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  1. Thanks for the tips everyone. Any way I can get the paint off totally, give it a good wash and start over? Only other part of Mini I have done is the sword blade.
  2. I forgot to wash, but I did shake well and the book that comes with says you don't need to prime it. I made sure brush was dry every time. Paint seems to move from the spot on the mini right after I paint it.
  3. Getting back into painting minis after 5 years or so. I'm rusty, Ive never been great. I picked up the Reaper Learn to paint Layer up set for tips and re learning basics. I'm trying to do the pirate. Going by the book, says basecoat for the pants is Heather Blue, no mixing, no deluting with water. So I put 4 drops on my pallete, start to paint the pants. I'm moving and a couple of places that I know I covered don't look like they are covered at all. Just blank spots. So I wait for the first coat to dry and put on the second coat. Same places, same white spots. What'
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