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  1. Are you building the face by dropping one main putty/clay wad onto the head and then drawing a face into it? If so, I'd advise switching to an iterative construction process-- build the skull, then add individual muscle/fat areas (fill the cheeks, add upper/lower lip, fill the eyebrow, build the eye socket, add eyelids, etc). There's a fantastic tutorial by James Van Schaik on Miniature Mentor that walks through the process in great detail: http://www.miniaturementor.com/painting_tutorials.html#jamesgirl The videos cost $30 and are absolutely worth it if you're learning to sculpt (i pi
  2. I sculpted a 35mm Boba Fett miniature as a Christmas present for my friend. It was designed to match Infinity's model scale so that he can play it as a mercenary model. The model was sculpted from Fimo. Here's a shot with everything but the antenna finished: The flame jets were done in Green Stuff after the rest of the model was finished: A 360-degree turnaround video (sadly a bit over-lit and washed out) is up here, and a detailed walkthrough of the sculpting process is available on my blog. I rushed a bit to finish the model before the holidays,
  3. Fortunately, there's nothing for sale here. It's just something I knocked together for myself. ;)
  4. I recently took a 4-day weekend for my birthday to plough through a sculpting project from start to (almost) finish-- a badass lady in badass ram-themed armour. Here's what I ended up with: The mini is 42mm to the top of the head-- the first time I've ever sculpted above 30mm. I kind of enjoyed it and am definitely thinking about working at that scale again. :) For reference, here is the sketch that I was working against: Details on the inspiration and the sculpting process, as well as LOTS of additional photos of the final product, are on my blog fo
  5. As a prize for a Christmas Warmachine event at my local store, I whipped up a holiday-themed resculpt of the Withershadow Combine. Instead of terrifying mechanical liches, I made mine a bit... rounder. I realized after taking this picture that I hadn't painted his buttons-- I went back and painted them, but forgot to take new pictures. Whoops. :( They're done in the video above, though. The little figures took about two hours each to sculpt, while the Big Surprise took about four. The paintjobs were a mad sprint done in about eight hours the night
  6. To clarify: I have no problem with Bones existing. I like the idea of a cheap way to collect a large number of grunt minis. I was simply concerned that the higher-quality metals were being phased out completely; soft plastics simply aren't as nice for display painting.
  7. I ordered some Reaper minis at my LGS a few months ago. He was able to get some of them, but not the rest. My store manager said the distributor told him that it's because Reaper is discontinuing metal production, and going entirely to Bones. So I was able to get existing stock already on-hand at the distributor, but for everything else I need to wait until it goes plastic. Is this correct? I'm going to admit that I find this very troubling (not a fan of the low-detail, squishy plastic for display minis), so I'm hoping it's just another case of the "LGS blames the distributor, distribu
  8. *arches claws together* Good, good...
  9. ...and now I'm smarter than I was a moment ago. Thank you. :) A crazed hermit trying to understand Manny and-- decades later-- succeeding is what caused the Tunguska Event. Some mysteries are better left unsolved. Wyrd pays me a nickel every time I ruin someone's life. I have seven nickels. Ehh, it's a propriety thing. I don't use the bathroom at Starbucks without buying a coffee (note: I hate coffee), and I don't intrude on a company's boards unless I'm posting something relevant to its community. :) Nature is more creative than I am. :)
  10. I just finished painting a set of seven minis, and one of them is from Reaper, so I'm calling that enough justification to post a thread here. :P Here is my new Pathfinder character: Margie, an aquatic-themed summoner. She's sculpted from wire and Green Stuff. Being a summoner, she needed some fish to summon. First up is her former husband, George, who is a Malifaux Spawn Mother painted like a trout. Margie and George had three children before "the incident"-- Chauncey, Eustace, and Aloysius. The boys are now Malifaux Gupps, which are the greatest things ever created by indu
  11. I'm pretty sure I've seen Shoatima and Frumitty both referred to as girls from... well, you guys. :P
  12. I, like many of you, have been anxiously awaiting the release of the last member of the Legion of Justice & Caeke: Shoatima the Otter Archer. So I was quite excited when I googled it a few months back and found pre-release info for the model on several websites: Here And here Also here Etc They all seem to have the same information: Shoatima is a May release, has the SKU RPR0149 and will cost about ten bucks. Excitedly, I put in a pre-order at my local store. Except... May has now come and gone, and no sign of the otter. No model in-store, and no preview on the website. Was Shoa
  13. My 4E D&D group recently added a couple new members, so I've been working on minis for them. One is a Tiefling Warlock, but I've already used Reaper's lone appropriate mini (Damien) in a past project, so I decided to convert a different model instead. The player and I settled on the awesome Seltyiel mini from the Pathfinder line, with a few modifications-- turn the leggings into a robe, swap the sword for a rod, and of course, turn the elven head into a Tiefling one. Here's what I came up with: The rod is supposed to be a burnt length of wood with glowing cinders still visible
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