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  1. Thank you for being sensible. I get quite frustrated with people who plege the absolute minimum, make the kickstarter drag all through the month, and then pile on at the end with what they really want to spend. We can hit so many stretch goals this way, and entice new backers... it will be glorious. Crikey I had no idea that this was a thing. I've been updating my pledge during the day as stuff I wanted became available. I'm not going to do that all day, every day, but I never thought to not pledge for stuff I want. What is the payoff for 'bluffing'??
  2. no. Reaper Miniatures October 1, 2013. 9 am CST. Exactly. But as of now, the countdown for me says 2 days, 22 hours and 12 minutes. I have the same. Also am in NZ. Odd...
  3. Although this could be the longest about a thing that doesn't exist yet!
  4. And then the figures began tearing at their individual baggies and then into each other like some kind of horror movie hacksaw show, and then they organized themselves in to little regimental squads, counting off and checking the internet to see if even one of them was missing and then they began rolling dice in a sick kind of madmax style thunderdome battle which lasted for hours!!! it was terrifying!! i think there's a graveyard in the basement, i hear little bones rattling... I'm not sure if I'm more disturbed that you thought of that or that I could totally picture it happening... B
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