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  1. Yeah,I'm stupid.Started actually searching the web site and found it.
  2. Do you use the cards that come with the mins or are they just for reference?
  3. They have just the one bear rider and Ursula,right?
  4. I do like the Bear Riders. I like Logan Battlefury too. I would like to use the one that is riding the boar too.
  5. Dwarves have peaked my interest because of some of the minis. I would rather play it wit a small amount of minis though.
  6. So that is the 4-10/2 on Logan Battlefury?
  7. So,are you required to take a certain percentage of troops over other things? Do the troops have to stay in formation?Sorry for all the questions by the way.Just trying to decide if I want to buy in or not.
  8. What I mean is it played like a pitched battle or more of a free moving game or both?
  9. Ok.I'll have to check it out.At that small would it play more like Malifaux or like Warhammer Fantasy?
  10. I was just curious.Is there a more "skirmish" oriented game for Warlord? Something that only uses say,6 to 10 figures? Can you play Warlord with that few? Thanks
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