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  1. I really like the sword! It connects with the rest of the mini well using the red, moreso than just a metal sword.
  2. Very nice. I love the roses on the gravestones!
  3. Very nice. Love the ghoulish head.
  4. Love the skin colouring on that!
  5. He's cool. The sculpt is almost a skaven Vampire ;) The eyes are very well done.
  6. Thanks all. I thought I had set alerts for me to get replies for this. A bunch of goals unlocked already. Great small and large scatter terrain for the tabletop. :)
  7. I'm about to get a new kickstarter running. I like this one a lot. Really easy to paint and make it look good. You'll need a 3d printer which are coming down severely in price lately for good quality ones. This particular set of ruins has an arch theme to it. Images show all unique pieces except for the bridges which have duplicates. And the prelaunch link. Due to start Tuesday 8th December https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1173449368/ruins-of-generica
  8. Hey all, just 5 hours to go https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1173449368/lord-cirenegs-city/description
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