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  1. Mine is on pre-order from Amazon. According to my Orders page, it's due for delivery sometime between 5 May and 4 June However, on the book's page it says it's due out tomorrow and if I order today I'll get it tomorrow. I hope it's just their systems that are messed up, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow
  2. I used a modern pistol designed for 3.5" action figures on a Heresy Ogre conversion. It was ideal for the larger size, but wouldn't have worked with 28mm figures. The plastic took normal primer without any complaints, which was the main thing I was concerned about.
  3. more thanks for the Android article Mine started playing up yesterday and I thought it was hardware related. Really glad it's not. I wasn't too annoyed about gmail, but it took out the database program I use to track what colours I use when painting!
  4. Despite ever increasing pessimism on the part of the KS owner, this did actually fund.
  5. That's a shame. I take it ZbrushCoreMini isn't sufficient for your needs? It is limited, but it's also free ZbrushCore is also available, a lot cheaper than the full progam.
  6. Old school style 28mm Dwarf cavalry. KS is live with loads of time to go https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/satanicpanic/28mm-multi-part-dwarven-cavalry-miniatures-by-satanic-panic/
  7. I try to keep a small side project going at the same time as my main painting group. It can be working on some scenery, building a kit of some sort, just something to work some other hobby muscles. I am working on Oathmark just now, so I'm painting a unit of something, then something more general, then a unit etc. I always keep the number of figures to 10 or less, something that will fit into an hour.
  8. I've just had a quick skim, but it is a solid, well produced book. My groundwork leaves a lot to be desired, so I'm hoping Mel's tips will help improve it. The wait has been a pain, but I don't think you'll be disappointed. The free figure is nice, but looks to be Primaris/Star Wars Legion size, which is a pity.
  9. Mine had a broken bit of filament stuck in the nozzle. I could remove the rest of the filament, but couldn't push the stuck bit through. The only fix was to unscrew the nozzle and remove the broken piece. I didn't tighten the nozzle fully when I put it back on and it fell off during a subsequent print run. I got away without causing too much damage, but make sure you put the bits back together properly
  10. Got the Terrain Essentials book last week (was due March 2020, but delayed). This only leaves the Studio Miniatures historical zombies one, but that's not due until March 2021.
  11. Probably more designed for plastic, but GW do a mouldline remover, which seems to be their attempt at a seam scraper. It's not trinagular shaped and looks blunt, but may be worth checking out. I have a seam scraper, but can't remember where I got it. I very seldom use it, sticking to knife and files for 99% of cleaning.
  12. He's sculpting the Goblin Baddie on his youtube channel just now - https://www.youtube.com/user/AvatarSCA - hopefully it's okay to post that link. I'm not keen on the heads, which is a shame, as I like the rest of the anatomy and poses. However, p&p and import duties to this side of the pond mean I'll definitely be sitting this one out
  13. Not figure related, but hopefully of use to folks wanting to generate characters and backstory https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rdpsyche/reckless-deck-psyche Way over funded and 21 days to go.
  14. sans detour has just gone into liquidation https://www.societe.com/societe/sans-detour-504290206.html Comments section on ks not happy, but not really surprising
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