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  1. These are the kind of off-the-wall models that will get people (back) into the game. Well, I think they're very cool, and I have good taste in minis.


    The big problem for me is that I need access to Sisters faction doctrines (plus any additional info from Savage North if any) to play them. But it's the kind of model I'd pick one up just to paint it- cuz it's cool.

  2. @Lars, funny you mentioned Morbid Angel. i broke out "Domination" a month back and it's been somewhat regular in the CD player. Although I would like to hear a remastered version- the production is a bit flat.


    Also picked up a new copy of "Nihil" by KMFDM. Call them industrial all you want, those guitars are metal as hell.

  3. One of the 21 was a young boy who got caught under a falling tree about a mile and a half down the road from where I live. We also had a young lady trapped in her house for a couple of hours after a tree fell thru it.


    Condolences to the families of the 21. But it could have been a lot worse.

  4. I'll second what Wren siad. Shake until you think it's mixed, then shake it some more. Also, I noticed I could't squeeze anymore out, but there was still quite a bit. I removed the nipple, stirred iot up with the handle of a worn out detail brush, added a touch of water, stirred it some more, replaced the nipple and cap, and shook it up again. That seemed to reconstitute it pretty well and it's been working better than ever. It's high maintnence like that but worth it.

  5. In a word- underwhelming. Got home 6pm today and power is on. Made for a fun and profitable day of driving though. :lol:


    It's been a long weekend so I'm gonna go to bed soon and start again in the morning. Maybe even do something stupid like pick up the Wu-Jing bikers or tachikoma (the models that got me excited about Infinity in the first place.)


    thanks for the concern and well-wishes.

  6. I haven't had this level of hype-disappointment since Daikatana- and I liked Daikatana. Irene underwhelmed the Newport News-Hampton, Va area, although it did do a number on the NC and Virginia beach-Norfolk area, but the damage was less than expected and minimal compared to recent tropical storms and nor'easters.


    The good news was that I went through extensive preparations and won't need to buy gas til Tuesday or Wednesday- a beautiful thing for a cab driver. I also have a small stockpile of canned fish and crackers to enjoy as well as half a case of beer. Woohoo! Once I get power restored, it'll be like it never happened.


    Oddly enough, the storm finished out the four elements that have afflicted us-we had the (pitiful) earthquake on Tues (earth) and the *Great Dismal Swamp has been burning since the 5th of Aug (fire). (*sounds like a location from Diablo II, no?)

  7. /hangs head

    I'll be spending the next few days weatehring Irene and the aftermath. If things go west, it could be a week or so before I get power back. (if not worse) at least Imm stocked up on food, water, and beer in addition to m stupidly long queue of models.


    Consider me inspired to practice my pic-fu in the near future.

  8. Glad my new Malifaux crew is coming along at a crisp pace*, 'cuz now I want to give my Wu-Jing another go. I think I'll start with my HI and just do them up as specialists before deciding on a new overall army scheme for the "grunts". (The words Knight Sabers have being going thru my head since I first responded).

    One thing that was glaring upon furthur review: the highlighting in the glutimus maximus area extends well into areas that should be shaded. Also, a bit of lining between the hip and the holster might have better defined the area. I will apply this when getting back to my force.


    (*note: as fast as a crew based on the most model-intensive Master in the game can be progressed! /facepalm)

  9. Pretty good start. It seems the blacklining between plates and seams is a bit harsh. Maybe reclaim a bit more of the colors, or even do a bit of the "highlight lining" you see on a lot of Tau (40k) minis- it might be a good place to look for reference photos even if you don't plan to go that route. I don't think the skintone itself is bad, the shadows under her cheeks are a bit deep and dark though.


    I currently have my Wu-Jing stripped and moving back in the paint queue for other projects. My Zhanshi were a bit fiddly and I had some issues with the overall look. You at least came out one step ahead of me with your first attempt. Just refine a few details and the next one should be awesome.


    btw, Args are Nomads, right?

  10. Basing isn't all that hard once you have the right tools and materials available. Even simple ballast+ static grass will make the overall fig stand out on the tabletop. Regular Elmer's glue (the stuff you used in 1st grade are class) is exceelent stuff- you water it down a touch (maybe 10:1 glue:water) and brush it on (*note: though the glue is water-soluble and rinses nicely, I still recommend an older brush) and add whatever on it. It dries clear enough that no one will notice unless it's a painting competition, and for the light loads (ballast, flock, static grass) has more than enough sticking power. A coat or two of matte varnish won't make a bit of difference in the overall look.

    ++As for myself, I feel that basing can enhance a painted model by giving it context of environment.

  11. Think I'll try that. The washes didn't quite get the effect I was looking for (just finished a test model).


    For starters, I based in Linen white, washed with Dark elf flesh, then washed with Dark skin. Once these were dry, I drybrushed with Linen white to reclaim the base colr and the pure white for the zenithals. It wasn't bad, but the shadows weren't deep enough for this technique. Tjat said, I had a test model from bare metal to exhibit A in 3 hours. I have a bit of brush control to work on for it, but at its heart it's a solid technique for what itsets out to do.



  12. Looking at this, it looks doable, except that spray primer and I don't mix, and spray is sort of impractical for me at the moment for a number of reasons anyway.

    ++Let me run this by you. i'm thinking about white primer, a solid white undercoat, then a couple of thin washes to simulate the original black primer in the tut, then moving onto the glazing portion. It should "fake" the spray priming portion well enough, as well as maybe allowing a couple of other tricks (blue wash followd by a brown wash, etc.) looking at my model inventory, any speed painting techniques are worth investigating.

  13. Not to argue your point, but sometimes it can work the other way too. You look doomed and then the flip works in your favor and you turn things around. It doesn't happen in other games. Also, not accounting for Tact and Spy (and even accounting for them to one degree or another), you can "count the cards" and get an idea of the odds on getting the next flip.

    *As opposed to knowing the oppostion will get their turn(s) to simply roll you to the best of their ability.

  14. After a couple dozen 500 pt games, I've come to a few conclusions.

    Javolith is a solid captain-level leader. Good stats, tough/1, smite (good) and weaponmaster are a bargain at 55 pts. Hasn't disappointed me yet.

    D'Khul is da cool. Arcana and enchant tomes have some helpful spells, tactician is as beautiful as advertised, and his MAV SA's make him better-than-expected in hth.

    Broken fodder are a good way to bulk your numbers up on the cheap. They die easily, but at 7 pts per, that means your opposition isn't killing more imprtant models.

    Ice demons are solid, and with some good dice rolling, can be devastating in hth. A good addition to any troop imho.

    Marilith has been pretty cool after I took away her gruesome weapon. She generally kills anything I aim her at, although becomes squishy if I send her after too many models at once. Also makes a nice deterrnet- nobody wants to risk the wrath of 6 defensive strikes. Tends to get shot at. A lot.

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