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  1. Pretty cool, keep it up. Are you going to go for a plastic banner or will you make your own out of cloth, paper or Greenstuff?
  2. Very cool. This is a mini I have undercoated but have never managed to get around to painting. In fact so is my whole ogre army...
  3. What a great scene! Definitely a reason not to take up vampirism. (hooray for me 100 posts, lol )
  4. What sort of printer do you have. I usually find relevelling and/or trying to get a bit more squish on that first layer by lowering the height usually helps any adhesion issues. I use a glass bed though and that has helped greatly if you're not using one.
  5. I really like the sword! It connects with the rest of the mini well using the red, moreso than just a metal sword.
  6. Very nice. I love the roses on the gravestones!
  7. Very nice. Love the ghoulish head.
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