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  1. Thanks all for all the wonderful advice. I went and bought a can of Dupli-color and I must say it lives up to all the praise. I particularly like the nozzle it comes with and how it gives much more control and fine misting. Poe
  2. Thanks all for the great information. I think I might give Krylon a try since its slightly easier to get. If anyone else has an opinion please let me know. My local comic store caries 4 different hobby brand primers. I wonder if there is any benefit to using them? Are there any tools that can be used to help spray the primer in a nice controlled manner appropriate for minis? I always feel like I'm aiming a bazooka at my mini when I use a normal spray can. Poe
  3. Hello All, I'm relatively new to painting minis and forgive me if this question has been asked before. I did search and go through a lot of the information here but I didn't see the answer I'm looking for. What is a good brand of Black spray on Primer to use with small minis? I've read a lot about people recommending Krylon but I'm worried that it won't be fine enough for small minis. I've also read that many people have issues with Armory's and GW black primers... Does anyone have a good recommendation for one that is easy to paint on and sprays well (doesn't sputter and is a nice even coat given that you take care of your spray cans appropriately)? Thanks all! Poe
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