and riding a gleaming white steed. GW understands that without terrible villains, there would be no need for heroes. In fact, their villains are the highlights of their games.


    As far as GW the company, I have a few issues and have been willing to throw out the conspiracy theories. To anyone who has played WHF, did you ever notice how much better High Elf Swordmasters got from the 6th Ed HE book to the 7th Ed HE book? It was quite a leap and bound. True, they were vulnerable as always to missile fire, but anything that got into melee with them got sliced, diced, and pureed. Anyhow, I'd be really curious as to the sales figures for the last five years on Swordmasters; my guess is that Swordmaster sales saw an impressive spike somewhere after the release of the 7th Ed army book.


    Which would be fine and good if a 20-man block of Swordmasters was currently a viable option. Now they pretty well need 30-40 man blocks with the changes to WHF 8th Ed. Eight editions alone is an interesting debate. Was the game really so broke that you needed to do a drastically different edition. I came in 6th ed, so I sort of missed out on the mythical days of "Herohammer", but 6th ed was solid. Then they went to 7th ed, which was really more like 6.1.0 ed. It took out a few things here, revamped a few things there, and aside from the nasty Miscast table and spanking new spell lists, was not much of a change. Well, 8th ed turned that on its head. It's almost "Anti-Herohammer" with HUGE blocks of infantry (more models to BUY and paint) and at 2000 pts you don't get to use your awesome fully upped Lord of Change.


    Don't even get me started on what they did to Chaos overall the last two years. I'm still bitter furious.

  4. Confrontation has sweet models (the metal ones anyway). A lot of the 40K line are great. WFB has gotten better as well.*1 The rules for 8th WFB suck.*2 40K is pretty bad too. Spinespur has some mediocre minis and some really good ones. The ruleset is the best for a game of that scale. I can say that because I didn't write them. The guy who did, writes for Privateer now. Warmahordes has a lot of nice minis and the best rules of a major game.*3 If you want competition, that is your game. Reaper has really top models, but very small player-base. >< Wargods is best Rank and File game for minis+Rules, but small player-base. ><

    *1 WHFB has some really cool models (elven infantry, any type), but there are also some bad stinkers out there (the new Minotaurs are a crime against sculpting.)


    *2 This comes back to my point earlier in the thread. I came into WHFB during 6th edition. Pretty good ruleset, if imperfect. 7th ed was really 6.1 ed. 8th ed is horrible. I realize they were trying to accomplish some things in-game, but a lot of the problems were in army-balancing and not the core ruleset. 6 ed and 6.1 ed were solid rules, but then they had some out-of-whack armies (Lizardmen, who had a habit of breaking and ignoring a great many rules and intended uses of the rules, come to mind. Wood Elves, too.) And PS, 40k has sucked for quite a while, which is a shame because they get a lot of cool minis for the game.


    *3 I like the WM/H system, although MkII was neccesitated because of "new-release power creep", where new stuff pretty much made most of your old stuff obsolete. I think re-balancing model point costs and a few addenda (Model Volume was a good idea) would have done the game better than the switch to MarkII. I do worry that they're getting a bit of the GW bigheadedness; it could make a good company go bad.


    PS, Wargods has some cool minis. Just saying.

  5. I've been looking at quite a few tabletop and strategy games and was wondering what draws you to a particular rules set? What game has the best set-up, turn sequence, initiative, magic, models stats etc...

    Pretty much it's the sum of all the parts.


    I wasn't terribly impressed with Warmachine because of the warjack models, even though I thought the ruleset was pretty cool. When Hordes came out I went gaga... big stompy beasts of war incorporated in a very similar and compatible ruleset.


    Yeah, if you don't have cool minis (cough AT-43) I'm not remotely interested.

  6. Mostly I'm curious on a few issues regarding the Ice Queen and D'khul.


    1. Are familiars worth the 15/30 pt outlay?


    2. Do you find yourself burning them out with the higher-cost spells, or using more of a mix of the "lesser" spells as the situation dictates? (One of the reasons I consider familiars for one or both.)


    3. Do you find magic can compensate for a lack of ranged attacks in a Darkspawn army, or should I strive to have at least some shooting?


    Eternally hateful,


  7. I'll second the Black lagoon recommendation.


    For starters, it exists outside of the typical anime boxes of high fantasy, dystopian future, and anachronistic present. There are no giant robots or animal-human hybrids. There are a couple cute kids, but they hold their story arcs well, and the twins are just the creepiest things ever.


    It revolves around the crew of the Black Lagoon, a PT boat (like the ones Pres. John F. Kennedy served on) whose crew does work mostly for the various criminal elements of Roanapur (I want to say Thailand, I could be wrong... it's definitely SE Asia) and the misadventures that come into their lives because of it. I love a good anti-hero, and the crew definitely qualifies. Given their occupations, they run into all sorts of unsavory criminal elements. Gangsters of many nationalities have taken up residence in Roanapur, and they drive the underground. The supporting cast are a diverse bunch; the major support cast are well done, minor recurring characters are played just right, and the "redshirts" of the series, well, just be glad it's not you.


