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  1. Up ahead, you can see a troll with an axe.... The Auld Grump
  2. Ugh... trying to decide between two Patreons... did some research... now trying to decide between three Patreons.... The Auld Grump
  3. Starting the early planning stages of a new GorkaMorka campaign - Mad Max: Furiosa is in the works, renewing interest in GorkaMorka. New arc villain - pretty much the old Blood Axes and Goffs from WH40K. They do not want to escape Angelis/GorkaMorka - they want to conquer it, and have combined to form Da Leejun, for the greater glory of Der Goffic Emperoror. They also have super weapons, based on what they can remember of the Adeptus Mechanichus and their Ordinatus weapon platforms - The Deff Trukk from Thingiverse - unlike many Thingiverse designs, this one has been built. Der Leejun doesn't have a lot of them - and they are big, slow, and cumbersome enough that they need to be targeted piecemeal. But they are capable of destroying Forts*. And there is a rumor that what some thought was a ship is, in fact, a Gargant. *EDIT* Are Thingiverse links covered by the No Commerce rule? I don't think they sell these - they are free, but.... The Auld Grump *These aren't vehicles, these are plot devices - more akin to Ogres in the old Steve Jackson game. They are not targeting mobs - they are targeting cities and forts. Sure, if they hit a vehicle, that vehicle is now a crater - but that IFis pretty darned big. Even when it 'hits' the shot deviates. And it takes three turns to ready the gun to fire. I suspect the first time it shows up on table, the orks will assume it is firing at the mobs - but it is aiming at Bartertown. If it fires more than twice, Bartertown is gone.
  4. I wonder if I should 3D print Casey's desk.... Because I like the mental image of a beholder looming over a desk.... As an aside - Casey has a permanent Unseen Servant effect going - functioning in the place of hands, sometimes three or four things at once - cup of coffee, doughnut, cigar, pen.... The Auld Grump
  5. Bob Naismith sells STLs of his Overrunners? I couldn't find them on his website - but, well, his website was pretty terrible, with images obscuring the text. The Auld Grump
  6. How the kids game is shaping up so fat: A Tree Grows in Aidentaugh - the First Night A motley crue of adventurers, looking for work is traveling along the Hill Road when they are set upon by orcs. They manage to fight off the orcs, but are badly injured in the process, even the witch ending up in hand to hand, and suffering grievously. Given the choice between making camp, or pressing on, they pressed on, hoping to put wherever the orcs came from behind them - they managed to make it to a crossroads before darkness fell, but the sickly sweet scent of decay warned them that this might not be the safest of resting spots. At one corner of the crossroads is a graveyard - with one grave empty, save for the fallen leaves that look to have been gathering in the pit for several weeks. At the opposite corner stands an ancient oak - with a legless corpse hanging from the boughs, a wind stirring the hanged man so that it turns to face the troupe. Mouth agape with a swollen and fly eaten tongue protruding between the lips, a sign hanging around his neck is hard to read in the poor light, but after a moment you can make out the single word HERETIC. Empty gibbets hang on either side of the tree. A third corner has a signpost - listing the closest town as Aidentaugh as a day's journey, and some three days further in another direction is Castorhage, better known as The Blight. The final corner has the remains of a flame gutted inn, smelling of rot and wet ashes. The ranger believes that it has been a ruins for several months. Tempting a campsite as it might be, the group decided to press on for another hour, to put the gallows tree behind them - the deep moaning that the rogue heard as the last of the sun dipped below the horizon spurring them on. Finally they found a fallen farmstead, and made their camp for the night, waiting until mid-morning before continuing their travels, keeping a cold camp, so that the smoke and glow of a campfire does not give them away. Twice they heard traffic along the road, but stayed hidden, so whoever, or whatever, was traveling the roads in the dark hours between midnight and dawn was never aware of their presence. The Auld Grump
  7. We got our fauns! Both the centaurs and fauns are dainty things - and quite nice. For the centaurs... I am tempted to skip the horse tails, and give them scuts. The Auld Grump
  8. In anticipation of our 3D printer, I have been looking at the 3D printed mini holders out there, mostly the free ones. Leaning toward this one, by JtStrait72 on Thingiverse and Cults - The Auld Grump
  9. Finished going through what could be salvaged from our storage space. Feeling melancholy, not just because how many books we lost. I found an old cookie tin that I hadn't opened in... longer than Megan has been alive - it contains an old Apple II floppy labeled Katherine, Molly & Dennis - from 1979. Katherine was my first girlfriend, and Molly's first girlfriend as well. She committed suicide in 1981. I don't even remember what we put on that disk. The Auld Grump
  10. How to Butcher a Beaver. No, not a comedy sketch, it really is about cleaning and dressing a beaver. (For those hoping for something light hearted.) I had an opportunity to try beaver, once upon a time - but missed my chance. Jackie was going to Sterling College at the time. The Auld Grump
  11. Feeling sad the After School games for this year are both wrapped - and I am pretty sure the players had a good time, even using a virtual tabletop. I took a [/i]lot[/i] of liberties with the Jingling Mordo Circus - among other things, I dropped the level down to five, with Mordo himself being level 7. (The original was for 10th level characters - but Mordo was 20th level! ) The PCs did manage to rescue the kidnapping victims, and barely managed to take Mordo alive. (Two of his clown-assassins were not so lucky. The PCs didn't mean to kill them, but they bled out. A third got nabbed by the ettin - who handed him over.) Strange thing - I have not yet decided whether the setting has capital punishment or not. I am leaning towards 'Yes, but not common'. Leaving a chance that Mordo is either rescued or escapes, for next year. Problem is that Mordo isn't about vengeance - he's about the money. If he escapes he will not seek out the PCs, he will hit the ground running, and get the heck out of Dodge. So, most likely having him sentenced to life in prison, and if I feel the need, at some point, the PCs can visit him there. The Auld Grump
  12. I almost spoiled this in a thread that I know Megan reads - Yeah, pretty sure I can make that work. Still considering converting to Chill - the inherent silliness of the Ghostbusters RPG bothers me - Ghostbusters needs elements of both comedy and horror. GB and GBI are just a bit too much like Toon for my tastes. (Given that my last game involved a ghost that was stealing eyes....) I have an alternate mechanic in mind for the Ghost die, for use in Chiil - make the die an optional boost - but if the Ghost comes up.... The Auld Grump
  13. That just means we need a bigger tub. The Auld Grump - or a swimming pool.
  14. Okay here - protests, but no riot. The Auld Grump
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