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  1. Sometimes Google targets its ads with laser precision.... Spoilered because language - The Auld Grump - URWizards.
  2. A house centipede does wonders on crickets - and unlike the crickets, they leave when the job is done. The Auld Grump
  3. Feeling a bit better, now. Instead of running my Regency Space game for the kids this week, we had an in game picnic for Megan's Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign. I got to be a villain of the old school. A retired pirate. The Auld Grump
  4. I was going to put this in a No Megans thread - then reaized that it is a public building, and her character might well have been there. I picked up a BIG map for the Queen's castle in the Cops game - more palace than castle, at this point, though it started as a castle. A proper castle for a Goody Two-Shoes Queen. The Auld Grump Silver Nitrate can also turn you blue. And very dead. There was a case, in New York, I believe, where eleven men were poisoned with Silver Nitrate when a restaurant worker mistook it for salt. (
  5. Has anyone created a checklist for Bones V yet? The ones for Bones III and IV were very useful. As far as we can make out, ours has not yet shipped, most likely because of the ship. We have an unshipped shipment because of an unshipped ship still on its ship. The Auld Grump
  6. More that I saw one sign - homelessness, but assumed that he would know enough to keep on keeping on. I did not have a lot of contact with him, but I should have looked when I saw that one sign. Homelessness in this area is pretty unforgiving - the shelters are full past their limits, rents are disproportionately high. I was too caught up in my own life and problems, and did not look to see. I didn't even know that he did not have any local family as a support. It would be easier if I had not previously helped others - I know that this is somethi
  7. One of my coworker committed suicide over the weekend. I knew he was having problems, but not how bad. Early twenties and homeless, he didn't see anyway forward. If I had known, I could have put him contact with some social workers, it's been a while, but I still have contacts in the field. Just, way too young, without the experience to know he would survive this.
  8. Side effects can include light sensitivity, low blood pressure, anemia, and iron deficiencies. Ask your doctor if Vampirism is right for you. The Auld Grump
  9. Look up the story behind how much George Foreman makes from those grills. George Foreman is a smart, smart man. He was getting 45% of the profits, because the manufacturer assumed that the grill would be one and done.... 45%..... The Auld Grump
  10. Sometimes, the dead gotta swing. The Auld Grump
  11. Gods above and below - ear infections were the banes of our existence, when Brigid was between one and three. Brigid needed to be potty trained three times... seeming to completely forget, every time. Then she just started, well, doing it. Half of her problem was not wanting an audience - so she would quietly sneak off and use the potty. The Auld Grump
  12. I deeply dislike the 7th edition rules - they changed things without actually improving anything. Plus, I have my double stitched 5th edition book, which can double as a bomb shelter. 2nd edition is pretty good, backwards and forwards compatible up to 6th edition, with minor tweaking. (I started with 1st edition. I'm old.) The Auld Grump
  13. Not just deep south - my mother was a child of The Great Depression, you learned to make do - and cheap steak made good eating, after beating it flat with a hammer. Mom used a metal meat tenderizer - I use a rubber mallet. (Because I remember Julia Child making chicken fried steak, and saying that 'A rubber mallet work just fine'. For a fancy French Chef, Julia Child was very much down to earth.) Couldn't find the Julia Child version on You Tube - but did find Alton Brown. The Auld Grump - yes, Julia Child made chicken fried steak. She wasn't just a chef - s
  14. Not a great place to end the game for the night - the pizza just kind of put the kibosh on things. There was going to be a combat, but it got pizza'd over. You can blame this plotline on Year of the Comet. The Auld Grump
  15. The pizza that was supposed to arrive for before the kids game just arrived. On the other hand, it was late enough that they gave us the pizzas for free. The kids are going a completely, completely different direction in the regency Space game - so, I get to use the Space Elf Empire. Think France - and the Terror has just begun.. The PCs are pirate chasing, and have just come in contact with a shop named Of Dubious Origin, possibly tied to smugglers. The Auld Grump - the 'heroes' are seeking a magnum of very... special... wine - Shelathi Shelar.
  16. Battered both in the sense that it is covered in batter and in the sense that it has been battered with a hammer. Take a round steak, fold some plastic wrap around it, then mash it flat with a rubber mallet, flip it over and bash it again. drench it in a milk/egg mix, dip it in flour -pressing it into the flour, nice and hard, then fry.... Then cover with a country lour and dripping gravy, with chunks off breakfast sausage mixed in. It never even occurred to me that Megan might never have had it - one of the few dishes that my mother could do w
  17. Beating the snot out of a cheap steak with a rubber mallet is cathartic. The Auld Grump
  18. The thing that's neat is that it's pretty much only corvids that commonly display this behavior, Crows, ravens, etc.. I also found out that vultures are one of the most affectionate of raptors, and adapt well to humans - and are much, much smarter than hawks, eagles, or owls. Not much good as hunting birds though. Wrong instincts, which is also why they are more affectionate. The Auld Grump
  19. Huh - I just found out from Mercedes Lackey that it is actually pretty common for rescue corvids, like Crazy Crow, to become attention hogs. Crazy Crow is normal! They adjust, they adapt, and they remember. Somehow, that makes me happy. The Auld Grump
  20. Welcome to Burger Thug, can I break your order? Would you like to try one of our new Your ChoiceTM specials? For $4 you can have a Double Bacon ThugburgerTM, a small fry, and a small drink, Or You can have a Knuckle SandwichTM . Your ChoiceTM . The Auld Grump It may say something that the first time I made that, I used Everclear.... What it has to say is misleading though - I was a tee totaller, at the time. The Auld Grump
  21. Visit Beautiful Lamentis 1 - Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies. The Auld Grump
  22. Snuck Megan and Brigid to the top of a parking garage. Westbrook is a small city, surrounded by other towns and cities. From the rooftop we could see not one, not two, not three, not four, but five (5!) fireworks displays. And the wind was just right to smell the blackpowder smoke. Amazingly, Sammy did not have a panic this year, despite there not being any 4th to speak of last year, he seemed used to it this year. The Auld Grump
  23. World building, ideas, etc.. Also, a place for running commentary. This one is a bit weird, because I am writing it for someone else, and may or may not get to run it for our group. While we ran our campaigns online for the pandemic, being back to tabletop has been heavenly. Megan is right that redneck red dragon was a lot of fun - the jerkishness was actually a way to introduce an old red dragon to a mid level party, and not have a TPK. It breathes on the group once then flies away laughing - the red dragon equivalent of taking a baseball bat to a mail
  24. You built up my hopes that Reaper was going to have a STL Patreon.... The Auld Grump
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