    Fair warning to the easily offended: The only thing flying out faster than the F-bombs (english dub) are the bullets. Also, the various characters like to drive recklessly (cars and boats), drink heavily, chain smoke, and engage in unlawful behaviour of many sorts. To be honest, this constitutes about half the show's charm for me. For the other half, you'll have to check it out: I'm not spoiling it.


    As a note this game was designed at 1000 points. Also you’ll find much of what annoyed you in the last war game you played isn’t the case. 1000 points is very fun so don't worry about building to 1000 points.



    I figured to start with 500 pts because I was going to have to recruit people into the game. Smallish model count, reasonable start-up costs.


    Still, I see what you're saying about 'designed for 1000 pts'. it gives you enough troops to truly utilize the initiative card system, plus you can mix and match your forces a bit more.


    How does this look at 1000 pts?


    Darkspawn - 999 points


    Troop 1

    Witch Queen

    D'Khul, Bathalian


    Demon Warrior x 2

    Ice Demon x 2

    Albatross Amulet


    Troop 2

    Guros, Baron of Whips

    Magic Weapon

    Thuusia, Pain Mage

    Demon Imp x 2

    Lesser Devil x 2

    Isiri Pain Tender


    Troop 3


    Magic Ranged Weapon

    Isiri Archer x 4


    Troop 4

    Devourer of Mashaf


    Troop 5



    Troop 6

    Demon Imp x 3


    Ice Queen, D'kul, Thuusia, and to a lesser extent, Guros and Devourer provide magical support. I have one dedicated troop of ranged attackers, a dedicated band of Demon Imps for harassment, and Marilith to slice and dice on a flank or whatever. Easier said than done, i'm sure, but I should have most options covered.


    My only real point of contention was whether to take a magauroth (I would probably drop Dkul and an Imp from this list.) It looks like a good heavy hitter with some nasty specialties.

  9. I had pretty drcent results on a Feralgeist (Hordes minion) using "reverse highlighting", where I started with a pale yellow base and built up the "highlights" to a basecoat-dark yellow-green. I finished it off with some yeloow ink glazes.


    I imagine a similar technique could work white-->light blue.

  10. Because it's on topic, how does this look for a 500 pt Darkspawn list?


    Darkspawn - 497 points


    Troop 1

    Guros, Baron of Whips

    Magic Weapon

    Ice Demon x 2

    Lesser Devil x 2

    Thuusia, Pain Mage


    Troop 2


    Demon Imp x 2

    Goatman Demon x 2


    Troop 3

    Demon Imp x 4


    Troop 4



    Luck Stone


    As far as I can tell, my biggest weakness is a near-total lack of ranged attacks (Lesser Devils have short-range option). My spell support looks decent to me, with various available buffs and attack speels available thru two casters. I'm pretty well happy with the melee capabilities overall. Am I reading into all this correctly? Thanks.

  11. Here in Denmark people who try the game tend to like it, but gravitate towards games with more players. So you'll have the weird situation of a lot of people playing GW games, not because they prefer the systems but because it's where the opponents are to be found. I have a small group of people who play Warlord occasionally but it has never really achieved "critical mass" to really spread. Mostly I think it's because the miniatures and rules are not easily available around here.


    And yeah, people in denmark (copenhagen area) can shoot me a PM and I'll hook them up with my group.

    Actually that sounds like the situation in my FLGS. Ten tables upstairs, on Saturday afternnon, I can pretty well gaurantee 5-8 will be 40k games, and maybe the fringe games like Hordes/Warmachine and Malifaux have a game or two going on. When I get back, I really want to get into Warlord and see if I can get a few people to try it out. The ruleset sounds pretty solid, but a lot of variety to be had. Plus the monetary investment is pretty reasonable by industry standards. (I priced a 500 pt Darkspawn army for ~$100 US. Plus it should look seriously cool once I get it painted up.)


    Best of luck to you all. If I ever make it to the Olde Country (don't hold your breath), I'll shoot an email your way.

  12. Hello.


    I'm looking for help from people who have used both the Reaper Master Series and P3 paint series. I've been using mostly P3 for the last 3 years after switching from Vallejo Game Color. I'm looking to expand my paint collection and have heard a lot of good things about RMS, but I'm mostly interested in the similarities and differences to P3.


    Thank you

  13. I've been a fan of Liquitex Matte Medium for three years. Of course, using a lot of P3 paints, I also thin my paints a lot. I find the "body" of the medium keeps my paints together. Ironically, my paints still end up a bit shiny.


    I started using flow improver lately and find it useful in small amounts, particularly a bit of freehand I've been working on. Still getting a feel for it so don't quote me yet.

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