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  1. And because of the Patreons, that Pile o' Digital Shame grows fast. Epic alone adds over a hundred models a month. We have already decided that our tax return will be named Saturn. The Auld Grump
  2. I know someone that joined the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion, just because she learned that one of the 'quests' is killing a certain Dunmer, one that you meet right at the beginning of the game - before any other characters in the game.... The Auld Grump - oddly, I have never joined the Dark Brotherhood in any of the Elder Scrolls games....
  3. So. three vampires walk into a bar. The bartender asks the first vampire 'What'll it be?' 'Blood! Give me blood!' Then he asked the next vampire 'And you?' 'Blood! Give me blood!' So, the bartender looks at the last vampire and asked 'And your order?' 'Plasma! Give me plasma!' 'So, just to be sure - that's two bloods and a blood lite?' The Auld Grump We had our first case at work this week - a guy that was utterly convinced that 'Covid isn't killing people. Wearing masks is what's killing people'.
  4. We have learned that the first thing to try is changing the angle of the model, and making sure there are a few larger supports to bear the main mass. The Auld Grump
  5. His father does the supports, if I remember properly. The Auld Grump
  6. Not the only - there is a book by Charlaine Harris that was sometimes called A Nice Cold Grave in the advertising - the actual title was An Ice Cold Grave. (She is better known for the Sookie Stackhouse series.) The Auld Grump
  7. There is a mini for a Myling - Innocent Ragged I'm done playing now.... The Auld Grump
  8. More Frostrgrave/Mordheim goodness from Vae Victis. The Auld Grump Those are very nice bone devils - and bone devils are one of my favorite fiends. The Auld Grump
  9. Oh, oh... Just discovered that the One Page Rules Patreon discount on MMF is... 70%. This could be spendy. There are a lot of nice bundles.... The Auld Grump
  10. Megan joined the One Page Rules Patreon - And today we tried out their Grimdark Future Firefight, at 250 pts.. Goldang! I am SOLD! The rules are very clean, seem very balanced, and are very fast. I managed to eke out a draw in the last turn of the game - Megan held three out of the four objectives, but left her corrupted Battle Sisters walker to hold an objective, without infantry support. My Robot Legion close quarters squad swept out of cover, destroyed the walker and seizing the objective, making it a draw. (My proxy robot legionnaires MAY have had a certain similarity to Egyptian style undead.) I will probably buy into their Robot Legions line, and encourage Megan to keep the Patreon - I have no real interest in playing Eternal Dynasty, but they will make a great loaner force when bringing new players into the game. Thumbs up! The Auld Grump - a draw is my favorite introduction to a game.
  11. You, uhm, have to be careful with Battle Yak models. I printed up their female half dragon for Megan - the clothed version, wearing what I thought was a 'metal bikini'.. Turns out that the little bikini thing is actually a little front flap thing, with nothing underneath. And, yes, she is anatomically accurate. From the front, you don't see it. This is twice something like this has happened recently. Both times, I didn't notice until Megan pointed it out. The Auld Grump
  12. Ah, yes - now I remember why I disliked Loot Studios. They hid the Unsubscribe option - it is easier to find using Google than trying to navigate their site.... We got the Siege Under Penshaw set - which is nice, but.... *** On the other hand, Bite the Bullet has unveiled the first mini for January, the theme of which is Chunky Humans. The Auld Grump
  13. Lost Kingdom added this for Christmas - Santa vs Krampus: Wuxia style! Tempted to join for this and the giant catfish. The Auld Grump
  14. In 2021, Archvillain Games had Tome of Demons Vol. 1.... Guess who's coming to dinner in January 2022? The true master of Rappan Athuck, the Dungeon of Graves.... Don't Go Down the Well.... The Auld Grump
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