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  1. If we are local to the Dallas area, would it be possible to do a local pickup of our pledge?
  2. WE ARE LIVE!!! https://www.backerkit.com/c/flash-hammer-creative-studios/advanced-armory-2nd-edition#top
  3. The Classic White Battle DIce have funded early!!!!! We have a super backer who wishes to remain anonymous, but they are so excited for the dice, they made an offline donation to get our first batch of classic white dice I to production NOW. Lead time is 10-12 weeks so we expect to see them about mid-January.
  4. Advanced Armory 2nd Edition is coming to Backerkit.com this October! *This post has been properly approved by a moderator.* WE ARE LIVE!!!! https://www.backerkit.com/c/flash-hammer-creative-studios/advanced-armory-2nd-edition#top Good morning Reaper peeps! Some of you may remember me from an age ago, some are just meeting for the first time (hello there!). My name is Justin, but I go by Girot online. I am a lifelong artist, nerd, gamer, and miniatures/cards addict. About 20ish years ago, I started down the graphic design path. Today, I combine that skillset with my love of tabletop gaming, and have created something for our gaming community. One of my most beloved board games harkens back to the early 90's, that game is HeroQuest. It involved questing through dungeons, slaying monsters, and hoarding treasure just long enough to buy the best equipment in the game. For 30+ years I have enjoyed this game. I've introduced it to my kids, and now to my grandkids, and it is an endless wellspring of fun and joy for us. That being said, things do get stale after a bit. It doesn't take long to max out one's gear, and other means of progression are very slow and lackluster. HQ isn't the D6-based action RPG board game that is lacking some much-needed depth. To that end, I have created Advanced Armory. We have been offering our decks on a made-to-order basis through TheGameCrafter.com for about a year. This worked out great for a while, but it gets crazy expensive (especially to our international customers) to have them printed as one-offs. Print queue times can be from 4-8 weeks, and if you want to expedite, it doubles the cost of the order (like literally you pay double). This year, we are doing a crowdfunding campaign to rally the resources to bring our 2nd Edition decks to physical production. This will hugely reduce costs to new (and existing) collectors and allow us to ship to them directly. No more expedite premiums. No more long queue times. Take a peak below, and if our cards (and dice!) interest you, please feel free to browse our online preview galleries. You can see all of the cards we are offering right now, for free. Alternatively, you can also find direct links to each gallery right from our Backerkit campaign page (once it goes live). Thank you for taking a look! We hope we caught your interest, and look forward to seeing you later this month! If you made it this far, thank you! We have much more to share, so lets get started...
  5. Warhound Repaired [DONE] Tyranid army primered [DONE] I got side-tracked working on an AVP diorama, which then got sidetracked working on my upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Backerkit. I'll make a post about this hopefully this week. It's been a marathon lol.
  6. waiting for coffee to kick in fully so i can get hobbying already. ☕
  7. Here is the console


  8. Tyranid army is primered. 160 minis ready for paint. Oof this one hurt, but it's done.


    Also primered the Demon Ship console and it looks great! I was surprised how the etching ignored the paint and is still plenty strong.

  9. Rebasing is COMPLETE. 33 first-born are hanging out and waiting for glue to dry. next up is breakfast!

  10. (quick note before i get started: when queueing up multiple tasks try to layer objectives that have drying/curing times.  get one task done and drying, then start on the next task. while task two is drying, come back to task one.)

  11. FIRST OBJECTIVE: Finish re-basing the current queue of first-born marines. Grass and shale. All together, we're looking at... 33 painted minis that just need bases finished.


    lets goOoOooOOOo!!

  12. i hope this isn't annoying anybody and this is just here. like me talking to myself. XD


    okay, today will be a hobby day. there are about 1000 things I WANT to work on, and 10,000 things i NEED to work on. lets see if we can strike a balance and giterdun today.

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