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  1. We have spent the past few nights watching Arcane.... Damn, that is a dark show.... (We binged.) Proof that the rabbit hole is real - this started because I was going through Voiceplay on Youtube - and they did a cover of the theme - Enemy. Because a KPop star from Oklahoma who cosplays as Jinx from Arcane got in contact with Voiceplay to do the video. And they did a great job. The Auld Grump
  2. I was wearing shoes, my long hair hides the horns, and I had my third eye closed.... I am certain that he had a detail that he recognized, but.... The only thing that I can come up with is my voice. But while I had a couple of speaking roles, they were tiny.... The Auld Grump
  3. I'd managed to forget the writhing oracle.... I shouldn't have - Megan printed her up months ago. Cow Centaurs? The Auld Grump
  4. Heroforge is having a $5 STL sale. The Auld Grump
  5. Yesterday, a bus driver recognized me. From a play in Prescott Park, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Forty-two years ago - when I was twenty-one years old. WTAF?! The Auld Grump - back then I had a 26 inch waist....
  6. They actually recommend printing some of their Dumlok dwarfs at that scale to use as fire giants.... The Auld Grump
  7. Not linking, but Humble Bundle currently has a 13th Age Bundle - looks like a good start. $18 US gets you 28 titles, including the rules, as well as a 25% off coupon for print books. I have never run it, but did get the book when it was offerd for free (I think) back when Covid had everybody in lockdown. Looks like a solid game, sort of like cherrypicking from 3e, 4e, and OSR. The Auld Grump
  8. The Artisan Guild dwarfs for April are really nice. A wee bit large for dwarfs, but very, very nice. The Auld Grump
  9. My coworker's uncle's funeral is Friday. They took him off life support, and later that night his heart stoppped. He had suffered a massive stroke, entire portions of his brain were dead - but the hospital needed the family's permission to let him die. I don't see any good way to handle something like that. I have no idea whether it would be better for the hospital to make the decision or to put the decision to let a loved one die on the family. Put me in a glum mood. The Auld Grump
  10. Annnd... It's Permanent has reached 2nd base. I need to let Megan know - she's been shipping those two since the beginning. (Not linking - but not pr0n.) The Auld Grump
  11. Sneaking in early, so I don't forget. Happy Birthday, Megan! The Auld Grump
  12. Happy Birthday! The Auld Grump Foxes in their native habitat - the trampoline. https://youtu.be/2_zS599oBe8
  13. There is a random event in Galactic Civilizations II about exactly that. The Auld Grump
  14. One of my coworkers is having the worst week, and there is nothing that I can do to help. They are turning off her uncle's life support tomorrow. I can't think of anything that will make her feel any better. The Auld Grump
  15. What, you didn't realize that was three fishmen in a cephalopod? The Auld Grump
  16. We all knew that this was coming, didn't we? The Auld Grump
  17. A bad pun does not make a good name. Both the big and Baby Nundam are nice models. The Auld Grump - Nundam is bad enough that I might have said it.... Then there is Pinup Corps - which has added several models since the campaign ended.... The Auld Grump
  18. Hmm, Ghamak's Patreon and Tribes are not in synch - so the Wild West Orkz that we got through their SF Patreon a few months ago are coming up as the April SF Tribe. Not good for us - we already have them, but very nice for folks that want Wild West Orkz for 40K or Gorka Morka. The Fantasy side are the Undead that we got from their Fantasy Patreon a few months ago - again, not good for us, but great for folks that might be interested, and missed them a few months back. The Auld Grump
  19. We watched a dubbed Japanese movie tonight. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, it is... unique. Attack of the Giant Teacher. We need to watch it again. Wirth others. Pain(?) is best shared. The Auld Grump
  20. Just what I need. Another steam tank. (Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!) Nice! The Auld Grump
  21. The STL Sampler Patreon has started back up again. The Auld Grump
  22. When you get an STL, and decide you need to do it up as Conan. Not Conan the Barbarian. Conan O'Brien. The Auld Grump
  23. I'd forgotten about that one. Looks like it hasn't been updated since the last time I looked at it, wayback in 2016, or so. It's a beautiful build. Though my favorite remains the Franklin & South Manchester - which I have seen in person. (It is MORE impressive seen live.) Gods, I'm old enough that now I'm wondering if George Sellios is still alive. *EDIT* George Sellios and his F&SM are why my Mordheim buildings are so big - so that the city dwarfs the warbands struggling in the runed streets. The Auld Grump
  24. Another friend did a layout for Lake Woebegone, Minnesota. There was an amazing number of decals for the fictious products 'advertised on 'A Prarie Home Companion'. The Auld Grump - Ralph's Pretty Good Grocery was one of the shops.
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