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  1. One Page Rules is going to be removing some of their oldest models at the end of the month. Battle Sisters Dwarfs And Demons. They have gotten better at sculpting, since then, but I am grabbing the Battle Sisters robots at least. Fun for certain post apocalyptic settings. The Auld Grump
  2. So, did you get the gladiators? We also have multiple arenas the only one I have printed is a PDF from more than a decade ago. The AUld Grump
  3. Heh - we weren't paying a lot of attention to the message boards on her birthday. Brigid has reached an age where Mommy's birthday is important! (My birthday and Brigid's are close enough that the importance of her birthday overshadows mine.) The Auld Grump An ice cream birthday cake MAY have been involved.
  4. Ever faked throwing the ball, only to have your doggo come back with a completely different ball? The Auld Grump
  5. Ran across this image for an upcoming Kickstarter - I am so tempted to paint that up as Julie Andres in The Sound of Music.... The hills are undead, with sound of music.... The Auld Grump
  6. That's annoying - RAW's pinups were always the part I found least interesting. The Auld Grump
  7. And a more general complaint about MMF - sometimes it takes them a long while to deal with problems. To the point where they are losing some of their Tribes over things that they told the Tribe's company had been fixed, but hadn't been. For months. Or 'Why Darkest Desires has started a Patreon, keeping the Tribes only for merchant accounts'. I think that they may be in a bit of a cash/resources crunch. The Auld Grump
  8. Megan worked fr a bookstore that had to recover a POS (either meaning of the acronym) from the dumpster - it still had security data on it. On the other hand, I worked for a nonprofit that took the memory cards out of their photocopiers and burned them before tossing the worn out machines. (This was a good thing - you might be surprised at just how much information is compromised by people not knowing that modern copiers store the data.... And the nonprofit had ties to the Department of Human Services....) The Auld Grump
  9. Been a while - but Tavern Wenches updated after a long hiatus. https://tavern-wenches.com/comic/029-doth-protest-too-much/ The Auld Grump
  10. I am more worried by the pile of sewer critters you are building next to the printer... And is there a reason we suddenly have a small purple carnosaur? (It looks like Barney has sworn off a vegan diet....) By small, I mean it looks like it is 'only' about ten feet from toes to top of head.... The Auld Grump
  11. Tiny Tina's Wonderland looks incredibly stupid. I cannot wait! The Auld Grump - Bunkers and Badasses, Baybay!
  12. Welcome to Motel 666 - we'll keep a fire burnin' for ya. The Auld Grump
  13. Last night I dreamed that I was running a Marvel Superheroes campaign (a game that I have neither played nor run), set in ancient Rome. The game began with the words 'Wakanda delenda est!' Hercules was the only canon Marvel character, and he was an NPC. Honestly, if I was going to run an ancient superheroes, it would be bronze age Greece - it already has superheroes.... But I do really like the 'Wakanda delenda est!' (Wakanda must be destroyed!) The Auld Grump - but Wakanda does not fit at all for Carthage.
  14. Cushla Macree..... The Auld Grump - Blame Phil Reed - I was in blissful ignorance until he felt the need to share..... Somewhere out there is video of a zoologist speaking about the inherent dignity of wolves... in the middle of which, one of the wolves romps over, flops on its back, and waggles all four paws in the air. Omegas... ya can't take them anywhere.... The Auld Grump
  15. Nonsense! NO ONE from Europe would drink green beer! The Auld Grump - the only time I had ever seen a Liverpuddlian turn down free beer....
  16. We went to the Drop Kick Murphys concert in Portland on Tuesday, which means we need more cowbell I mean DKM! Free concert on YouTube, starting 9PM EST,
  17. Bestarium has started adding Rangers of Shadowdeep scenarios to their Patreon bundles. Interesting.... The Auld Grump
  18. Congratulations - Sephy is a cat. *** We just got back from a Dropkick Murphys concert - despite ear plugs, my ears are ringing. I have to say, I liked one of the supporting bands as much as the Murphys - the Rumjacks, an Australian band - https://youtu.be/tDTQQWSmo8s The Auld Grump
  19. Been seven years or more - I still have that sock. The Auld Grump So. Many. ZOMBIES! Shadowzone is one of the Full Moon 'classics' - right up there with Dollman vs. the Demonic Toys! And, yeah - a naked lady that just lies there in her glass tube - I don't think she had a single line in the entire movie, even after she woke up. The Auld Grump
  20. We have been taking advantage of a $10 coupon on the Anycubic Eco Resin on the Big River. Not as high detail as the Elegoo resin we had been using, but a lot less fragile. As an aside - Atlas supports... are pretty danged good. *EDIT* One Page Rules has Atlas do their supports - that is a lot of minis, and all have been very good in that regard. The Auld Grump
  21. It's kind of weird - there aren't all that many modular fantasy orcs, but there are scads of modular SF orks. The Auld Grump
  22. White chocolate unicorns are an urban legend. I just looked on the shelf, and there is no sign that there had ever been a unicorn there... The Auld Grump
  23. It happens often enough the dogs just can't be bothered about it.... The Auld Grump
  24. Vae Victits - more for Frostgrave than Mordheim, but close enough. This is the March set - parts are compatible with earlier VV releases. Male mercs, female mercs, wizards and apprentices. Grim-Forge - Scoundrels of the Damned Ruins - (We picked up the STLs from the Kickstarter, but they also sell physical minis.) Reptilian Overlords - Mercenaries and Militia, sets 1 and 2 Highlands Miniatures - Sunland Militia. Sunland Bowmen Sunland crossbowmen Sorry that there are so many for Highlands Miniatures - but those are all March releases on their Patreon. For Mordheim... that pretty much covers your mercenaries in one go. The Auld Grump Oh, and a second nod to Vae Victis - female mercs are damned hard to com by -
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