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  1. ^If you haven't already, I recommend the Chronicles of Malus Darkblade- most of the truly scary druchii are the women. At one point Malus jokes with a sister about her "fashionably poisoned blades".



    Myself, for reasons discussed in the thread, thought the 6th ed witch elves were cool minis as well as being downright scary to anything without the word "Knight" in its name. In a game against a zombie-heavy list, dude charged my big box of 25 witches from 3 sides. After combat res, they overran. To be fair, in 6th ed zombies truly sucked.

  2. I'm surprised no one mentioned that Warcraft 2 featured green orcs. Probably the rest of the series too, but I only played that one. Not a point of origin by any means, more of a reinforcement point.


    I've seen a lot of excellent minis that incorporated human fleshtones into the highlighting, and it really made them look more real.

  3. Glad y'all liked it. I'm putting together a better photo setup this week, I'll try to get better pictures and more of them.


    @Bedlam, he's a tricky wodel, so much so that I tore up the vulture arm setting up to pin him. The upper arm is mostly putty work. On the other hand, I found the old man a joy to paint. The longcoat has enough creases to warrant attention but isn't terribly fiddly (imo anyway) and the model suggests enough shadow to warrant some cool shading oppurtunities. If I ever get the chance, I'd love to do him in a deep red (say the Blood Red trio).

  4. wow. Now I want to pick this mini and paint her.

    1. I love the contrast with the skin and cloth, and the blue on the staff ties everything together. Also, good call on not wanting to do the shoes in a brown leather*- always a chance it would be to close to skintone for contrast. (*unless of course you did ;) )

    2. I've been doing this for 8 years+ and haven't really gotten faster. If anything I got slower, but started painting cleaner and smoother as I did. I wouldn't worry about speed starting out; just learn to do things the right way.

    3. Keep up the good work.

  5. lol, I play Everblight, so almost all our warlock models are female as well as the majority of solos... In other words, the models you a: really want to use and b: really stand out. To be fair, the blight has created a few interesting mutations along the way. But it is entirely possible (and probable) thatI will be fielding an all-female warrior force in the near future (+warbeasts of course). Then again, Skorne has a similar trend of female solos. (there's a running joke with WMH that a lot of soldiers get an instant sex change during field promotions.)

  6. Monday002-1.jpg



    crooked men


    group shot


    Nicodem I was pretty happy with til I sealed him. Deep somber colors. Check. Actual contrasts on the leathers. Check. Metallics done neatly with little correction needed. Check. Even made progress on painting feathers, which with leather has been the bane of my existence. Then two things happened. First, I got him sealed and realized that I forgot to do the band on his top hat. :blink: Then I realized that I hadn't let the gloss varnish dry completely before applying matte. :wacko: Oh well, I had to re-seal him, so maybe that might fix it... NOT! :angry: After snapping the pics, the rear view is horribly mutilated by the varnish issue, but isn't noticeable in person. Oh, and I wish I'd blacklined the band on the top hat before sealing that- the camera really picked that up.


    The zombified population (a sampling in the group shot) was done doing a variation on zenithal glazing technique as described by Ghool here. I got 16 minis done with about 24 to 30 (lost track at some point) total work, from blisters to based. the results are kinda mixed0 obviously, deep bonnets aren't really meant for sucha technique, even adapting it to my needs.


    Overall, I'm satisfied with the crew's look. very decayed, abused, used, and recycled- just how the old man rolls. now if I can just get a game of Malifaux and run them... :devil:

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  7. They're called boobs :lol: Seriously I tend to agree, the female figures for the most part are just sculpted better.

    Some of us are 'Brazillian' in our tastes in women, and let's face it, some sculptors do the glutes very nicely. :wub: You may as well ask about 'combat stilettos' while you're at it.


    To go deeper than that, there is a lot more variety to be had when sculpting/painting female minis from a fashion standpoint, and sculptors like to go a little more nuts with the accesories and just oddball-ness. Take Lylyth (Hordes, pic link here). She is ungodly with a bow, despite the fact she has a helm with no visible eyeslits (covered in the rules) and a solid D cup (not), all the while prancing around in all sorts of terrain in heels, a cape, and some seriously cool armor. And it,s not just her, she just comes to mind cuz I've been playing her lately.


    Speaking of armor, sculptors tend to get very creative with armor for females, and it usually ends up being really cool and with a bit more stylized than the assembly_line approach used forging armor for the masses of male warriors (those who actually do go to armor in more than a loincloth and a scowl.) and let's face it, a male model trying to pull a Hannah Blackruby pose is going to get laughed at.

  8. well, that sucked. I made great progress on some Zhanshi and the Hsien, I gave then a rinse and forgot to blowdry them... Next day the paint was bubblelicious- into the stripping jar. At least I'll have a reason to finish up Mortimer and the Grave spirit tonight. The rest of the zombies are finito as of last Friday night. Now to snap some pics for posting.


