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    The 3 M¥s<br>Music<br>Martial Arts<br>My Women ;-)<br><br>and of course Roleplaying Games (D&D, RIFTS, Vampire the Masquerade)<br>LARP (sometimes)<br>painting miniatures (again)
  1. Tree rat?! TREE RAT!!?? TREE RAT!!! :::sound of a hypodermic::: It's okay folks. He's in sleepy land now. Nothing to see here. Hey Michael Did you know that in the MMORPG World of Warcraft (sceduled for summer next year) you can make your own mechanical treerats... äehm sorry squirrels? I´ve heard that as a Druid you can even Shapechange in Sqirrels... Doesen´t that sound awesome to you?!? :D
  2. Wildelves... or feral Elves, some kind of barbarian Elves... anything like that...
  3. Wow... a lot of nice and/or impressive people in here... Funny enough Istorm looks EXACTLY as I thought he would look like... *g* And its really difficult to decide which one to merry Zaphod or LadyTam.. *g* What the... I take them both :love: And thanx Zaphod... thats my most favorite quote from every movie I know... Arnie rules hrhrhr
  4. Okay... so theres me... http://members.aon.at/totentanz/Photos/photos.htm I´m the last guy in the Photosession (the b/w face close up) but as I´m a newbie my face is not sooo interesting, isn´t it? ;)
  5. It´s one of the best things (having a good friend of course - but having connections dnt hurt also ;) ) He alway opens all the restboxes (Heroclix, Mageknight Dungeon, etc) after a while and sells the Figurines solo... that saves his customers a lot of money (because they get the Fig´s they want...) - so there will be no prob for me to get the Wildelfbarbarian... Then just repaint it - voila - my first Feral Elf (did I mention I love Feral Elves?) ;-) D20 Giftbox this is the above mentioned 3in1... its just some kind of "Giftbox"... maybe I´ll get it anyway - but I also am not amused about 3.5 (now owning everything from Forgotten Realms D20 *grml*
  6. I heard about a 3in1 book (PG, DM, MM) for 3.5 somwhere in August... is this correct? Maybe I will go for this "Collectors edition", because WarcraftD20 is for the new 3.5 rules... but definitely no D&D Miniatureboxes... But since my best friend is the owner of a Roleplayingstuff shop I´ll get my Wildelf barbarian for free :p
  7. Naff said... PS: But they have a Wildelf!!! Reaper do a Wildelf!!! But a cool one...
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