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  1. i will try that thanks
  2. Ok Everywhere and any where are vidoes and blogs about how to fix your bones miniatures if they are bent. Have not found any that talk about what happens wtihin a week of fixing your bones. Every bones figure i have bought has warped back to how it started before fixing. I boiled and iced my large mini three and it just bends back after a few days. I also had a stone giant, great metal model. Mine was bent so bad it could not stand. After boiling several times it can stand but just barely .Ended up giving it to the six year to play and paint as a cheap crappy toy that it is. How do i fix this not gamer or painter friendly rubber. This happens to Dust figures also. Spent over an hour fixing a five man squad only to have it all bend back after sitting. I do not know how anyone is happy with this cheap garbage material. Any help? As is never buying another bone. Waste of money and time .Metal version are less problematic and less time to prep and less frustration.
  3. I just finished painting a 5 man team of Nova Corp guys to use in AE-Bounty. Nice set of rules. Chronoscope works great with this game.
  4. More NOVA, MORE. More Snipers, Techs, Heavy weapon guy (grenade launcher or strange laser like rifle), Heavy armored suit?, corporate business type/representative, helmet/gun/acc sprues for converting. More heroes. Crouching soldier?, Sentry (boring, but useful in some scenarios), defense robot. Psi ops division, "Delta" team elite/body guards for NOVA corp President possibly with sub machine guns. RIOT CONTROL guys with shield and stun sticks. (grenade launcher??) How about the first Chonoscope vehicle - Nova on Patrol Bikes!!!! Nothing says authority like a bike bad motorcycle and maybe even a dune buggy type squad car. MORE MORE MORE NOVA Seperate from Nova (or paid for by NOVA) - Camera/news crewl Flush out the Sliggs too. I would love to see more Sliggs of any type
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