    Update 9/26: after the bubbling disaster I finished Morty and the Grave Spirit and the first layer of gloss varnish dried overnight. going to apply matte varnish to them and let it dry overnight before basing (see my Nicodem thread for details...) before getting back to work on Annyssa. Infinity has been put on hold til after the WMH campaign (should be at least another 6 weeks) so no longer a priority- my sexy reindeer rider with the bow of awesome is. Got the reindeer put together, one last bit of final buffing and cleaning before i prime him. Annyssa is cleaned up and ready for assembly, i just need to grad some wood to mount her on while i paint her seperately.


    To be honest, probably would not have gotten the Infinity stuff done this week anyway... but that paint issue sucked. :grr:

  9. I guess I should clarify "project". It doesn't mean doing one mini at a time. Many games require big units. One recent project were a max unit of Legion Swordsmen plus the UA. That's 12 minis. I guess technically I still haven't finished them because I have a few details (scabbards, cloth) to finish before basing them. Since starting that project, I finished Nicodem and a bunch of zombified stuff (finished) and have a bit of detailing on Mortimer and the Grave spirit. Think I'll get to them tonight, cuz I'd love to have them available fort his weekend. Meanwhile, swordsmen still not finished- and my Infinity stuff is still sitting there primed.

  10. 5. Have a plan to protect minis you expect to use for gaming. Nothing worse than spending many hours on a beautiful paintjob and having a bit rub off here and there after extended handling (or worse yet, the dropsies).

    4. Paint minis that really appeal to you. You'll be more inclined to do your best, or at least be inclined top not half-butt it.

    3. Finish your current project before moving on to the next one. Or else end up with a paint table cluttered with WIPs.

    2. Brush care. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

    1. Safety First. Know the hazards and dangers of the tools and materials you're working with. Some paints and additives contain toxic materials. Some minis contain lead. Use a Dremel? Have a dust mask and eye protection. Do NOT inhale vapors from aerosol primers and sealants. When in doubt, ask someone.

  11. Lylyth plus her battlegroup of Legion warbeasts FTW!!!


    I think the biggest problem is wanting to get the eyes done as quickly (read:in as few steps) as possible, well, for me anyway. My best eyejobs were done in 12 steps (give or take) for each eye. A few steps for blocking, a few layers for the pupil, a few layers for the iris, a few steps of outlining, and then that lil itty bitty dot. That's for single models- units get a bit less love and attention to detail.

    (*I will concur that some sculpts/casts are just terrible when it comes to eyes. My personal pet peeve atm are molds that run thru one eye- unforgivable!)

  12. Very nicely done. The consistent green armor ties the disparate members of the force together. Highlight is the kilt on the highlander- the pattern is well-executed and the color choices work nicely to contrast against the green.


    If you do any more highlanders, keeping the kilt pattern would be sweet.

  13. ...and four short months later my buddy and I have pretty much bought out the Yu-Jing we stocked at the store. Fortunately I ran into a guy who was in the process of picking up a bit of PanO stuff, so at least I may get to face a non-YJ faction in my first five games. The rules are pretty solid, but I'll be immersing myself in the FAQ sometime this week just to check out the various "if x can y..." situations others have experienced. Now all I need is a ninja for forward hacking shenanigans and I'll be happy.

  14. the zombified are almost to the point where I'm abandoning them. Mostly metals (tools, belt buckles) and basing. I also made some cool progress on the grave spirit. I could claim "simplicity" and call him done, but he doesn't quite seem ready. mortimer is in decent progress but he's a bit fiddly so proabably be a Friday finish with an impromptu session of Thursday night gaming.

  15. Did a variation on a bunch of zombified stuff for my Nicodem crew. Basecoated in Dark skin ( a not-overly-dark brown), dryrushed with Dark elf skin+ghost white to build out of the shadows, then drybrushed the overhead zenithals with pure white. Made for a great undercoat to glaze over, although my glazes started off a bit thin and I overcompensated and ended up with more of a wash with some colors, so had to do a little more classic layering in places. Being zombies, it works... Took the night off frompainting after a long two weeks of work+paint+gameday on Saturday. Will try to finish tomorrow night and post pics sometime this week.


    Overall, I found this method to be workable and may include elements of it into "normal" techniques. When the glazes were "right", thwy really transitioned color onto the "preshade/highlight" areas and tied together some of the rough transitions nicely. For painting cannon fodder, I give it two thumbs up but would go a more "classic" route for really important models.

  16. Got a bit of finishoing to do on my Nicodem crew. In addition to the starter box, I have almost completed 3ea crooked men, 4ea canine remains, and 6ea mindless zombies using a variation of Ghool's zenithal technique. The bad part, I kinda blew off finishing Mortimer and the grave spirit. (d'oh!) as a side nite, that technique works almost too well for zombified stuff.

    Then I'll be in a mad rush to do my Infinity WuJing starter box and a HacTao by the 18th for a demo game, although I can blow off the Hac Tao as it will probably be a 150 pt game and... Well, fitting a 74pt model ain't happening.


    Oh, and unleashing my weak pic-fu to show it all off.

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