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  1. My top 5

    1. Smoky Ink (VGC): so many good uses and a little goes a long way. Leather. Oily metal. Smoke and heat build-up. Hair (redheads and dirty blondes). It's almost never a part of the primary colors, but it adds so many touches it's impossible not to use.

    2. Skorne Red (P3), Bloody Red triad (RMS): I love me some deep reds. Can't say I done them perfect (yet), but I do love them.

    3. Beaten Purple (P3): Quite possibly the most perfect shade of violet ever. Rich yet vibrant. Becoming even more "go-to" as a primary color in my Journeyman Cryx force.

    4. Walnut Brown (RMS): I concur that it singularly useful for so many detailing procedures where Smoky Ink just isn'tt the right tool.

    5. Ghost White and Linen White (RMS): I throw them in the category of go-to highlighting tools, as most of what I've done so far is dark. GhW for cool colors and LiW for warm colors. On their own they are super cool colors to boot, but I do so little white, they mosyly serve as a highlighting tool.

  2. I used to use a ceramic tile for a pallette, and they are indeed easy to clean. Not bad for less than $1.00 from home improvement store. That was 5 years ago when I saw someone suggest them.


    For plastic well pallettes, I like to clean them out as best I can and brush a layer of matte medium as a barrier between the previous paint and let it dry overnight.

  3. I really like the powder blue+pink combination (especially the blended fade on Cass' dress). I was expecting something in a x-and-white scheme, but that was pretty cool. I suspect a Showgirl&Mannequin to be appearing in the near future???

  4. @Stub, if I read your post correctly, then I got the Reaper-Warlord situation wrong. My bad. And thanks to you and the development team. That was some great work and an awesome game.


    It's an unfortunate disconnect that "official" support is so minimal. They're a miniatures company. They have a great game with brand tie-in to said minis.


    /bangs head against wall

  5. Well, they just released the beta for a new faction. The game is supported well enough, it's more a matter of promoting it that seems to be the big issue. I' going to start running demos just to get a basic awareness.


    On the other hand, it's probbaly not the cup of tea of the 40k/WMH generation where you simply get to roflstomp unopposed- we have a lot of pushback against Infinity for many of the same reasons (ARO is overpowered... Durrrr) one man's feature is another man's issue.


    I think it's a good thing that Warlord doesn't suffer from rules/unit bloat. The game is solid and isn't reliant on "new combos" to make it continuously interesting.

  6. Welcome to the boards as well as Warlord.


    Since you want to try a good army and have emigrated from WHF (as I have in the last year) I wish you a lot of fun games. As you've probably seen already, the game is completely different in a lot of good ways. One of the nice things is the sheer number of non-Warlord models that can be used for a force. I'm building a dwarf force and right now I' using a Dwarf barbarian model for one of the Battlefury boys... He just looks loke a battle-furied dude, so it was kinda onvious for me. It allows your armies to be unique aesthetically (to one degree or another).

  7. I preferred the older (pre-92) Jacksons, although their later guitars had a lot of neck and fret issues. I did like my Ibanez, the neck had a lot of the feel of my Jacksons. My secret weapon, of course, was a solid-state Randall half-stack- stupidly crisp distortion and a rich clean tone for when I needed it (not that often).

  8. Very cool effect. I'll have to try it on some of the more "regal" minis... doesn't really feel right for Gorman, but very cool effect. Also liked the way you did the browns in a way where they pop without dominating the mini.

  9. The leather jacket is cool, especially the back side. The face is cool, the 5 o'clock shadow was a really nice touch. White t-shirt was done perfectly, which doesn't feel right for the mini- needed some beer stains ;) . The blacklining on the guitar looks a bit heavy up close, but very cool capturing the punk-rock feel.

  10. For creepy October reading it's hard to go against H.P. Lovecraft... unless you plan on getting sleep. One of the few writers who general creeps me out.


    On a much lighter note, I should be getting my copy of World War Z (Max Brooks) back in the next few days. If you haven't read it yet, it is at the top of my all-time reading list.

  11. Sounds fun. The armies did look to be more "elite" with smaller troops, so little tactical moves like winglock really make a difference. Pretty nice use of Master-Blaster with the spells followed up by some good ol' fashioned krumpin'.


    Sounds like grounds for a rematch after discussing combined-arms.

  12. Actually it's probably closr to 3.5"-4" tall. Still, a big, beefy, beautiful mini worth picking up and painting even if you're not planning on running it.

    If non_Reaper isn't an issue, check out Crocodile games' Wargods of Aegyptus line- all Egypt, all the time, and most of them pretty cool.


    PS, the Avatar looks pretty solid. With a little bit of pinning, it should be indestructible.

  13. Finish little details on Anny's reindeer, then on to painting Anny herself.


    Some Dwarf Klockebowmen for fun, then onto redux on some YuJing for Infinity. Got the Zhanshi and Hsien primed and ready, then need to get a Domaru, Shang Ji, Hac Tao, and Celestial Guard assembled, primed, and... Well, I suspect the WMH campaign won't last long so we can get some games in for other systems.

  14. Beautiful shading- it's the part that allows the highlights to really pop. It also allows the gold to contrast better. A great blend of technique that makes the artistic side to show off. I normally don't like the 'polished skull" look, but it really works in this case because they allow a bright and cool detail against a deep and warm background.

  15. Picked up some dwarf Klockebowmen last night and started thinking about a cool 500 pt demo list to build around them.

    TROOP 1: Logrim B, Kara F, 2x swiftaxes, piercer, kneebreaker

    TROOP 2: Fulumbar I, 2x piercers, 2x halberdiers, kneebreaker

    TROOP 3: earth elemental

    13 models, 3 troops, 2 spy, 1 caster, 4 shooters


    i think it has a little bit of everything which will make it a good demo list. Any thoughts in general or specifically regarding demo appreciated.

  16. I love how you did the face, but some eyebrows would really bring out/enhance the facial expression. I thought the highlights and shading throughout were pretty good. Looks spectacular at "arm's length" while looking very good up close.

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