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  1. If it makes you feel any better, this was a LOT of trial and error. Next month I am going to try this on smaller models to see if it works at that scale. If it does, I will do a tutorial thread to share my findings.
  2. thank you sir! at first i felt like i over did it a little with the power effects, but after dullcoat it looked pretty good. fair enough lol! :D
  3. It always feels awkward sharing GW stuff here, but I'm very happy how this guy came out. Honestly, I wouldn't be half as good as I am today (and still plenty of room to grow) without the time I put in hanging out here. So, thank you my reaper peeps. This one's for y'all. :) Forge World Relic Contemptor (body), Contemptor CCW arms, Blood Angels Legion shoulders, and two custom flamer axes. The base is an Eldar Revenant head, some junk, a lot of hot glue, and sand. Technique is primarily hand brushed, some creative washing, and a little airbrush (mostly on the base). PS - the plinth is not attached. i had that made to use in my lightbox.
  4. My first was (is) the Badger Patriot 105. So far I've used it for base colors, zenethial highlighting, and large models. Good pairing with brush painting. :)
  5. This is "Val", my stepdaughter's Elf Wizard for HeroQuest. Neither of us noticed the little demon on her shoulder when she picked it out, so we added her "vampire bunny" as a familiar. The base is a standard slotted blank that I sculpted grime onto. :) i have a spinny video thing but it was friggin huge when i tried to upload it. might try hosting it on youtube.... https://youtu.be/IBhgFNNr5co bah. i don't remember how to make this work haha.
  6. I think all I'm waiting on at this point are the clear preds and objective markers. As the latter was a freebie, I'm not worried about them. The clear preds though... It's a rare thing to acquire minis one needs not paint.
  7. My Spider Demon arrived today! Casting quality is about 'normal' for this sort of product. THE GOOD: No air bubbles at all on the unit I received, so that's great. The advertised level of detail is entirely intact, which was a relief given the complaints out there. Also, the quality of the resin is as hoped. I've had my fair share of experience with crap resin, and this is definitely not Failcast. Lastly, the KS Exclusive variant parts are fantastic!! I wanted this model for my Tyranid army and those parts are going to not only make that possible, but save me from having to do any physical conversions to the model! THE BAD: The mold lines, on the other hand, are horrendous. It's nothing I can't handle at my skill level, but it belays the promise of superior quality control. There is also a glut of flashing, again not a big deal, but the weapon arms are a big mess as a result. Both variants still have chunks of the mold in the crevices, lol. The 'standard' version of the weapon arm is also pretty badly miscast, which is fine because I had already planned on using the KS Exclusive bit instead. The up-side here is I won't need to bother anybody for replacement parts. Anybody who has any experience with resin miniatures understands that the quality issues with these products is COMLETELY NORMAL. Hell, I know lots of folks who buy high end kits because of things like mold lines and air bubbles. It They present the kind of (modelling) challenge that makes putting them together a fulfilling and worthwhile experience. That being said, if the kit is so badly produced it would require a virtual re-sculpt, then its time to call customer service. These sculpts are wonderfully dynamic, and that often presents serious issues when it comes time to make the molds. I pitched in on this project expecting exactly what I received and when I received it. I am 100% satisfied. Backers are determined, however, to scream heretic over the tiniest imperfections. Or worse, when their expectations (born of inexperience with the hobby and over experience with prefabricated and pre-painted toys) aren't met. While I find the all too typical 'nerd rage' distasteful and unnecessary, I do genuinely understand why folks are disappointed. I do not envy the artist and what he's gone through to see this project to completion. Honestly, I feel that artists shouldn't be the ones handling the business end of things. He really needed an honest partner that had a head for business that could deal with the down and dirty so he could keep doing his artist thing. While I wish Creature Caster a long and fruitful future, I fear that two years of drowning in nerd rage has broken this wonderfully talented young man.
  8. the only thing i went in for was the spider demon, which has garnered virtually no commentary so far. i am going to take this as a good sign, lol.
  9. Okay, I freaking love this. Bravo, good sir, bravo.
  10. As far as game mechanics are concerned, it doesn't really matter. As long as you model each base in a way they can be distinguished from each other you should be good to go.
  11. ***Due to a minor programming bug in the Force Manager the Squad Graphics will need to be debugged. They will return shortly.***
  12. ***Due to a minor programming bug in the Force Manager the Squad Graphics will need to be debugged. They will return shortly.***
  13. we'll have to wait for them to be 'declassified' first, lol. i asked already.
  14. you got it! there are some updates pending for both PDFs and the data cards that will be released after the KS wraps up. both take time to compile as each card has to be outputted individually and then editted together into a printable format. that and EVERYTHING has been pregenerated, including the models that havent been revealed yet!
  15. ***Due to a minor programming bug in the Force Manager the Squad Graphics will need to be debugged. They will return shortly.***
  16. I will do that right now. The Ritterlich version is also in the works as we speak...
  17. ***Due to a minor programming bug in the Force Manager the Squad Graphics will need to be debugged. They will return shortly.***
  18. Personally, I prefer to use 4 models per base for non-powered infantry, 3 models for the powered infantry, and 2 for mortar infantry.
  19. Hi there Wizard Lee! I am in the process of putting together a guide specific to the current Kickstarter that you will find helpful. Once that is complete I'll work on one for the current retail range. EDIT: CAVBOSS added a "Basic Training" option to the current KS that comes with everything you need to get started! That would be a wonderful (and helpful) first step!
  20. Weighed in today at 231.4 lbs, I am officially under my max Navy weight! I can't hold a candle to what Bryan has accomplished, but I had to stop working out for a bit due to joint problems. The inflammation is clearing up enough that I can start up again in the fall. Wish I had time for MMA training again. Martial arts is a bucket list item for me, lol. Next goal: retirement weight @219 lbs Ideal weight: 190 lbs
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