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  1. Mystara fan, here. But I am OK with them not releasing much Mystara stuff. One of the things I like about Mystara is what I dislike about FR -the world is static and my campaign can be world changing without worrying about trying to keep in line with an over developed meta. It feels like players are just along for the ride in FR.
  2. BTW, guitar strings are great pinning material
  3. Like @fanguad, I get carbide. I get resharpened #74 off eBay that are used for drilling PCBs. 1/8" shank helps the pin vise get a good grip and they cut pewter like butter.
  4. I've actually switched to 1" diameter steel washers. I can hide broccoli bases without getting an enormously thick base, plus can make the tabbed minis look the same. I really like getting the basing material all the way to the edge.
  5. For me, now is the time to replenish my larder since I've avoided stores since the middle of November. Even midnight trips to WalMart didn't work this year since there were usually 200-300 people in there. Post Christmas is the time of year I have to apologize to family and coworkers for being feral. Well, I intend to apologize, but that would require talking to them...
  6. Don't forget 02677 Townsfolk IV: Bandits(4). 3 very appropriate henchmen and a nice treasure marker
  7. Kickstarter only? I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world that will never reopen my KS account, so these campaigns seem very short-sighted. Oh, well. It's their business.
  8. Don't overlook auctions. Auction houses will be expensive, but estate auctions (especially in rural areas) can be very economical.
  9. Be aware that a lot of bait worms have salt and other substances added to attract fish. Also the plasticizers in the material will melt certain other plastics when left in prolonged contact
  10. It seems on the back of her right arm, the highlight lands at a different place on the steel than it does on the gold. It may be just the angle of the photo. But she's definitely well painted. Much better than I could have done. Eyes and skin are lovely.
  11. I believe I would clip that end at the handle, drill, then use a shaped paperclip as an armature. You would get a stronger joint than you would at the tip and any join line wouldn't be so noticeable there.
  12. Merry Christmas. Be safe in your travels. And that sentiment extends to all on here.
  13. Watch for retailers to go out of business, as they usually sell off their store fixtures. If they aren't advertising their fixtures, it doesn't hurt to ask. If you are friendly with a convenience store owner, ask what they do with their on-counter displays when they change them out. You might get a good deal on a useful rack.
  14. Well, 20th anniversary of ID might play a lot into it. They might plan on a good re-master of the first to sell as a set when it goes to BluRay. Will Smith needed this for his career. What did he just do? A film about football concussions? Not much better than a documentary. Glad to see Judd Hirsch and Vivica Fox came back for this one, too. It's on IMDB so it isn't an elaborate prank.
  15. Welcome! Love your avatar, BTW. You should be able to fond light bulbs in the daylight range. It seems (at least here in the US) that it is getting common to show the bulb's Kelvin color temperature on the package. You're looking for around 6500. Amazing paint work. The eyes are well done. I still don't paint eyes and I've painted a few hundred miniatures.
  16. I apply a layer of water to the painted surface prior to the wash. It helps carry the wash to the low spots before it stains the high spots.
  17. Am I the only one expecting to see kobolds with spectacles, white hair, and walking canes? Re: crystals. I know gift shops around Mammoth Cave National Park carry a lot of crystal formations. Maybe anyone near other National Parks could find the same?
  18. The cat thing should work. Just don't come off as trying to avoid her. It's not you. I know I have always hated being put into "social" situations. Being forced into them by other people or by circumstances usually causes the fight or flight sense in me. EDIT: If you like her being your son's g/f, let him know. He can let her know. You don't have to like her (but it would help not to dislike her), just consider if you like how your son's life is with her in it. Not all social anxiety fits into the same bucket. Not all people want to be liked and secretly want to be the social star. Mine comes from a desire for order, which means every person around me becomes an annoying variable that messes with the order I try to maintain. Oh, compounded with not liking to be touched.
  19. The clear air tubing that you find in aquarium supplies
  20. Another good contender in the "bring your own minis" skirmish rules is Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish. Otherworld is a miniatures company but their rules do not require you to use their stuff. Personally, I tend to shy away from the tournament games such as Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, etc because so many people are bringing their A list and steamroll casual players. I love the miniatures, love the rules, but the games aren't fun when you keep going against power players.
  21. For brushwork, Vallejo Model Air 71.001 Airbrushing: I only use an airbrush for priming or basecoat. In that case, I use Vallejo Surface Primer White 74600 EDIT: I haven't tried it yet, but Privateer Press's range is supposedly smoother. Maybe someone that uses it can attest to that.
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