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  1. We use a grinder older than Megan and I put together - circa 1860. It was $5, and it works. The Auld Grump
  2. Finally had a problem with part of the Black Scrolls Prison - getting the largest room off of the build plate. One quick e-mail later, the answer was... ... ... a rubber mallet. *TAP!* And done. I would never have though of using straight up brute force - but it worked perfectly. Sometimes the answer really is 'use a bigger hammer'. The Auld Grump
  3. Do you want me to run a campaign set in Hell? I assure you that I can. I have notes from over twenty years ago. The Auld Grump
  4. The original Ghostbusters... And I Sell the Dead. The Auld Grump - ye gods, we want to see Ghostbusters: Afterlife.... *EDIT* In case anyone hasn't seen the trailer....
  5. Nah, hide the beans and buy a jar of Maxwell House instant coffee. That'll show her! The Auld Grump - my mom used to drink Maxwell House.
  6. I don't really know why - but I was wicked annoyed when I discovered that you can't really do a fat character. I had this idea for a character in a supers game... part of his disguise is a fat belly - on his super persona, not his mild mannered one. (Those tights don't have pockets, that belly gave him a place to put stuff.) The Auld Grump - plus, I want to do a Pratchett style wizard.
  7. Or physics majors.... That made me wince. The Auld Grump
  8. Is it wrong that I enjoy watching my wife do her homework? The Auld Grump
  9. Weird Al Yankovic, doing what Weird Al does. The Auld Grump
  10. I did manage to surprise her - she was expecting a prison break, instead somebody just killed most of them with a fireball, catching a couple of PCs in the blast. As one of the two healers in the squad, she got stuck with keeping two of the kobolds and those PCs alive, while the rest of the party hared off after the assassin. The party is 4th level, and most of the kobolds were 1st - that healing is all that kept them from dying the next round or two. It seems someone was not happy with them being caught. And this was all sandwiched in before heading back to the inn - all they were supposed to do was pick up Gorder, Phalz, and a few cops from the Garner St. Lockup. (I fudged time, rather than having it happen off screen.) The Auld Grump
  11. I can tell you some - heat the cup - pour boiling water in, slosh it around, empty it out; then put the pepper/cardamon/allspice/etc. in the cup; then press the hot coffee over it, so the coffee is piping hot when it goes over the spice. For the spices, less is more - you want a hint of the taste, not make it the main taste. You can also do this by scalding the spice with hot milk, and letting it cool to room temperature before adding to the coffee - best for cardamon. The Auld Grump Megan tells me that it is easier if you get a younger pet before the old one is too old to be family with it. Khatt and Thomathy are not young cats, but Sammy is a young dog, so we will have a furry friend to share our grief when the time comes. (Years from now - they aren't young, but their not old, either.) I also remember how worried I was for Crazy Crow, that first winter - before I knew he had other people on his Forage Helper list. (I did wonder why he kept getting BIGGER during the winter. I wasn't the only one worried about him....) He's not a pet, but he's also not... not a pet. The Auld Grump
  12. I try - but not being from Appalachia, I don't know how close I come. *** Huh... game paused as we eat pizza, but the PCs have finally made it into the lower area of the smugglers den.... Surprise is off the table the kobolds saw to that last week. The ogre that was set to handle Gorder and Phalz suffered from a bad case of Crappydice, and dropped in the first round. Upstairs, Julie's rogue is dealing with Dunn - another ogre... and resident jerk. (She just figured out that he isn't one of the bad guys, he just doesn't like cops.) That sad moment when you realize you have been outsmarted by an ogre. (In her defense - this is an ogre that did not choose Int as a dump stat, and has Bluff and Sense Motive as class skills.) Most of the smugglers aren't attacking - they are just running away, since the PCs never did get around to having folks watching the caves below the inn. Spells are low, so it is likely that most of the smugglers are getting away - but they did capture the ringleaders, so it isn't a complete loss. The Auld Grump
  13. Jeezum, why did I even bother using spoilers? The first part of that building was our first perfect print. Megan is doing her ilithid opera singer, then I am starting on the second part of the building. A two day print, The Auld Grump
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