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  1. Saw this mentioned in one of my feeds this morning. Looks quite interesting and is already very funded, with a load of stretch goals unlocked https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mccaskellgames/starlight-2/description
  2. It's worth checking out bike trainer stands. I sit my road bike in one and pedal away for 35 minutes. Apart from anything else it give me a chance to catch up on TV
  3. Bears Head miniatures do HP Lovecraft himself. They're based in the UK.
  4. I did the same search and had the same reaction. I'm old enough to have missed the whole Pokemon thing (I'd heard about it, but never watched any of the cartoons). However, I found a decent image to copy and used that. Ash tree was what had first come to mind, but they looked complicated
  5. Some cyberpunk inspired flying/hovering vehicles available in the kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/978361943/future-vehicles/description There are STL files available as well for those with their own printers. Currently funded, with 11 days to go
  6. I've been painting for over 40 years and I still feel that way about pretty much every figure I paint. Fortunately I have learned not to listen to my inner critic, especially in the early stages. It looks very flat after the base stage, but starts to come alive once the shading goes on. Sometimes I can even see the final figure emerge as the highlights are applied, but at other times I still need the "3 months" rule(*) As for online stuff, I accept that I'll never be a great painter, so I can appreciate (but still feel slightly jealous of) those who are, but I paint because I enjoy it, so don't get too down that someone's better than me. * you've been staring at the figure for weeks while painting it and can see every flaw. Stick it in a drawer once it's finished and let the memories subside before looking at it again from a more objective standpoint.
  7. I got my dispatch notification yesterday, three days after the parcel arrived - the UK post office has finally cracked time travel The figures are very nice, although on the tall side. The civilians should be usable in a lot of other settings, which was the main reason I backed the KS. I'm not so crazy on the power armoured folk. They're nice models, just not a design that does much for me. I'm not sure what colour scheme I'll go for, but they won't be painted white, as my previous efforts with that colour have not ended well
  8. I have pretty much all the Imperial Assault sets, bought purely for the figures, although I think the tiles will be usable as scenery. Likewise, zombicide and quite a few others. I even backed the zombicide in space KS that's due to drop in a month or so just for the figures. I'm reluctant to throw the "extra" bits out, but perhaps it's time to think about it, as they are taking up quite a bit of space
  9. 70mm tall Biomech overlord with two heads KS at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2004599158/biomech-overlord-miniature?ref=user_menu Runs until Arpil 7 and already funded (including yours truly)
  10. It may be worth looking at cordless screwdrivers, although you will probably need a drill chuck adapter to use it with drill bits. They have much slower rotation speeds, more of the order of 100s of rpm, rather than 1000s One thing I always do now, especially on metal figures, is to push the drill bit into a candle first to give it a bit of a coat of wax. It makes it much less likely to stick when drilling
  11. I was looking for more modern stuff, so have backed it. I like the idea that you can get "sets" as well as crates, as there's at least one I want to add to my pledge. The scenery they did for their space dungeon game didn't get good reviews, but they seem to be using better material now. Hopefully their next terrain KS will have something more futuristic in it
  12. I bought the Fire For Effect videos as well, but I then remember the whole thing imploding and exploding at the same time. I'll need to check back, but last time I looked there was very little there, and the prices had gone through the roof. It was a great shame, as I had high hopes for the site. I did try to get my money back at one point, but didn't succeed. Just as a warning, before you do spend money at Fire For Effect, it's worth checking out the kickstarter comments - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1389554987/modeling-and-sculpting-course-videos-by-james-van/comments The miniature mentors sculpting videos are pretty good. They keep threatening to do a full anatomy one, but I've never seen it advertised.
  13. Can't link for obvious reasons, and they're in the UK, but EMP Miniatures do a set of Arctic Explorers if you're looking to expand the group
  14. There's a video by Tom Mason on this very subject that I watched recently - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRNJqd1dFDc It came in very useful when I needed to add a pistol to a figure :-)
  15. There's about 6 inches of snow in the front garden and drifts of over a foot in the back garden. My front and back steps have pretty much disappeared Public transport is off while the red warning is on. I think it expires about noon, but there was a blizzard blowing the last time I looked outside. There were a lot of people stuck in their cars overnight not too far from me, so hopefully they're all okay now. The problem is that it happens infrequently (2010 was the last thing on this scale where I am), so we're never prepared for it :-(
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